A Successful Cookie Party and A Flurry of Kosher Salt!


If it weren't for the Creative Jewish Mom, I would have never known about a most excellent tool called Inlinkz! And without Sara's help and advice, most likely I would not have been able to hold my Winter Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap!

So right off the bat I owe Sara a huge thank you!

And a big thank you to Inlinkz. Their customer service was amazing - seriously! Even Diane was very impressed with the immediate attention given when needed.

If you are looking for a link program - check it out! I loved that the system allowed bloggers to link to a post on their own blogs, with a photo and direct link. When one of my readers clicked on a recipe they liked, they would be magically transported right to the recipe on the maker's own blog.

Sara uses Inlinkz on her blog to host Craft Schooling Sunday which is a blog linking party she hosts every Sunday so that crafty bloggers can upload pictures and links of the crafts they made during the week.

Be sure, if you are not familiar with Craft School Sunday to check it out! It is a great way to find new tutorials and see what everyone has been up to!

And, if you have just blogged about a craft you made - add your own link! The link tool is open all week.


Sara also inspired my recent adventures with Kosher salt! The candle wreath to celebrate Imbolc.


And making snowflakes with Kosher Salt.

Debbie is a huge supporter of crafting "green" and she is endlessly surprising me with her ideas for crafting with things we - no not WE - many other people - toss into the trash.

I especially love these decorations made for Jewish celebrations but would look equally great hanging in my house any time of the year!

Floral globes designed to hang for Succah

Succah party decorations


Image by Sara - Creative Jewish Mom

And of course these! If my beautiful, fantastic, lovely, glorious Spon had not come along, I was prepared to follow her lead and make these! With wood grain paper.

Sara, thank you! I know just how much time you are putting into Creative Jewish Mom - I have no idea how you manage to do it! But for all the inspiration and benefit I have gained from visiting on the site and by e-mail, I thank you!

And thank you for helping me find a way to use that box of Kosher salt I had sitting in my pantry. It was much coarser than I expected so it has just been sitting there. I am loving the potential now of putting it to good use!

I love Sara's blog too!!

I love Sara's blog too!!

I can't wait to see what you

I can't wait to see what you do with your new Spon! :)

I'm excited to check out her recipes!