Christmas Stockings!? What?


I found a free pattern on WEBS recently for a Christmas Stocking and decided to knit it for the Christmas Stocking giveaway in December.

Including a practice swatch to satisfy myself that the pattern really would work with all those slipped stitches, this is my progress so far!

Trust me, the stitches are much straighter than they appear in places.

April 2011 033

Early this morning - a note from Robin at Rsislandcrafts. She has already completed HER knitted Christmas Stocking.

I sent her a link to the pattern to show her what I was up to a week or two ago and she decided to make one too.  I just knew she would complete her stocking way before I finisahed mine.  Just knew it!

I love that even though she didn't use colors usually associated with the holiday - these are more Easter-y colors - it still looks very Christmasy!


So just so you know - we are already gearing up for the Stocking Giveaway of 2011! Robin hosts it on Rsislandcraft every year.  And hopefully many of you are planning to join us.

I just ordered a lovely stocking fabric from the Spoonflower shop for stocking number two! Will share more when it arrives.

Now - back to Easter!

Pam you are so organised! I

Pam you are so organised! I love this pattern, must have a go, really good colours too. How do you have time for this as well as all those lovely eggs?

Ha! Kimberly!  Not

Ha! Kimberly!  Not organized!  Just had to do something Christmassy! 

And after seeing your adorable little sweater you knit for Bea, I got inspired.  BUT I selected a MUCH simpiler pattern.


Hi! This is my first time

Hi! This is my first time here and so happy to see I'm not the only crazy one! I've been busy crocheting Christmas towels LOL Next project is Christmas place mats. Looks like fun times here...I'm off to explore!

Pam, your stocking is looking

Pam, your stocking is looking great! I love the colors you chose. They are Christmas-y without being the standard red and green Christmas colors. Plus, your yarn looks so soft.

Wow!! I'm just getting used

Wow!! I'm just getting used to Spring, even if it is a cold and wet one - and here's you already thinking of Christmas!!!

I LOVE those Christmas stockings! Hadn't thught to knit any because years ago I sewed one each for Rob and me. Now we hardly ever use them any more because for the last few years we haven't been home for Christmas.

Great idea, though. I can tell you're going to have ALL your stockings and all your gifts finished before the end of summer. You go girl!!

Oh they all look SO neat!

Oh they all look SO neat! And of course now is the time to think of making them so they are done in time.