December 13th - Santa Lucia Day


Yule lads have arrived! Don't miss them! One will arrive every day from now until Christmas Eve, and you too can share in the fun of their daily visits!

The Legend of Santa Lucia is celebrated on December 13th in Sweden. Lucia (meaning light) was born in the third century in the village of Syracuse, on the island of Sicily. She devoted her life to helping the poor and her legend lives on in both Italy and in Sweden.

In Sweden, on the morning of Santa Lucia Day, a family's eldest daughter serves her parents a breakfast of special saffron bread called Lussekatter and ginger cookies called Luciapepparkakor.

My own celebration includes making Luciapepparkakor. Here are several recipes for Swedish cookies - these are enjoyed by Swedish Americans carrying on the traditions of Santa Lucia Day. And as a nod to Italy's celebration of her day, I make Biscotti and Italian Wine Cookies. In the 1950's, Norway adopted the celebration of Santa Lucia, so I also make these Norwegian Christmas Cookies.

Even though it isn't a Swedish or Italian dish, I usually serve cheese fondue for Santa Lucia dinner! It is so easy to prepare and very festive. Dipping cubes of bread into a pool of cheese melted in wine makes for a leisurely meal, best shared with a couple friends or family members. I light a LOT of candles and decorate the table with my Swedish woven table runners, straw goats and wheat snowflakes.

I also make time on this day to decorate with my wheat ornaments by hanging them from a round wooden wreath.

And I fill my woven paper heart baskets with goodies and hang them on the tree. (That tree is getting pretty crowded by now!)

I hope you are planning to do something special to celebrate today! Happy Santa Lucia Day to all.

Hi, You are very creative.

You are very creative. Thanks for the best Swedish recipe.
I just love your craft.

Hi there Pam, really like

Hi there Pam, really like your blog, it's the first time I came to visit.. How strange, you've posted something about Lucia, and I just got a visit from a friend of mine who I haven't seen in almost two years, because she moved to Norway, and was standing at my doorstep a few hours ago with her 6 month old baby girl, called Lucia! And now I visit your lovely blog by coincidence (well, I followed a link from Craftypod) et voila! xoxoxo love the pictures !

don't you love

don't you love ? I use it all the time!

I'm going to make Norwegian Christmas cookies, too. I don't think I've ever used pearl sugar, but I guess I can get it anywhere, yes? Or, I could probably take my regular granulated sugar and clump it together with gel medium?

I'll check the grocery first.

You can get pearl sugar at my

You can get pearl sugar at my FAVORITE King Arthur Flour. Probably too late for this year to order - but next year will be here in a week or so!

Wow, Pam, I have not had time

Wow, Pam, I have not had time to come and visit, and now I see how much is going on here! I'm baking tomorrow, and I really thank you for these recipes for Swedish cookies. I love to make Scandinavian cookies during Christmas! (wish me luck with the oven). Thank you for the St. Lucia information.

woven hearts? Are you Kidding?! I'm doing this while waiting for Cathie's cookies to get done!

Oh dear, the day is almost

Oh dear, the day is almost over but we did do something special. Four people in our retirement park had open houses with lots and lost os food. And now I sit here not able to move LOL.

This is certainly a lovely tradition.