Another Class and New Friends to Share!


I don't get out much - in the blogisphere that is!  By that I mean, I don't surf or just wander about seeing what there is to see. I tend to be a very destination driven person.

My filtering system is highly developed to the point I never see an ad and really have to make a concerted effort to notice side bar information.

So as a result, I only tend to meet new bloggers through One Pretty Thing or The Crafty Crow or because they introduced themselves by leaving a comment on one of my posts!

But I recently discovered a gold mine for meeting lovely, creative new to me bloggers! Diane's Craft Blog Tune-Up Class.

You might remember that I introduced you to some of my classmates in the first class I attended.

Well today I am happy and excited to introduce you to some very creative and lovely artists and bloggers I met recently in Diane's most recent Craft Blog Tune-Up Class.

FYI - Diane will be starting a brand spanking new class on April 4th - Making a Crafty Podcast. Check it out if you are thinking about learning podcasting skills!

And check out her class schedule for more brand new classes just around the corner.

So now - let me introduce you to some very talented and inspiring women!

Closup of Guitar Strap

I had a terrible time picking an image to share of the beautiful work that spills forth from Anne's Inkle Loom because everytime I visit, she has created another beautiful piece to share! .Annie shares her weavings on her blog - A Spinner Weaver.

Check out "New Sashes and Straps off the Loom This Week" to see just what I mean!

And you might enjoy this little Studio Tour of the living room. Honestly, I could spend the whole day sitting in her living room studio.

Annie specializes in making guitar straps, and shashes and I am pretty sure I saw a bag strap or two or three! She sells her work in her on line shop and you can see lots of images of her beautiful work here on her Flickr page. But fair warning - be prepared to be blown away!

Lighting Little fires

I love this image of Crocus in Morning Light. And I am enjoying Lighting Little Fires which is written and shared by a Northern Irish singer and songwriter who knits and crochets!

According to her friend, Erin, who you will meet next, Parisa's blog, Lighting Little Fires,  is "full of insightful and creative musings with gorgeous photographs and heartfelt writing." And in my opinion, Parisa's friend Erin hit the nail on the head!

You will all enjoy and gain inspiration from her series 101 Ways to Spark Creativity (don't miss all three posts) and Creating+Energy. I have printed the Energy post and all 101 "ways" and make it a practice to read them at least twice a week.

And she celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas! I love finding bloggers that do that.

Take a few minutes to enjoy more of Parisa's imagery here on her flickr page!

Tree of Life-Nov ABS

I believe this was one of the first images that Parisa's friend Erin posted on her Flickr page. She gave me permission to use any image from Flickr I liked - I fell in love with the image of this piece.

From what I can tell, Erin definitely has "Dabbler" genes! She says right in her about me page "I never met a craft I didn't like" so she MUST be a dabbler!

But she seems mostly to follow her muse into the worlds of painting, bead art and textiles, sometimes combining her skills to create lovely multimedia pieces like the one above and this gorgeous new piece of textile art. I totally love this piece too! I think you will too. Go see it!

"Motivate Your Creativity: Who You Are and Who You Will Be" is definitely worth taking time to read and while you are wandering around her blog, check out her Monet's Garden Necklace, and her portfolio and most popular posts which you will find on the side bar of her blog Elysian Studios.


I would dearly love to own this hat!

Marti, the creator of this gorgeous little hat calls it her "winging it hat"! Apparently she just sort of crocheted it up - no pattern!

And check this out! Her tutorial for making a Stitched Heart Valentine's Day Card. I mean, how adorable is this?

Marti admits crochet is her passion but she is also passionate about traveling, scrap booking and photography. She started her blog Marttha Winger mainly to build an on line community of artistic and creative souls!

I am sure she will find out soon enough just how much artistic expression and community there is in our Crafty Blogiverse!


I have a feeling many of you will love these banner beads created by Heather Powers over at Humble Beads. Check out the post to see them assembled into a necklace. A very cool necklace!

Right at the moment she is happily enjoying a Bead Cruise! But you can check out her illustrations here and her bead shop here. Heather is also a regular contributor to Art Bead Scene.

If you are looking for unusual beads - you will definitely want to get to know Heather!


I had no easy time picking an image from "Tinkered Art Studios"! I have never, ever tried making a Zentangle but my eyes love them. And since Suzanne is a talented and enthusiastic Zentangle artist, there were many to to make my eyes happy!!

She is currently participating in a Zentangle "Diva's Challenge" and, after the image above, this one is my next favorite. But you won't want to miss these either - Holiday Zentangle and Breathe.

Those of you fortunate to live in or near San Diego can sign up for one of her upcoming classes here.

FYI Suzanne actually is an accomplished gourd artist, but had to give it up after developing a sensitivity to gourd dust. You can get a glimpse of her detail and artistry in her gourd work by visiting her Pyrographic Zentangles created using wood!


Georgene Lockwood has authored several very useful books including the Complete Idiots Guide to Simple Living, and Complete Idiots Guide to Crafting with Kids and The Complete Idiots Guide to Beading Illustrated.

All of Georgene's books can be found right here. She has even written a modern guide for a Victorial Wedding!

You can find Georgene on her blog, Romancing the Everyday, where she shares an eclectic mix of subjects. April Fools traditions (All fools Love April), her trip to Santa Fe to attend the Santa Fe Bead Fest and bead making class, or her current infatuation with terrariums.

She is a fascinating woman and I am sure you will enjoy meeting her.

Blue & Pink Flower Small

What's Keeping Laura Awake Now? Dabbler genes no doubt!

Laura is another craft blogger with dabbler genes! And no wonder she is kept awake! She loves painting, art journaling, bookbinding, and doodling; but she shares that she is apt to find something new to love each day! With an open mind like hers, she is always going to be busy with new things to love!

Laura and her husband just returned from a trip to California to attend a beginning farm program and she shares lovely pictures of California and her story here and here.

For a peak at her dabbler side, visit Recent Art Work and then check out these adorable bird houses and don't miss these candlesticks! Her art can be found for sale in her Etsy store - Sleepless Imagination.

I hope those of you reading will take time to get to know these lovely ladies and stop by their blogs and say hello. You won't be sorry! We are lucky to have them as part of our Crafty Blogiverse.

A big thank you to all of these lovely artists for allowing me to share their images in this post. 

I finally got around to

I finally got around to thanking you!!! Busy isn't the word. Thanks for rounding us up again and reminding me what a great bunch of gals we had in our class. I learned so much. I mean, before I had a really sporadic, non-blog. Now I blog almost every day and have met so many great folks (like you!) in the blogging world.

Again, thanks!

By the way, the Beading book is being revised and re-released as the Complete Idiot's Guide to Beading Basics. I'm working on the revision as we speak. Stay tuned!

I enjoyed reading this who's

I enjoyed reading this who's who of the class. I took that class of Diane's and also really really enjoyed and was inspired by the various bloggers who were my classmates.

Aw, this post is like going

Aw, this post is like going back to our class space and enjoying everyone's discussions all over again! Thank you for a beautiful roundup, Mom. I really enjoyed this class!

Meee toooo Diane!  I didn't

Meee toooo Diane!  I didn't get to spend as much time in class as i originally intended due to the overlap with the big Valentine cookie project.  But I am very happy to have had the opportunity to meet so many lovely, creative artists.

We had a very fun and

We had a very fun and talented group in this class, didn't we? These talented folks have added so much to my blogging life and how wonderful to see them all summed up in one post. Thank you so much for including me, Pam. I am lucky to be in such creative company!

What an inspiring post! I'm

What an inspiring post! I'm ashamed to admit that I have an old inkle loom that is gathering dust. And my son plays the guitar! Maybe it's time to ask if he'd like a new strap.
I'm also a Zentangle fan, although I've never tried drawing one.

What a wonderful post! I

What a wonderful post! I think this may be one of my favorite posts of all-time, because it commemorates a brief moment when all of these wonderfully creative people were together! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, and for all of the lovely things you said about everyone, Pam!


Pam you always introduce us

Pam you always introduce us to some amazingly talented people! Unlike you I can get lost in blogland very easily. Someone like yourself will point out an interesting project on another blog. I follow the link and start wandering around the new to me blog. Then I click on another link or two from that blog. Next thing I know 3 or 4 hours have passed and I haven't accomplished any of the things I originally went online to do. Can't complain because I have lots of fun wandering around. Thinking about it, that's the way I drive sometimes too lol. I guess I have a wandering soul.

Pam- Thank you so much! Loved

Pam- Thank you so much! Loved reading this post. There was so much creative talent in this class that it was hard to get around and read all of the blogs. Wonderful that you took the time to get to know many. I'm honored that you chose my blog to include here. And any time you are in the neighborhood, stop on by to spend a morning in my "studio"!

Hey Pam! Thank you so much

Hey Pam! Thank you so much for including me in your blog post, I really appreciate all the nice things you said about me and my work. You did a great job highlighting our class members. Obviously, you put a lot of thought and effort into your posts.

Another amazing thing about

Another amazing thing about you PAm - you are always sharing and introducing us to new people and their wonderful blogs! There are such amazingly talented people out there - I LOVE to see their crafts - even if I have to save the ideas for later days! :) Thank you for sharing and being such a giving person! xxx

Oh, for heaventy sakes, Pam!

Oh, for heaventy sakes, Pam! I haven't followed all these links, yet, but this SO reminds me of my experience with Diane's class, and all the really cool people I met there. That blog tune-up class is really fun, inspirational, and full of great information and skill-building. And the message board and chat are a great way of talking with other people with the same passion for beauty.

I'm off to visit these artists and also to read about inspiration. I can always use more of THAT!

Thanks, Pam, for all you do!

AAHHH!!! Oh My Goodness,

AAHHH!!! Oh My Goodness, thank you so much for writing such kind things Pam! It has been such a joy to 'study' with you and get to know you through your blogging :)

I'm so happy that posts I have written have inspired you...I can't tell you how happy that makes me! As a working Artist, and not a teacher (though that is such a useful/important role), I write about creativity from a 'where the rubber meets the road' perspective and my own trial & error in life. To know that it has resonated with someone is uplifting!

Have a fabulous weekend and a BIG SHOUT-OUT to all the other groovy bloggers who are mentioned here...amazing bunch!