More Scandi-goodness


Two more Scandinavian freiends today - Hannah who has been hanging out with me since the beginning of Gingerbread Snowflakes, and Kathryn who I only met this past fall. Their blogs and friendship have been huge sources of inspiration.

It just so happens that I had most of this yarn left after completing the table runner for my MIL and when I saw this felted crocheted hat Hanna shared on her blog, iHanna, I decided immediately I HAD to make one!

Of course by now you all know that I don't crochet - but I don't intend to let that stop me! I will knit a too large hat with garter stitch and see what happens. If it works out, I will make one for my MIL too!  We both love these colors.

BUT! Guess what inconvenient little fact I figured out recently! Not all the yarns in this group are wool. So, I am in the process of collecting a few more red, pink and orange wools for this project.


Image by Hanna from her blog iHanna

Hanna is amazing! She posts almost every day. And like me she is a dabbler. You never know what will strike her fancy next. But what ever she shares, you can bet it will inspire.

Check out the extensive list of posts here categorized by topic such as  knitting , tutorials, art journeling, and embroidery!

One of my recent favorites - her inspiration board. I just finished rearranging my office so I would have a bit of wall space for one of these! It was either rearrange the office or take down my poster of Johnny Depp - and I would never take down my poster of Johnny Depp!

And don't miss her recipe for Saffron Buns - a special St. Lucy Day treat throughout Scandinavia. She even shares a video which you need to bookmark to your "escape" file (you have made one by now right?).

Watching Hannah make Lussekatter while listening to a lovely Christmas song playing in the background will transport you to a happy place even on the worst of days.


Kathryn taught me to make Tomke this year! Definitely more of these to come! They just make me giggle. The instructions are part of her Scandinavian Christmas series - 12 fabulous Scandinavian inspired ways to celebrate Christmas that Kathryn shared this past holiday season on her blog The Pickled Herring.

And I am, hearing rumors she will do this again in 2011! All those in favor of Kathryn posting another series in 2011 plaeas say "aye" in comments.


Image by Kathryn from her blog The Pickled Herring

Kathryn has not been blogging much longer than I have, but her blog is already chock full of inspiration!

Swedish Pancakes with Lingon berries! Be still my heart!

Very pretty head wrap. Think about all the felted wool sweaters and Pendelton Wool remnants I have in my stash. I have the makings of more than one of these. I am betting you do too!

I am sure you remember her Felted St. Lucy!

And check out this crochet Scandi - heart she featured recently. I have already sent the request to Diane - I mean wouldn't this be the prettiest tree ornament ever?

Thank you Kathryn and Hanna for creating an endless source of inspiration, and lovely Swedish Christmas treats and crafts.

Thanks to Hanna, one day soon I will own a beautiful red felted hat! And this year on Lucy Day I will be making Saffron Buns in traditional shapes! And in the not too distant future, I will have an inspiration board right next to my hanging wall folders!

And thanks to Kathryn, hiding in the branches of my Christmas tree this year there will be Tomke! And right in the very front - there will be hanging a beautiful crocheted red heart - right Diane? And Swedish pancakes on my plate any old time I want them!

Oh, wow, are you RICH in

Oh, wow, are you RICH in friends!! It's because you're so awesome, and such an inspiration and give to others. The other night I was organizing my ATCs so I could fit them in one place, and that lovely group of them you sent to me as a puzzle, they fit perfectly on their own page of pockets, and it is SO beautiful!!

I love it that you and Hanna are buds! I have loved Hanna's site for years. Her Lulu books are great, too.

Those pancakes look

Those pancakes look delicious! I have a very limited experience of Sweeden (I've been there twice so it's not just like I'm basing my opinions on what Ikea has to offer!) I have to say that the food I've had from there has been fantastic.

Swedish Pancakes! I haven't

Swedish Pancakes! I haven't had a Swedish pancake in ages.

Aw, thanks so much Pam! I'm

Aw, thanks so much Pam! I'm so lucky to have found your blog and even more, your friendship!

Thank you for introducing us

Thank you for introducing us to great dabblers and friends and I do not blame you at all for leaving Johnny where he belongs (on the wall)

I don't know if Tomte is

I don't know if Tomte is Christmas- related, and I don't care. At all. Tomte will move in with me tomorrow, and if I can help it, he'll bring his whole hairy family. I'm in LOVE! Now... where's my felt?