A Couple Really Cool Things to Share

mice for blog

Adorable mice pin cushion image by Bustle and Sew.

I subscribed to a newsletter on Bustle and Sew a few months now and love it! I just had to share with those of you who are not already familiar with the blog.

Helen is incredibly generous and provides several free patterns for stitchery and embroidery every month just for subscribers. The pattern and instructions for these adorable mice are included as one of six available free in the March newsletter for subscribers only.

Check out Bustle and Sew and read some of the recent posts to see more about what is included in the  "free to subscribers" section of the newsletter.

Last month, Helen started a monthly magazine - Bustle and Sew Magazine. It is $2.50 each month and the March issue has 45 pages of high quality, beautiful patterns and instructions for knitted, embroidered and applique projects plus the most adorable vintage paper doll.

Helen is obviously putting a great deal of effort into this magazine and I hope everyone reading will sign up for a subscription! I think you will agree with me when you open your first issue - Bustle and Sew magazine is a very worthwhile magazine and certainly a fantastic value. The April issue will be out March 24th.

Pop over to the blog and find both a button for subscribing as well as a place to sign up for the newsletter. They both appear in the right side bar.


And now - TADA!

Had to share this! My very first creation using my beautiful Spaan (or Bastelspon) which was sent to me by a wonderful friend in Norway.

Spaan is the thinest, thinest, thinest whisper of a strip of pine wood you can imagine. And once it is soaked in water, it can be coiled or gently folded into shapes.

Not all that much different than all the coiled paper ornaments I see so often in the blogisphere. Except that being made of wood, ornaments made from Spaan will be beautiful for years and years to come. Oh - and they smell wonderful - you know that lovely pine wood fragrance.


FYI - these two ornaments were purchased in 1975. They are still perfect!

And, now, thanks to my friend Gill, I can make more! I can't begin to tell you how much fun I am having and what a thrill it is for me to finally be able to make these.

OK! That's it for this week! See you on the first day of spring.

How cool. I love hoe your old

How cool. I love hoe your old ones look on the tree.

Those mice are adorable, and

Those mice are adorable, and the Spaan looks fun! Great job on your first project!

Your Spaan creation is

Your Spaan creation is wonderful! Does the pine smell make you think of Christmas or spring and summer? I love how smells can evoke certain memories and feelings.

Glad to see you're back on your feet and I even missed a couple of blog posts!!

And thanks for the link to Bustle and Sew, I hadn't heard of them until now - will go check it out.

As for your comment at my blog about baking - anytime! And if you're ever in NH, let me know, I will have a fresh loaf of bread waiting for you!!

Adorable mice. Wonderful

Adorable mice. Wonderful ornament. Looks like the Sun.

Just stopping by to see how

Just stopping by to see how you're doing. Looks like things are getting back to normal(whatever that is) Did my first craft fair this week. Quite the experience. Could have used a few mice. Thanks for the link. You are so full of ideas.

WOW, I'd like to get my hands

WOW, I'd like to get my hands on some of the thin pine strips for my miniature house projects!! Any ideas how?

Me too, Val.  Am still

Me too, Val.  Am still working on it.  The product is known as Bastelspan and is supplied by a German company by the name of Rayer.  I am unclear if they are also the manufacturer.  Rayer apparently has a huge catalogue of craft suplies they sell at wholesale to craft and hobby shops in Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Norway and Denmark. An e-mail to them months ago received no reply.

So far I have not found a retail supply.

I am still working on an internet search.  If I find a source, you can be certain I will let everyone know through the blog. 

You are right - it would be perfect for making accessories for doll houses.

In the mean time, you might consider the wood strips made by Edgemate that I used on my giant Advent calendar  http://gingerbreadsnowflakes.com/node/107


I saw those pieces of wood in

I saw those pieces of wood in that photo when you got them, and they almost look like you can roll them as they are! I like delicate things like that, that get hard and sturdy when they are dry, like clay or paint, etc. By contrast, my skin can't dry out or it falls apart!

Just an observation...

Those mice are the cutest

Those mice are the cutest little things.