Christmas Cheer from Robin and Katie!

For the remaining days of "Thank you" I will be including two or more bloggers in a post. For one thing, I am running out of days! And I want to get to everyone.

Bloggers featured will be grouped together into themes - for lack of a better word.

So today I am featuring two fantastic gals who were a huge part of my Christmas Cheer!


Photo by Robin of RSISLANDCRAFTS

One of the best parts of my Christmas this year was participating in Robin's Christmas Stocking give Away!

And I am so excited that she will host the Stocking giveaway again in 2011!

And even better - pop over to RSISLANDCRAFT right this very minute because you will not want to miss the chance to put your name in the hat for a chance to win the cutest little crocheted eagle. If I could, I would stuff the box full of Gingerbread Snowflake comments!

Robin will close the entries tonight - Friday February 18th so if I were you, I wouldn't waste any time in getting over there!


So here is my entry in the Christmas Stocking Give Away last Christmas. Not the fanciest stocking ever created, but for me the fun and excitement was all about the contents of the stocking!

If you want to see what was inside, Sarah, the winner, reveals all right here!

Diane will tell you - my sweetie will tell you - I was as excited about filling this stocking as a kid is on Christmas morning opening presents!

I hope some of you will join us this year! I will remind you again in July!

February 2011 017

Photo by Robin of RSISLANDCRAFTS

Robin is constantly quilting! I don't know how many quilt bloc swaps she participates in but you can check out a few of them below!

Christmas Blocks

3x6 Bee Blocks

Block Swap Adventure

String Blocks at QATW

I have often been tempted to join in - at least one! Maybe one day - when I finish the two quilts I already have planned.

But, what I appreciate most about Robin, is that she is hands down the most faithful commenter in the blogiverse!

I don't know how she does it - especially with all that quilting going on - but within a short time after making a post - "bing" there is a comment from Robin. A lovely, thoughtful comment. How in the world do you ever thank someone for that kind of support.

I only wish I could give that level of support back to the blogs I follow. Robin is amazing.

Thank you Robin for every single comment you leave me. I appreciate each and every one so, so much. And thank you for giving me the chance to be Santa this year by making the Stocking Give Away possible! Can't wait til next December!  Maybe a quilted stocking in your honor!


Katie over at Duo Fiberworks created this adorable free pattern for knitted flying snakes! How cute are these! They are flying snakes, designed so that the little bag of beans in the nose will guide them through the air and back to earth.

I made two for Antonio for Christmas. When he informed me he would like a snake for Christmas, I was completely lost - and then I found Karie's pattern.

It's genius! Quick! And easy to make more than one so that a boy and his friends can make a great tossing game with them.

I just ordered a couple of Katie's knitting patterns for this coming Christmas - a felted piggy bank and a fluffy sheep. OMG too cute. Can't wait to get started.


Katie photographed a page from "Carving with Children"

Katie also is pretty much responsible for awakening my long slumbering urge to learn to carve with her post about obscure wood carving books. We have a fantastic shop in Portland - Woodcrafters - that occasionally offers carving classes, so I am thinking very hard about joining one.

I love the simplicity of the carvings and I am thinking gnomes and shrooms!

Thank you, Katie, for your generosity in sharing the pattern for the knitted, flying snakes that has made one little boy very happy. And thank you for reawakening that little carver sleeping away inside of me!