See What I Found in Surprise Box Number 1

Gift box

Photo by sparkleblues

Thanks to three lovely friends, not operating on all four burners these past couple weeks hasn't been all bad!

I have received three fabulous packages in the mail! It is like - well Christmas in March around here!

I won two giveaways - TWO!

And a new friends from Switzerland sent me ...oops I almost gave it all away! Don't want to do that! I am going to share one package each day!


Image from Mega-Crafty recent giveaway

And I am starting with the first package to arrive - a giant box full of all this amazing crafty goodness from Meg at Mega-Crafty! Many happy crafty days ahead for me!!

Seriously, Meg packed everything but the kitchen sink in this box. And what is really cool - most of what was included is a perfect match for projects I have on my 2011 project list!


For instance the styrofoam eggs! I am playing with them already and will have a tutorial for you soon!

The little wooden trees - at least one will be in the Christmas Stocking Giveaway Robin will be hosting again this year. The shamrock cookie cutter is already hanging on my "Easter/Spring" Tree.


Three gourds! Perfect for a project coming up in August! And the frame - I have the perfect project for that planned for next month!

I was going to use the star as a mold for pop can stars until I discovered that half the crafty population seems to be already making them! But I will find a use for it! Love stars!


9 rolls of beautiful ribbon! 16 sparkling colors of glitter! 5 foam brushes! 20 tri-fold and pocket cards! Hummmmmm - sounds like a Christmas carol!


Paper! Beautiful papers in everything from card stock to origami! (Now I have NO excuse - must make one of Mark's cranes!)

Roving! Perfect for felting. I am planning to felt a design on the tummy of at least one of the snowmen in my on going snowman project, so these lovely pastel colors are a most welcome addition to my roving stash.

A huge, ginormous thank you to Meg! You have been so generous in sharing your stash for year round holiday crafty fun. Trust me - your goodies have found a very good home!

Whenever I use something from that box, you guys will know about it!

Meg has been blogging for a little over two years but I only just recently "met" her - and am I glad I did! Pop over to her "about me page" to find out a little more about her! And while you are there check out her most excellent carved jack-o-lantern and her adorable polymer gingerbread!

But don't stop there! Right in her header, Meg states "I've never met a craft I didn't like!" And I totally believe her!

She came up with this little box made from cookie dough cut, baked and "glued" into a box! For holding cookies! I am so making these with Sophia and Antonio.

And she knits! Pretty darn good at it too! You will find tips for knitting and fixing cables right here!

OMG - she spins too! And is learning glassblowing!

She designed these lovely snowflakes out of coffee filters! Ha! I have coffee filters now! Lots of them thanks to Meg!

No wonder I like her!  Meg is obviously a big time dabbler!

I hope you will take the time to visit and say hello. You won't leave disappointed!

Tomorrow - come back here to see what was in box number two!

Added after posting!  OK guys.  this post must certainly hold the world's record for the most "!" used in one post!  Can you tell I am excited?

I could go through and omit about 3/4 of them but I am not going to do that - it is a world's record!  Why would I want to mess that up?

How exciting I just bought

How exciting I just bought some styrofoam eggs - can't wait to see what you come up with for them!

Thanks for such a sweet post

Thanks for such a sweet post Pam... I;m blushing. Can't wait to see what you come up with from that box of crafts! And glad you're feeling better.
: )