Welcome Spring


To welcome spring, I am going to share the words to a sweet little song my dear Great Grandmother used to sing to me every night when she tucked me into bed.

My Grammie lived in a little guest house right next to our house - separated only by her lovely rock garden and a small lawn where we would sit with her and eat her strawberry shortcake, or shell peas just picked from her garden, or pit cherries from the orchard.

I am blessed with so many treasured memories of her but it is the memories of her singing this little song that I want to share today.

I don't know the name of the song nor do I know who may have written it or where it came from. If anyone can help, please share.

I call it the Robin's Song.

"There came to my window one morning in Spring,

A sweet little robin, she came there to sing.

And the song that she sang was prettier far,

Than any I've heard on the flute or guitar.

Her wings she was raising to soar far away,

Then resting a moment seemed sweetly to say,

Oh happy how happy this world seems to be,

Awake little girl and be happy with me."


I wish every one of you a joyous spring.


Added after post date:  See the reply to Joanie's comment below if you are interested in the very simple tune. 

you will never know how

you will never know how grateful i am to you for solving my lifes biggest mystery. i,ve been humming and singing the only three lines of this song i know to everybody and his dog for over 60 years and no one has heard of it. the only lines i knew were it came to my window one morning in spring a sweet little robin it came there to sing how happy how happy the world seems to be then had to hum the rest i have no recollection of how i came know it but it has haunted me all my life not knowing if it was a song or if i had made it up myself. so now i have another mystery to contend with. which good person sang this song to me. did your grandmother ever pass my path i wonder.??



How sweet. It must have been

How sweet. It must have been wonderful to have your Great Grandmother living right next door to you.

It was, Robin.  I consider

It was, Robin.  I consider myself very, very lucky because not only did my Great Grandmother live so close, but my Grandmother Gwen and Grandfather Hal lived only 10 minutes drive away. 

My childhood memories are filled with times and experiences shared with  them.

That's lovely, I've never

That's lovely, I've never heard it before. Happy Spring!

The fact that I cried a

The fact that I cried a little at this post says a lot about me.

I've been under some stress.


p.s. just kidding! hahahaha!!

(i did get teary-eyed, though)

Life is so poignant, don't you think?

Happy Spring!

Oh I like this one! I will

Oh I like this one! I will have to sing it for the girls! Thanks for sharing. Happy Spring to you too.

What a sweet memory and song.

What a sweet memory and song. I promise to sing it to my kids today thinking about your stylish grandmother.

I love it! I'm a big fan of

I love it! I'm a big fan of robins as you probably know. Now we just need to know the tune for it. Will you be adding audio ;)
How wonderful to have had a great grandmother. What wonderful memories to be able to recall. I bet you've passed this song on to your own children.

Happy spring to you friend!

The melody is very simple and

The melody is very simple and sweet.  I thought about having Diane help out with audio, but there is the issue of the voice!

There are only about 5 notes - CDEFG - heavy on the C! The first eight notes of the 1,3,5,7 linesw are C except line 3 seems to have 9 C's.  Like I said - simple!



Repeat four times!

There, Tristan should be able to help!

And yes - I did sing it for my children.