Vintage Stylin' On Mother's Day


My Mother, Julieanne. Beautiful isn't she? I think she looks like a movie star in this photo.

I thought because Mother's Day is upon us and because there seems to be so much interest among us in everything vintage, I would share a few images of the stylin' women who have been and are a big part of my life.


My Grandmother, Gwen. Usherette at the original Orpheum Theater in Seattle. Costumes were part of the job.

Added after post date:  Oops!  My Mother just called to let me know that Gwen did not usher at the Orphium.  She ushered at the Coliseum Theater, a beautiful old theater that is still standing in downtown Seattle.

I am leaving the link to the Orpheum up because it is still a part of family history!

The original Orpheum Theater was replaced in 1927. Be sure to check out the third image in this link - my Grandfather Hal, Gwen's husband,  used to play that organ for silent movies. He was known in those days as Windus at the Wurlitzer.


Grammie (Macie Alice), my great Grandmother and Gwennie as a girl. Grammie was very style conscious.


You remember this picture of her? She was the most amazing seamstress and taught me to sew!


Me! In college fashion show wearing the suit I made in tailoring class, spring semester.

Evan Picone design created for Vogue Patterns. 1965. The suit made from a sumptuous cobalt blue silk, wool, mohair blend - very drapey and soft.


My beautiful Diane - yes that is Sister Diane of Craftypod wearing her Easter Dress. (Sorry about the quality - copied from an old, run down slide!


Not so vintage but the best shot I have of my Grandkitty, Pushkin (who is always well dressed in basic black) with Diane, his mother and best friend in the whole wide world.

Happy Mother's Day everyone.

You are so lucky to have

You are so lucky to have thoses beautiful, intact pictures of your mother, grandmother AND great grandmother. :-) It makes me want to look for thoses kind of photographs in my family, as well.

And that tailor you made looks so great! :-D I love the big buttons on it! No questions, you're defenetely her mother.

I just love the black and white pictures of theses eras. They were so classical and everything look so great. It really show that theses pictures were taken by a professional photograph. Because we now have home cameras, we hardly ever take pictures of quality like that. Even today, we won't necessary value the cost of a profesionnal photograph because most people have a camera. :-/ But because you have a camera doesn't mean you can take good photos...

Now, now...I -have- to get my portrait, done! :-)

Happy belated Mother's Day to

Happy belated Mother's Day to one of the sweetest moms I know. I love your family photos, sometimes I want to steal them and Photoshop myself right in.
Did Rachel spill the beans about your birthday? I really must write it down because I distinctly remember missing it last year.
Happy birthday my friend, I owe you some post!

Is EVERY woman in your family

Is EVERY woman in your family a hottie?!!

I love these photos. I wish I knew that much about my family. These clothes are amazing! And just look at little Diane! I am a decade older than she is. I bet she could have kicked my butt. Except teeter totter. I had that one down.

Off to see links!

Beautiful pictures, thanks

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

This is a wonderful post! I

This is a wonderful post! I thought they were just fabulous vintage photos of gorgeous ladies, but then I read all the great stories about the women in your family! And check you out looking amazing in that dress, and Diane is so cute! Thanks for sharing, Pam! Happy Mother's Day!

I saw your daughter's post on

I saw your daughter's post on craft daily. I had to check out your blog. I was so delighted by her description of you and of course the picture of the suit you made. I am retiring this year from my work as a school counselor and I want to do what you have been able to do all of your life: create, create, create. I am so awed by women who do this with everything else still on their plate. I just hope my skill level is a fraction of what yours clearly is as evidenced by that timeless and classic suit.

Lovely pictures, excited to

Lovely pictures, excited to have found your blog!

You are an inspiration and am

You are an inspiration and am so thankful to have found your blog today, on Mother's Day! The vintage designs, the photos... all of it - perfect. I will be putting you in my list of blogs to keep an eye on. And thank you again for making my day. :)

Hi Pam! It seems such a long

Hi Pam! It seems such a long time I've checked out any of my favourite blogs - and as usual, yours always comes up trumps! I just love the things you do! I imagine your house to be a bustle of exciting activity!
These latest vintage photos are just gorgeous - and I mostly LOVE the photo of Diane i her Easter dress - so sweet!

Beautiful pictures! Your Mom

Beautiful pictures! Your Mom does look like a movie star in that first picture. I love looking at old family photos.

Happy Mother's Day!!! May you be spoiled all weekend!

Thanks for sharing all those

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos.

And since a little birdie told me it's your birthday...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Paaaaaaaaam,
Happy Birthday to you!

I read this post yesterday,

I read this post yesterday, but I put off commenting because I didn't know which of the various things that went through my head to post.
i am still none the wiser, unfortunately! I so, so enjoyed looking at the wonderful women of your family, basically staring at them for ages. Each and every one of them.
I wish I had all those old pictures that must be hidden somewhere in my familys' closets, but as far as families go, we were never the best example. But I do know that the women were always the strong ones, maybe to the point where you would pity the men, really. The women in my tribe also tend to live a lot longer than the men, I wonder if there is any relation?
My Mum had me when she was 21, and my grandmother (her mother) decided to take over. At that time, my Mum was married to a complete waste of space, no job, no ambition, no (as Germans say) arse in his trousers. She worked full time to support both him and me, bending over backwards to make ends meet.
Well, Oma (Granny in German) wasn't best pleased and decide she would be the better one in charge... to cut a long story short, I really don't like my Oma, and I love my Mum. Mum went through very tough times, too much to put in a comment, but she is now, and for a very long time has been, the person I look up to, the person I want to be like when I finally grow up. Not much of a Mum if you apply the common notion people have of mothers, but the best friend, sister, confidante, partner in crime, guide, protector and mentor as any girl could wish for. Or any woman, really.
Amazing what your wonderful pictures have brought back in me... I found myself in a damp, spider- infested basement, 8 years old again, looking through brittle, disintegrating snapshots of long- gone people Grandma said were my family. I wish I had snatched them up there and then, because they are gone now. I wonder what they would think of me if they knew me?

I hear it's your birthday,

I hear it's your birthday, Pam! HOOORAY! Happiest of days and years to you! The picture of you in your suit is just one of my favorite pictures ever. LOVE YOU!


Such beautiful women! A

Such beautiful women! A lovely tribute... Happy Mother's Day to you!

And Happy birthday as well! :)

Those are amazing photos-

Those are amazing photos- thank you for posting them. I love the first picture of Grammie she looks so regal. And it's lovely to see Gwen both as a girl and all grown up. It makes me wonder what she did on the theater. Yes your mother definitely looks like a movie star. And oh my gosh that is just a gorgeous suit- I'm in aww that you made it. THe pictures of Diane and lovely as well, Pushkin looks of course very handsome. Happy Mother's Day.

Hi, Great blog name. I saw

Great blog name. I saw the link on Georgene Lockwood's blog and clicked to see what you're about.
Great photos of you and your relatives. Your Mom looks stunning. Love the hat/gloves/mink/peep-toe pumps ensemble. Your Granny and Great-Granny are so stylish, too.
Thanks for sharing.

What a lovely tribute to the

What a lovely tribute to the women in your life, all so beautiful.

You are so fortunate to have

You are so fortunate to have these vintage photos of your family! I am a total sucker for vintage images (I use them now in my jewelry). And what great lookin' women!!!

Wow! This is an awesome post

Wow! This is an awesome post - and a walk down your memory lane.

Your mother really does look like a movie star, but you look like a fashion model! :)))

Happy Mom's Day to you, too!

That was a real treat Sis.

That was a real treat Sis. Such a wonderful idea for Mothers Day. Thank you for sharing.

This is such a great post! I

This is such a great post! I love, love, love looking at vintage family photos and the fashions. Great suit, by the way. Style is style, in any decade!

What a wonderful post! How

What a wonderful post! How excellent that you were able to know and learn from your great grandmother.

Wow! This is beautiful!

Wow! This is beautiful!

OMG! I've never seen that

OMG! I've never seen that photo of you, Mom. That suit is absolutely wonderful! And I always love seeing the others. So glad you shared them!

...Thanks for putting up with quadrupedal grandchildren :-)