Giveaway to Help You Get an Early Start on Christmas Gift Making


I just think "A Leftover Christmas: one month at a time" is a totally great idea! Hatched by Kristin Roach, the driving force behind Craft Letfovers blog, it is a mini zine designed to help us all get an early start on making gifts for the Winter Holidays.

Like most of us, she admits to suffering through that "Christmas Crunch Time" every year. Hoping to spread her crafty gift making over the year, Kristin is publishing a new zine series, "A Leftover Christmas", and between January and December of this year, she is publishing a monthly mini zine featuring a how-to for making a hand made gift.

The first issue of Kristin's Christmas zine shared how to make bath salts, and issue two contained the instructions and pattern for the cutest little partridge silhouette ornament. Issue three is just now hot off the press and features how to stitch up dish cloths.

Diane has actually gifted me a year's subscription! And so far I love it! Love the idea! Love the projects!


In fact, I am enjoying the series so much, I wrote Kristin and asked it I could giveaway a set of the first three issues. She suggested we give away two sets of issues one, two and three!

So there will be TWO winners drawn!

All you have to do to be a winner is to leave a comment on this post and let me know if you have started making Christmas gifts yet!

The giveaway will end at midnight PST on Saturday, May 28th. I am ending it a little early so that those readers who are not among the lucky winners can still pop over to Kristin's shop and order copies at 33% off - discount is in effect until May 31st.

The giveaway is open to everyone - worldwide!

You will no doubt notice that there are only three issues and it is now May! But you see, Kristin has been much busier than expected with the final production chores associated with her soon to be published new book! And she has moved her studio. I would say she has a good excuse, wouldn't you?

Good luck to all!

Oh wow! Looks like my kind of

Oh wow! Looks like my kind of zine...I'll have to check that out! Especially since I am now officially six months behind on my crafting. Go me.

What a great idea for a zine!

What a great idea for a zine! Thanks for the giveaway!

Hi Pam :-) Somehow, I managed

Hi Pam :-)

Somehow, I managed to miss this project Kristin started! Ain't she an amazing crafter? So productive! :-)

I'm entering the contest, but I will still get theses 3 nice zines even if I don't win them on your blog! They look awesome!

Much hugs! xoxo!

Oh how I wish that I had some

Oh how I wish that I had some Christmas projects started! I so many times wait and end up rushing and ruining the joy of the making! Would love to start the dishcloths so hoping for good luck.
Good blogging!

I have collected the supplies

I have collected the supplies and recipes to make little recipe booklets for my family for Christmas. Guess I need to get started on the actual making.

Yep, I've started the

Yep, I've started the Christmas crafting. Its a fantasy of mine to finish all Christmas crafting by at least November. Never will happen though. But you got to have a dream....

Those are a great idea and I

Those are a great idea and I would love to have them to do a little pre-planning with!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for the giveaway! Yes, I have started on my Christmas gifts. I have 3 projects started and am hoping that by the end of the summer I will have much more completed!

What fun! I really do need a

What fun! I really do need a kick in the pants about this!

I've started my Christmas

I've started my Christmas list specifying what I plan to make for each person. I try to keep my eye out for things that will be "perfect" for each person on my list. I haven't started making any Christmas gifts yet, but I plan to come August. Right now I'm keeping busy making birthday gifts each moth. Keeps crafting a bit crazy when you have a ginormous family. :)
Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

I haven't quite started on

I haven't quite started on all of my Holiday crafting but I do have a general plan of what I'm making. It's mostly going to be hats this year.

I have fabric, leftover from

I have fabric, leftover from last year's Christmas projects, that I am going to use for quilts. Would help if I got it out and started thinking about patterns! Thanks to you and Kristin for sharing.

I've started making a list of

I've started making a list of things to make for Christmas does that count ;-). Some great projects on my to do list but need to gather together materials...maybe tomorrow is the day to start...we shall see.

Great giveaway and great idea

Great giveaway and great idea for a mini zine. If still needing to finish last years Christmas scarf for my mom means that I've started on Christmas gifts then- Yes I have.

Yeah, I didn't think so either... so no, I haven't started yet.

I hope I'm one of the winners- it might be give me just the motivation I need to be ahead of schedule this year.

Thanks for the chance to win Pam!

THIS is the best giveaway

THIS is the best giveaway I've seen in ages! I love her craft leftovers zines! She's a true giver.

Oh, and you aren't so bad, yourself!

Thanks for the giveaway! I

Thanks for the giveaway! I haven't started making Christmas gifts yet...I'm busy making things for my upcoming wedding in June! I'm hoping to start making presents in July. :)

I have not started my gift

I have not started my gift making yet, but I am hoping to do so soon. I love Kristin's ideas! Thanks for the chance to win!!!