Spring is Springing!


Lovely, tiny signs of spring are popping up in the garden!

Wild violets we have been encouraging to become an extensive ground cover.

Looks to me as though the wild geranium and the wild violets are in a battle for garden domination!


Very first little wild Oxallis unfurled it's first set of leaves.

We have had our wild oxallis for 15 years - it tagged along with a giant fern we dug and rescued from a clear cut!


My sweetie had to point out these Astilbe shoots - they are virtually invisible in the pile of old stems and leaves.


To celebrate Spring's arrival, I just completed my Forager Bag made from the e-booklet by the same name available on Stitch Village shop. I will be using this bag for a lot more than Foraging! This is the first bag I have owned for over 20 years!


A little plea for help!

Lovely boucle - 98% acrylic and 2% poly. 140 gram ball. US8 or 5mm needles recommended. Also a hank of sari sill yarn. Found both at "Knittn' Kitten last fall.

I am thinking I would like to make a hat. The boucle for the body and crown and then add a narrow ruffle around the edge using the Sari silk.

I haven't been able to find a pattern. Can anyone help?

Hi Pam! Every time I come to

Hi Pam! Every time I come to your blog I find something amazing! Something to inspire and some idea to pop in the back of my head for when the littles are not so little and I have more time! I LOVE your forager bag - it is just so cute! We need those here in Sweden! :) Your spring flower photos are beautiful - and the japanese Easter eggs are just stunning! Thank you!

Thank you for the temari egg

Thank you for the temari egg tutorial. I have a huge bag of styro eggs and was just wondering how to embellish them for EAster. I hope to get these done soon!
I've done a couple of round temaris and loved them. Have about 6 balls already covered in yarn, just need to get busy and get them finished!

thanks again, they are so cute!


Spring in Springing here too,

Spring in Springing here too, and it's not a moment too soon!

Nice to see things growing

Nice to see things growing over in your world!

I'm looking at your yarn and couldn't think of a pattern offhand (search on ravelry if you're a member there - join if you're not!). But... I wanted to comment about the Sari silk. I found it to be very, very heavy. You may not want it on the brim of a hat! Try knitting a swatch and see how it works for you.

Hi Pam, :-) I love to see

Hi Pam, :-)

I love to see your small flower pictures during this time of the year as Spring is just rising.
We still have snow, up north, but the days are getting longer and a little bit hotter, as well. So, spring is coming slowly, but surely. :-)

Take care! xoxo!

P.S. I loved the story about your grandmother in the post, above. :-)