Candles, Snowflakes, Stars and Beautiful Photographs


Lina and Liz and I make beautiful music together!

Liz posted this little tutorial on her blog The Quilted Turtle!

Which led me to this tutorial on Linaloo.

And I made candles using colored tissue paper and dried flowers. I love Lina's technique and have used it for Imbolc candles as well.


Lina also made a great little tutorial for these adorable little quilted stars. I have a few on my tree and sent some to my son for his tree. They are a great way to use up bits and pieces of holiday fabrics and would make terrific gift tags to be reused in a more permanent fashion as ornaments.


Liz taught me to make perfect six sided snowflakes. The possibilities with this technique are infinite - like snowflakes!

close up

Liz is actually a very good photographer. I haven't yet been able to convince her of it but she really does have a very good natural eye for composition.

When she joined her mother in Cairo some time back, she brought home a fantastic set of images sharing glimpses of Egyptian life and people most of us will never see.

I know all of you reading are very busy and have so many things wanting you attention. But I think you will find it worth your time to visit this set of posts - you will find some amazing images and learn a bit about Egypt.

Cairo: Day Two

People of Cairo

Whirling Dervishes

The Camel Market

Keep an eye on The Quilted Turtle. Liz posts often about her everyday life as a teacher living on Mackinac Island off the northern coast of Michigan, and when she takes camera in hand to record her beautiful island you are in for a treat!

Thank you Lina and Liz for your crafty inspiration! I love my quilted stars and my candles and my new ability to make perfect snowflakes!. No doubt I will be making more snowflakes! And candles! And stars!!

And Liz, an extra special thank you for all the beautiful images of Egypt and of Mackinac Island. I am looking forward to seeing what you find to share next!

Oh, link heaven!! I can't

Oh, link heaven!! I can't wait to visit Liz! Thanks for these. I'm finding a fascination with the east after participating voyeuristically with friends who have visited here and there. I can't wait to see Liz's photos!

I really like those quilted

I really like those quilted stars & will have to check out the snowflake how-to. Thanks for sharing!

I'm way behind with visiting

I'm way behind with visiting all the wonderful links you've been sharing. You have "met" so many talented people here, thanks for sharing all the talent.
That camel image is hilarious!!!

Dearest Pam, I'm convinced! I

Dearest Pam, I'm convinced! I wish you could see me right now because I have a huge smile. I woke up way too early this morning and was kind of, ok - a lot - grumpy about it. Then I stopped in here for a visit. You have brightened my entire day. Thank you! But, even though I'm convinced, I still really enjoy the complements. Have a great weekend. I'm walking down the hill in a while to get a hair cut, with my camera...

I actually still have some

I actually still have some pansies I pressed last autumn to make the candles you showed us! About time I get 'round doing it, me thinks. I was so intrigued!