May Day! May Day! Dabbler War on my Dining Table!


Seven and a half feet of happy dabbling! (And I still have another 18" I can add if needed!)

It is chaos in my dining room right now but all good !


Another round of Spaan ornaments drying.


My knitted/felted bag is drying and drying and drying and drying.........

You and I will be chatting about this one in a day or so. I need help!


My tomatoes and chile! My first success growing from seed indoors.



And look how they have grown!

Now if our stupid PNW weather would only warm a bit I could plant them outside. They are ready. I am anxious!

And I need the space for more projects!

I love your creative

I love your creative explosion! And your seedlings! They are way ahead of mine. Are those grow lights you're using? I have mine down in the garage at a moderately sunny window. We, too, here in N AZ, are colder than normal and I'm afraid to put the babies out.

I have tomato plants (roma and beefsteak), zucchini, basil, thyme, dill and cilantro. I'm going to have to buy some parsley and a pepper plant or two. I haven't raised seedlings for decades now and it's been fun to do.

Love your ornaments, too. My studio looks somewhat similar only I have two 6 foot tables covered with stuff spilling over onto a third, so I've got you beat, mess-wise. After the show I'm preparing for I'll pick up. Honest I will.

The plants look great-

The plants look great- congratulations on going from seed to all grown up. AND THAT BAG- Fa- bu-lous!!! The colors are great!

Wow, this is like a bonanza

Wow, this is like a bonanza of creativity! Elmer's and bobby pins for the Spaan - is that all you use to hold them together?

The felted bag looks fantastic!! And so do your plants.. I haven't started any this year and will have to do something creative in my garden so weeds don't overtake it while I'm away this summer. You must be loving watching them grow each day. (I know I do & I will not make any travel plans next summer just so I can have a garden!)

What will you do next? You can take the plants outside each day for an hour or so to harden them off. That will give you time to start something new. :)

There's some fun going on

There's some fun going on there! Sorry there's so much waiting to do, but it will give you time to whip up some more dabbler ideas! Happy May!

LOVE your felted bag Pam!

LOVE your felted bag Pam! It's fabulous!!!

Your projects look fabulous,

Your projects look fabulous, I'm quite impressed with your Spaan ornaments - wow! I don't know if I'd have the patience for those...

Love the felted purse too, felting has been one of my favorite things this past year, so addicting!!

Happy dabbling on this first

Happy dabbling on this first day of May!

Pam, if you want your delved bag to dry faster I have two tips for you:

1) set up a portable fan to blow air across the surface

2) turn the bag over after a day or so to expose the other side to equal drying time.

3) a fresh towel underneath the bag as it dries is a good idea, too. The first one retains all the moisture from when the bag was put down and adds to the length of drying time.

Okay, so that was three tips. Hope they help :)

That is nice! a home is for

That is nice! a home is for living, and one can se that you live and have fun. Very positive.

Oooh I want to grow tomatoes

Oooh I want to grow tomatoes this year, but I'm thinking I'm just going to buy some little plants as I'm a first timer, maybe I should give chills a go too!

Felting has always scared me, there's a pair of slippers in my ravelry favourites that id love to make as a Christmas present but I wouldn't know where to start.

Looks like you grabbed every

Looks like you grabbed every light in the house to help those seeds grow.

Dabbling is long as you finish what you start.

OmG... that bag is a dream

OmG... that bag is a dream come true! Pam, it's so beautiful!
I wish I could propagate little babyplants in the house, but they'd end up being puked up by a cat or four. Evil creatures, no leaf is safe here :(
My kitchen table resembles a disaster zone today. I had the thought of (sigh...) earring organizers in my head and ended up with a pile of frames, yarn, fabric, hot glue and cardboard. Heaven forbid I ever start wet felting a piece larger than a felted soap!
Did I mention how gorgeous your bag is? I bet you will get LOADS of appreciative comments on it once you get to use it!