Portable Saori Weaving For Kids and Moms On The Go


Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows that I love weaving in Saori style.

For one thing, it just seems to me that Saori weaving is a natural for those of us sharing this community - because we love being individuals and expressing who we are - especially if it can be done using recycled materials.

But more importantly, Saori is a weaving style that allows the weaver to freely express who they are at the moment they are immersed in their weaving. There are absolutely no patterns, no conventions, no specific techniques.

Self expression in it's purist form. And because it is almost a form of meditation, it can heal and restore the mind and heart.

Or it can just provide fun and wild abandonment!!


Saori founder, Misao Jo, who just celebrated her 97th birthday, does not teach Saori. She simply encourages "students" to access their inner creative spirit and weave from there.

There are NO rules.

And even though there are Saori Looms, I have made it my goal to share how anyone, young or old, can weave in the Saori way with...

no tools!

By using a completely portable weaving process that would be perfect for road trips, airplane flights or afternoon quiet time on a camping trip.

To spare you one of my 40 mile long posts, I am making this post the "teaser" and tomorrow will share the how to!

That way, those of you who just want to see what I am up to can do so and those of you who want to know more - come back tomorrow!


Most of my weavings are small as I am thinking of little hands and short attention spans; and getting all of you hooked through instant gratification!. But certainly you can make your weaving larger - even placemat size!

The small sizes are perfect as mug rugs!


The kids could whip up several mug rugs for Christmas gifts while on vacation! Grandma, Auntie, teacher....

I think Alice definitely needs one for her desk at work!


Hot pads! Definitely! (Wool or cotton yarns would probably work better than synthetics)


Table toppers for showing off collections.

Like my beautiful polymer tiles made by Chris.


And of course - serving cookies!


Or just simply enjoying several grouped together on the wall.

Kids especially would love hanging their handiwork for all to see.

I didn't invent anything here! But I am offering a a simple way to weave in the Saori way and some ideas for making your weaving project easy and portable and satisfying.

Come back tomorrow!

And in the meantime, here are some Saori links for inspiration!

Weaving Saori Style in Kobe, Japan.  Don't miss the bags ladies!  Awesome!  You could make one too!

Saori Wind Chimes.  Do not miss seeing how beautiful these are! And here you can see more about them and find more inspiration on Fibre Sauvage

Weaving Saori Peace Banners!

Check out  Exhibition Galleries on Saori Global to see why Saori appeals to me!

My gratatude and appreciation to Terri Bibby,  Saorii Weaver who provides opportunities to experience Saori Weaving in her Studio on Salt Spring Island and shares her weaving life on her blog Weaving a Life.

She has been my guide and provided all of the links I am sharing with you in this post.

Other Saori Studios that may be closer to you:

Santa Cruz, CA

Penacook, NH

New York City

Worcester, MA

Chaska, MN


Again - the link to the HOW-TO right here!

And if you are into simple ways to weave, you might enjoy this three part tutorial.


I really love this! oh but I

I really love this! oh but I don't need another craft :D I can't wait to use up all of my left over yarn scraps.

Very pretty! I have always

Very pretty!
I have always liked weaving but not really thought of it on a smaller scale. This is very doable.

Great description of the

Great description of the feeling and philosophy of Saori weaving. Love to see what you are doing...

Happy Weaving,

PS - thanks for the links...

Pam.... I think I need a new

Pam.... I think I need a new craft! You're enabling my "dabbler" nature! I am glad you broke this into two posts, because I love these photos showcasing the beauty of these weavings. And I love your polymer tile collection. Funny, But I have a polymer tile I made using that same sun image!

Gorgeous! I can't wait to see

Gorgeous! I can't wait to see your how to!