Recycling with Christina


Usually this time of year I am busy making craft projects using materials in my recycle stash.

But this year I haven't even had time to venture near that stash! So I am going to devote this post to introducing you to my friend Christina who creates almost everything she makes using recycled materials.

Christina is one of my "Recycle Heros". Certainly she is an inspiration for looking at everyday materials and trash in new ways.

She was working on the nativity above when I first met her. The entire nativity is made from recycled materials! And this is not all of it - go here to see the other figures standing outside the shelter and read about the marterials she used to construct her display.

Occasionally Christina would share another project she was working on and I suggested she might want to consider starting a blog.

I don't know if she already had plans to do so or not - but soon after, she began her blog Fal' arte.

She writes in Portuguese, however thanks to google, it is possible to get a rough translation. Translations are not perfect - in fact at times leave a lot to be desired, but it helps - especially since I don't read a tiny bit of Portuguese.

The post links are to the English version but if you wish to read it in another language, place the link to Fal' arte in google reader and use the translate option.

She doesn't publish step by steps but she does share inspiration and makes what she has done clear enough for most readers into recycling to figure out.

Join me now, won't you, on a little tour of some of Christina's recent posts.


Basket made from twisted and rolled paper! It was designed for Easter, but these would work any time. And check out the bunnies hauling treats in their little wagon trikes.


How many lids do you think had to be saved to make this project!


Deck chairs for dolls anyone???


Recycled cans! Too cute!


Need a new vase for dried arrangements? Got cereal boxes?


Christina calls this an Oratorio. I am thinking a shrine. Pretty cool for being made of all recycled stash.


Christina collects nativities - cribs(presepios) as they are also known and has over 30 in her collection.  A good friend embroidered this lovely holy family as a gift for her.  Check out how she framed it!

Christina is very new to the crafty blogisphere having only joined us at the beginning of the year.  I hope you will visit and take the time to welcome her with a comment. I can't imagine you won't come away without being inspired by her dedication to reuse and recycling.

That basket is genius!

That basket is genius! Christina is obviously very creative.

I'll hop over immediately

I'll hop over immediately after posting this- this lady seems to be a trash wizard :D Very impressive. Her nativity reminds me of a post Aunt Peaches wrote a while ago about Nativity Scenes made from all sorts of things when nothing else was available- I seem to recall dinosaurs. How very intriguing!
Thank you for introducing Christina, I can't wait to "meet" her!

How fantastic! These recycled

How fantastic! These recycled projects are brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

I just went over and visited

I just went over and visited Christina's blog. Wow! She is very creative with her recyclables. I have to admit while I do recycle at my house I definitely don't recycle that much.