How I Supported the Crafty Blogiverse in April


What could be a more perfect opening for this months post about supporting inhabitants of the crafty blogiverse?

My Mother's Day gift from Diane. A fabulous brooch designed and created by Odile Gova. She creates beautiful wearable works of art from zippers and felted reclaimed sweaters she finds at thrift stores.

I am just blown away with her art, design and craftsmanship, and absolutely surprised and thrilled that Diane gifted me this artful treasure.

Go visit her Etsy shop woollyfabulous and be amazed!

The day before receiving my brooch, I wrote Diane and suggested that if she had not yet decided on my birthday gift, I would love to send her some links to items in my "things I want" file. You know, the cool list I created when I decided to make it a monthly intention to purchase from crafty bloogers in an effort to support the tutorials and help so freely given in this crafty blogiverse.

Obviously, she was way ahead of me. As usual.

Following Diane's lead to support "free" is quickly becoming one of my most fun things to do! Setting a few dollars aside each month and then going shopping in the Crafty Universe is just one of the coolest things Diane has led me into yet - except for blogging of course!

So - here we go! My purchases in April!

christmass stocking installation

Do you not love, love, love these Christmas stockings? These were designed by Nadja Petremand - one of my favorite designers on Spoonflower.

You can order the fabric from Spoonflower right here. All of these stockings occur on one yard of fabric! Six fabulous stockings! The big ones measure approximately 10"x15"!

Two reasons I ordered the fabric. First I absolutely fell in love with it - as I often do with Nadja's designs - remember this one?

Secondly - I am making one of these stockings for the Christmas Stocking Giveaway that Robin will again host this year in December. I have just finished the knitted stocking and can't wait for the fabric to arrive so I can get to work on this one! I am thinking a few beads and a bit of embroidery thread would be a nice touch!

You can find Nadja's fabric designs on Spoonflower, of course; and on her web site and her blog dans-mon-bocal.

Visit this page on Spoonflower to see more views of her beautiful stockings. And visit her Flickr here!


Check out this totally cool Matryoshka Stamp I ordered from Fanie. I love Matryoshka and I love Fanie so it was a perfect match!

Fanie designs and hand carves her stamps. You can see more stamp designs and her delightful illustrations here in her shop. Just so you know, a cupcake stamp and a Matryoshka stamp will be hiding in Giveaway Stockings!


Fanie sent me this image so I could give you a better idea of the size. Perfect for cards, gift tags - I am even thinking it would be the perfect design to place at the top of my Christmas Letter this year!

You will find Fanie hanging out here at It is almost time for her beautiful market photos again. She and Diane are engaged in a friendly market photo contest and we are all the happy beneficiaries!


Some of you might have entered Meg's Giveaway for this adorable knitted/felted bunny pattern just before Easter. I sure did! I didn't win.

But I did go straight over to Fiber Trends when I got the bad news and ordered my own bunny pattern - and another pattern which I can not yet share because - well - it is to be a gift for someone who reads my blog. I will share it AFTER Christmas!

Fiber Trends was begun in the early 90's by Bev Galaskas - with just one pattern! Unfortunately she is no longer sharing this life with us, but the company she started, Fiber Trends, is still making her patterns and designs available.

The selection of patterns is amazing. What a talented woman. I can't even imagine being able to design a pattern for knitting a square let alone a garment or a cuddly creature.

And one thing I want to mention - the customer service is unbelievable. I accidently ordered the "mail to" patterns instead of the downloads,  wrote them and requested they assist me and correct my error, and the response was immediate. Really, I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received.


And finally, as many of you know, I purchased a six month subscription to the new Bustle and Sew Magazine to give away to one of my readers and thereby lock in the amazing $2.50 per month rate for them should they decide to continue to subscribe. I just can't believe how much value Helen includes in eash issue of 50-60 pages - embroidery patterns, knitting or crochet patterns, felt stuffies - most of the fiber arts are represented.


Just look at this adorable embroidery design. You can find it and many many more equally adorable in her Etsy Shop. In fact, if you want a better picture of the kinds of projects available in the magazine, visit the shop!

I will definitely be ordering this one. I don't know why, but it makes me think of St. Lucy Day! It is part of her Rosie and Bear collection of embroidery designs and as you would expect, one of my favorites. It's Christmas after all!


Now! I need and want your help!

I am thinking it would be a good idea to come up with a name for this series. Diane uses "How I supported Free" but I want something different. Could you guys help me out with this. I am the worst, worst, worst at figuring out names. Gingerbreadsnowflakes was just a miracle - believe me!

If you aren't too busy and you happen to have a good idea for a name for this series, please leave your idea in comments. Or write me by e-mail. I always love getting e-mails too!

Thank you!

Very Cool Brooch Diane finds

Very Cool Brooch
Diane finds the neatest items

I added WoolyFabulous to my Etsy Circle and favorites

Thanks for sharing

I apologize for being so far

I apologize for being so far behind on my blog reading! I have to say 1- that brooch Diane picked out is amazing! I have seen lots of zipper ruffles and flowers lately, but none designed so elegantly as that-beautiful! and 2- I love, love, love that stamp! Thanks for sharing these great items and shops!

I just found you through

I just found you through Diane podcast! you both are such talented ladies! I look forward to reading all of your posts. As for the name, maybe something like , paying it forward, supporting original ideas, money for good work, crafting dollar well spent.. I love the idea of putting a couple of dollars away a month and spending it in an online store. I am setting my "fund" up today

wow. WHAT a gorgeous shot of

wow. WHAT a gorgeous shot of the frog in the purple blue.

Diane's gift to you is so purty!! It looks soft, too!

Okay, do you mean a title for the practice of supporting independent artists and crafters? I like the word 'investing' so how about Investing in Originals, or Original Investment. I'll keep thinking and email you. It sounds kind of dry.

Thank you, Chris!  That

Thank you, Chris!  That little green frog - less than an inch - was sitting in the hydrangea right outside my front door.  And he sat patiently waiting for me to run inside, grab my camera and take his picture!

Yes!  I do - mean the monthly post about my support or investment in originals made by members of the crafty universe.  I just feel it needs a name!

Di is using supporting free and that is her focus.  My focus may be a little broader - reaching to people who are marvelous artists but don't necessarily blog.

Just ordered my Learn to Spin Kit from  The Bellwether as my birthday gift to myself.  Can not wait!


Love Love LOVE those Russian

Love Love LOVE those Russian treasures, stockings, stamps, and the little onion domes on the mantle. Love love love. (I lived in Moscow for a year and am a total sucker for onion domes and nesting dolls.....)

Me too - I find the "onion

Me too - I find the "onion domes" and the dolls so appealing - always have as far back as I can remeber!