Owl Love


I just love this little owl ornament to pieces! And I love LollyChops to pieces for creating the pattern and the tutorial for making it! Apparently, I am not the only one either! Check out her Abraham Owl Flickr Group.

(It seems that people have been placing some pix on this group that are NOT Abraham Owl, so I have linked you to page three so you can go right to all the wonderous owls!)

I added some lazy daisy embroidery stitches and a bit of tuft to the ears, but otherwise followed the pattern and directions to the letter!


Take a few minutes right now to link to Lolly's tutorial for making Abraham Owl. Whether or not you ever plan to make an owl! In my opinion, the tutorial alone is worth reading as it is one of the funniest and most brilliant pieces of tutorial writing I have found!

I made this family of three for my mother for Christmas last year - she has collected owls since I was a little girl and by now has hundreds of them - but what would any owl collection be without Abraham Owl?


Lolly never ceases to be inspiring - and those of you who have been following her know that to be true!

I have two projects on the "big list" this year that I found on the LollyChops blog. Festive Smooshy Trees and  Butterfly Project and Butterfly Project II.

My plan is to create the trees as hanging ornaments. I wrote Lolly about it and she did suggest that I try stiffening the fabric before assembly. (She is awesome about getting back to her readers.)

The butterfly projects - beautiful aren't they! Inspiring - right! My "Butterfly Project" will involve punched tin butterflies of course!

And Lolly is very generous with free downloads like embroidery patterns she has designed, free paper and gift tags you can print, and my own favorite - recipe cards! If you like the ones above, you can find them here!

I printed off a whole stack of cards on card stock and now, when I flip through my recipe files, reminders of Lolly are in every category!


Photo of pompom owls by Katja of maedchenmitherz

And while we are still on the subject of owls - check out this adorable little pompom owl!

I found the tutorial on maedchenmitherz and made one for me and one for Diane using leftover scarf yarn. To my way of thinking, Katja's owl is not only the ultimate "green" project, but when completed, your little pompom owl will make you smile forever!

These little guys are as happy sitting on a shelf as they are among the branches of a Christmas tree. And if you add a little yarn loop, you could tie them onto packages!

Thank you Lolly and Katja for sharing your owls! I really have had so much making all of them!

And thank you, Lolly, for being a continuous source of inspiration these past two+ years. It is surprising how many LollyChops projects are to be found in my bookmark files!

Oh, your punched tin

Oh, your punched tin butterflies were PERFECT for this. Unique and lovely.

I love your version of the

I love your version of the owls, the tufts and the stitching are enchanting!

I love Lolly's owls, how cute

I love Lolly's owls, how cute are they?! :)

I love all the owls! Owls are

I love all the owls! Owls are just cool, aren't they? And you're right about that tutorial, it's brilliant.