Back Again!


I am back! Yaaaaaaay! So glad to be feeling like myself again!

Thank you all so much for your sweet notes and comments. So unexpected! AND so appreciated!

I will no way be able to get caught up and send each one of you a personal note - I have been beating myself up over that for a few days now. But there is only so much of me! I will be visiting your blogs however, and leaving a little love note there!

Just HAD to share what was awaiting me in my garden yesterday! Very first spring flower - blooming in my little pond.


It is called a Marsh Marigold. About 1" across. It did not bloom last year so I am especially thrilled to see it this year!

The very first time I found a Marsh Marigold blooming was in the Alaskan Basin in Teton National Park at an altitude above 8000 feet. They tend to blossom very early - just as the snows are melting. Of course at 8500 feet - that would be late July!

Here in the Pacific Northwest - they bloom just in time to welcome spring!


Sure didn't feel like doing much of anything the past couple weeks but I did manage to do some knitting!

A lovely pair of socks on the needles!

Since I absolutely loved working with the Shibui 100% marino wool sock yarn I used for my first pair, I ordered more - this time in color way Marine. This yarn was ordered from a wonderful little shop in the Columbia Gorge in Hood River, Oregon - Knot Another Hat.

See the cute little stitch markers? I saw them in Kirsten's shop last fall and begged Diane to consider them as a Christmas gift for me. (Kirsten writes a blog and a zine - both by the same name - Craft Leftovers).

As you can see - Diane is a very good daughter!

And Kirsten makes very pretty stitch markers! I totally love using them. And they are way easier than what I was using before - which we won't discuss!


And I started this gorgeous felted purse - one of the projects in "The Felted Bag Book" by Susie Johns. Since Lamb's Pride wool and mohair blend in worsted weight is supposed to be especially great for felted projects, I ordered some from Woodland Woolworks south of Portland.

And for my MIL - some Cascade 220 from Knot Another Hat to make one in her colors - pinks/reds/oranges. The Cascade 220 is also supposed to work well for felting. Will be fun to compare results.

And by the way, the Cascade 220 is on sale right now on the Knot Another Hat web site!!

So now you are all caught up! Except that I received three fabulous packages during the past two weeks which I will be sharing in the coming days!

Hi Pam, Welcome back!! :) I

Hi Pam,

Welcome back!! :) I LOVE your garden and the beautiful Marsh Marigold! The way you have arranged the ornate rocks is gorgeous and I'd love to see some wider shots. :) Isn't it fun to discover backyard treasures?

Have a wonderful and healthy SPRING!


Wow I don't think I can get

Wow I don't think I can get that much done when I'm feeling well. Are you sure you were sick? Glad to have you back.

I am glad you are feeling

I am glad you are feeling better and I hope with the signs of the spring there will be no more colds around. The purse looks really cute.

Yay!! I'm happy that you are

Yay!! I'm happy that you are feeling better again. Sometimes we ll need to take a break from what we do every day just to recharge the batteries and return with a fresh focus on things. Welcome back!

Your knitting has taken huge leaps and it looks like you are truly hooked on making socks. I absolutely love the blue colour you chose. Blue is one of my favourite colours, all shades of blue.

Your little Marigold is so sweet! Here, all our decorative Cherry Trees and Plum Trees are in bloom. Daffodils are poking up too. Yup, Spring really is arund the corner :)

Have a great day!

Pam - Thank you so much! The

Pam - Thank you so much! The socks look lovely. I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing a little bit of Spring (as I stare out the window and some extremely gray skies right now)! - Sarah

WOW! I'm so very happy that


I'm so very happy that you feel better, Pam! We missed you.
And it's no surprise that your interpretation of not doing much is to make socks and a felted purse! Isn't creativity a healing thing?

No hurry to catch up.. just be yourself and we will be here!


Glad you are back!

Glad you are back!

Oh Pam, so glad to see you

Oh Pam, so glad to see you feeling yourself again. That felted purse is so sweet - lovely shape and beautiful colours!
Welcome back, and don't worry about visiting blogs, just take it easy, stay well and enjoy spring :)


Thank God You feel

Thank God You feel better

Welcome back, SO glad to see

Welcome back, SO glad to see you! {hug}

It is so good to hear, that

It is so good to hear, that you are well again. Your marsh marigold one of the flowers I love most, they grow in the streams of water here, but I have to wait until may.