No More Complaining! It Be a Garden Here.


Grab a cup of coffee or tea and come join me for an early morning walk in my garden.

Snowy white poppies just opened this morning!


Silver Dollar and Bleeding Heart are at peak bloom.



Breakfast berries coming soon! My sweetie's pickin' fingers are twitching already!


The seedling children seem happy in the tomato beds.


My beloved Shooting Star welcomes a new day.

Thank you for visiting and letting me share springtime in my garden.

I enjoyed walking through

I enjoyed walking through your garden just now. We have been so wet and cool that things aren't as far along as they normally are by now so thanks for giving me hope that we too will bloom.

The shooting star is very

The shooting star is very pretty. Is it a type of cyclamen

Hey, I think we both had a

Hey, I think we both had a garden post around the same time! And your 'mater plant looks like mine! Isn't the garden the best at springtime? I'm gonna have to get some poppies. I mean, I AM in California...


Beautiful photos!! I just

Beautiful photos!! I just caught sight of my bleeding hearts yesterday, love to see them in the springtime! Those poppies are great, I will have to plant those one year, I love, love them!!

Happy Spring!

Beautiful! I'm there with

Beautiful! I'm there with you! :)

Love the bleeding hearts!

Love the bleeding hearts! They look like garlands, very sweet.

Pam, Thanks so much for

Thanks so much for letting us walk in your garden with you! Your flowers and soon-to-be tasty things look so pretty! I especially enjoyed looking at the Bleeding Hearts - always my favorite in my grandma's flower garden. Thanks for the pick me up; it came at just the right time!
Big hugs from Okinawa,


I'm GREEN -- WITH ENVY!!! We are currently getting SNOW! Yes, snow in northern Arizona in the middle of May. I have some seedlings in but luckily I have back ups in flats in the garage. I'm totally drooling at your garden. Simply gorgeous! Soon, soon....