A Little Woven Star Trade


After I posted the tutorial for making yarn stars in December of 2009, a couple of readers wrote me telling me they had been making them as gifts and were so pleased at how they were turning out. They seemed to be having so much fun making them that I asked them if they would consider swapping yarn stars with me!

As it turns out, not only are both Linda and Katheen clever yarn star makers, they both write blogs that share primarily re-use projects.

First let me introduce the maker of the sweet little woven star at the top of the post. Linda is from Estonia, lives in England and shares crafty adventures with her daughter Annabel on her blog Loikan ja kleebin. (The blog is written in English.)

Many of the games Linda designs or the doll houses she makes with Annabel are constructed from things that would otherwise wind up in the trash bin. Another game here! So simple but kids will love it!

And she comes up with some really cool craft projects for each holiday - like this one for Valentines.

In making my yarn stars, she used eyelash yarn to create a lovely bit of whimsy and texture. I would never have thought of using eye lash yarn. Don't you love how it looks?


I really love how she controlled the placement of the eyelash yarns so that it would appear only at the tips in the pink star and in the green star the yarn is woven through the entire star

I like both effects equally.


Tucked in with the yarn stars were two of these! Adorable pom pom birds. And the pattern so I could make my own. I asked her to please, please, please share the tutorial on her blog for everyone - and this last holiday season - she did! You will find it right here.

The pom pom birds not only look great hanging from a tree branch or garland, but they also sit nicely on window sills and mantels.

If you missed her tutorial this year, bookmark it for next. Or get busy and make up a bunch of them now for package decorations.. They are a perfect reuse project for cardboard, wrapping paper and bits of left over yarn.


Kathleen is a very new blogger. And due to "life" she has had to start and stop and start again. Refashionology is devoted to reuse - mostly reuse of fiber - fabrics of all kinds, clothing, anything she finds that can be given a new life as a new garment or household item.

She reused holiday cards in the centers of the woven stars she sent to me. Apparently she made a bunch of woven stars as gifts using up bits of yarn, cardboard and greeting cards.

I just love the little snowman she placed in the center of this one.


And the little red bird and glittery snow in the center of this one! It looks like a little winter scene - kinda tells a story.


Image by Kathleen at Refashionology

Lately, Kathleen has been refashioning old pillowcases into aprons! And using up bits of left over felted sweater scraps and turning them into scarves. And making computer bag slip covers.

Linda and Kathleen, thank you both again for taking the time to make yarn stars for me. I put the ones I made away after the holidays, but yours are hanging where I can enjoy them throughout the year! They bring a smile every time I see them.

And Linda, thank you for sharing the pom pom bird tutorial.  The little birds you sent to me are always out and make appearances on my spring tree, Easter tree, and bird tree when they are not hanging from my chandelier!

Pam, you are such a joy.

Pam, you are such a joy. Thank you for the lovely post. And I love the pom pom bird! Thanks for the link to Linda's tutorial, I'll be making those soon!

That`s a lovely post! Thank

That`s a lovely post! Thank you, Pam :)

Your stars are decorating my home every day as well.. at Christmas they are Christmas Stars, at Easter they are Easter Stars... in summer.. well Summer Stars :) I just change where I put them every season.

It is so interesting to see how different each person`s creations can be. Different colours, materials...

Thank you for the great idea. I will definitely make these stars in the future as well :)

And I`m glad you like our dollshouses. I have shared so many lovely hours with my daughter making things and playing with dollies. These are our special memories :)

Love the one with the robin

Love the one with the robin in the middle - what a great way of using up the end of yarn balls!