Meet Three Women Who Inspire My Weaving Journeys


Saori weaving made for my mother

I have introduced you to Teri before, but if you haven't taken the time to visit, I hope you will do so now. She teaches Saori weaving and holds retreats at her Salt Springs Island Studio. One day I am so hoping I will be able to take one of her classes or join a Saori retreat.

Through her blog - Weaving a Life - Teri has been a continual source of inspiration to my weaving. And she just returned from her New Zealand Saori Weaving Workshop so you are just in time to hear about her adventure. She shares some wonderful close-up shots of the weavings  - but fair warning - if you visit, you will be hooked!!


Image of Saori Weaving by Hope of Taueret

And I might very well have never met Teri except that through Diane I became acquainted with a lovely woman who quickly became very dear to me. Unfortunately, she has stopped blogging and we have both lost touch with her.

Hope is the person who first introduced me to Saori weaving (that is her fantastic work above and if you follow the link you will see more.) She was familiar with Teri and arranged for Teri to ship me a book on Saori Weaving.

I completely love weaving in Saori style because it allows me to weave with my heart and my soul. It is weaving that takes place in the moment. Listening to what the weaving tells you to do. Listening to what your heart tells you to do. I wish I could express the experience in better words. It is definitely a meditation of creating.

This past year, Teri went on a meditative journey of her own and created four stunning weavings which she refers to as "The Directions" . Follow the link to a special post sharing images of all four banners so you can see for yourself just how talented she is.


Teri inspired my Earth Loom! You can see her Earth Loom here.


Image by Alan Bibby (Teri's husband)

I have had this image hanging right in front of my eyes next to my computer for at least a year now, and this is the year that I will make this fabulous bag! I fell in love with it the minute Teri shared this post full of images of hers.

Mine will be in more neutral colors as I will use mostly Navajo undyed hand spun yarns. I can't wait to begin! But I do have a weaving already on the loom that I must finish first!


Saori weaving for my MIL

When I first started weaving, the thing that most freaked me out was assembling my loom! (I use a Ridged Heddle Loom FYI.) And there have been many questions about the loom since.

Amelia at Ask the Bellwether has a shop that offers anything one would need for spinning and weaving and knitting, but even as busy as she is with the shop, she is constantly posting useful information for spinners,  weavers and anyone involved in creating with fiber.

I am ashamed to admit that I haven't written and thanked her nearly enough. Not only does she cover the ins and outs of weaving and spinning, but she shares a huge variety of information from how to make an adjustable strap to answering the question" does roving have a direction?"

Check out her blog, her shop and the topics list on her sidebar! I am sure many of you will find something useful and inspiring. And certainly some gorgeous hand spun yarns for the next knitting or weaving project!

I will be including one of her hand spun yarns in the woven bag!

Thank you Teri and Amelia for every thing you have done and continue to do to share the incredible and satisfying experience that working with fiber brings to me.

Teri, I so appreciate knowing you are there if I have any questions or need encouragement; and I am so grateful for the inspiration you have shared in teaching me to make an Earth Loom and to understand that there is no one way to weave in Saori style except to allow complete self expression.

Amelia, forgive me for not doing a better job of telling you how much I appreciate the huge amount of information you have published so that people like me - in love with but so new to working with fiber - have a resource for learning.

THANKS to those wonderful

THANKS to those wonderful ladies for inspiring you.
Your Earth Loom is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, it touches the person in me that wants to dance in the moonlight, gather herbs and cook over an open fire. And sit under a tree in the twilight admiring bats flying back and forth. Does that make sense?
Thank you for your lovely mail, you are one of the few people from blogland I'd drag to a deserted island with me to make it less deserted! (I bet you can weave palm leaves!)