Bustle and Sew Magazine Giveaway - Try The Magazine For 6 Months For Free On Me!


Image from Devon Bear Designs and Bustle and Sew

I am thrilled with my subscription to Devon Bear Designs' new online monthly publication - Bustle and Sew Magazine.

I just today received issue number four. You can get a peek here! It is beautiful and packed full of original and vintage patterns including a pattern for knitting the cutest little tea cozy I have ever seen, several adorable embroidery designs including one just for the big wedding coming up in a couple days, and a most interesting article about crafting blogs today - written by Zara Saliba of SewnbySaliba. Over 50 pages of crafty goodness including 8 embroidery, knit and crochet patterns.

Bustle and Sew magazine was originally offered at the incredible price of $2.50 per issue. Remember - I told you about it not long ago!

However, beginning May 1st, the price will go up to $4.50 per issue for new subscribers. Anyone subscribing before May 1 locks in the current rate of $2.50 per month forever.

So - I have decided to giveaway a six month subscription to Bustle and Sew Magazine. Not only will the lucky winner receive 6 issues, beginning with the issue just published on April 26th, but she will be guaranteed the $2.50 per month rate when renewing.

You can read more about the magazine and past content and even find free pattern downloads just by going to the Bustle and Sew blog.

Then, leave a comment right here by midnight April 30th PST. You can leave any comment you wish but "love notes" are always welcome!

Because Bustle and Sew Magazine is an online publication, the giveaway is open to everyone world wide.

Just remember that only one person will win. So if you don't want to take any chances and want to lock in the $2.50 monthly rate, go sign up now! If you win, the 6 month subscription will be applied to your account.

For those of you who are just not into embroidery or stuffies or knitting/crochet - enter anyway if you have a friend you would love to gift the subscription to.  We can do that!

Good luck everyone.

Add my name to the pot! I'd

Add my name to the pot! I'd love a subscription. I get the newsletter and it's great, how do you find all these great blogs?

Chris and Steff left such

Chris and Steff left such wonderful comments. I think many of your readers feel blessed not only for your give aways but for the time you take to bring us such wonderful craft and cooking ideas. I know when I come over here to visit I am going to see something new to me. Reading your blog is like sitting down in front of a warm fire and chatting with a close friend while working on a project.

How was that for a love note? LOL

I really do love how more publications are available online. I am a mailman junkie and love getting new magazines in the mail but it is equally great to receive an email that a new online publication is available. Instant satisfaction.

I had a hard drive crash and

I had a hard drive crash and had lost your blog address...Lucklily I had used your snowman tutorial for an example for a swap I hosted on Swap-Bot and went back there to finde it! I am soooooooooo glad I found it again. Please put my name in the pot for your generous offer. Thanks!

I echo Steff's comment above.

I echo Steff's comment above. I don't really sew very much, don't knit at all, but this is an absolutely wonderful gift! It is so generous. I know it's going to be a treasure for someone! I went to the site, and it's such beautiful work, and projects that offer variety.

Pam, you keep being sweet!

I'm not commenting to take

I'm not commenting to take part in the giveaway as my sewing skills don't even leave anything to be desired- they simply don't exist. So your thoughtful gift would be wasted on me!
I'm leaving you a note to just generally thank you for being so generous and altogether a lovely, wonderful gal!