Snowbound! But there is also good news to share!

And the good news first! I am going to continue Gingerbread Snowflakes. But at a slower pace - posting about once or twice a month until the Fall, when I will be back full blast! I am having way too much fun to stop now! I know for sure you can look forward to craft tutorials and maybe a few treasured recipes... who knows.


That Diane, it's all her fault - I am not only hooked, but I would miss all of you so much if I didn't continue. I have made some wonderful new friends and I so appreciate the support all of you have offered me over the past two months. Thank you for being a part of my new adventure.

And now, my snowbound tale.

It has been snowing, and snowing, and snowing, and snowing, and snowing......

And since we have been totally snowed in, and I had all my holiday preparations done before the flakes started falling, there has been little to keep me occupied except to make sure all the little birds trying to survive in our frozen forest have plenty to eat.

I have been standing just inside the kitchen door, photographing them through two panes of glass (and not so clean glass at that). Thanks to my husband, who trudged through the knee-deep snow to the market five blocks away, our little friends have plenty to eat.

So here they are!

Our big bully Blue Jay trying to get every morsel in the feeder in one bite!

One of our many little Sparrows...

And our precious little Finch...

And our Dark-Eyed Junco, who usually prefers the floor of the deck - but the rail is where the food is!

We have LOTS of Sparrows...

And never too many Rufous-Sided Towhees. Love those big red eyes.

It is very hard to catch the Black-Capped Chickadee - they never seem to stay in one place more than a second or two...

But my Sparrows and Finches not only are willing to share a meal with almost anyone, but they also seem to relish leisurely meals at the bird feeder - at least until this guy shows up:

Our resident Hairy Woodpecker - not the friendliest fellow in the forest.

Is this not the cutest little guy ever!

And, of course, we have way more than enough of these little thieves, who eat far more than their share of the feasts we set out for the birds. They are not even above eating the birdfeeder itself!

Now, here's a beautiful holiday celebration my husband and I were a part of just as the "Arctic Blast" got underway.

We photographed a fairy tale Christmas wedding in Downtown Portland. This is my day job... photographing weddings.

Thank you for visiting. See you soon.

This is wonderful news!! I'm

This is wonderful news!! I'm so glad you're going to be continuing the blog. Awesome bird pics - and what a beautiful wedding photo! Thank you!!!

Happy Happy New Year, Pam!

Happy Happy New Year, Pam!

Hey Pam, I gave you a Blog

Hey Pam, I gave you a Blog award. Come to my Blog and pick it up.

I know the bird pictures are

I know the bird pictures are awesome, but can you imagine being the bride and groom in the photo able to look back at that awesome picture and remember when they were the prince and princess in the fairy tale? YOur shot made it absolutely magical and you should be proud! (Bet you can't hear the longing in my voice...our photographer didn't do such a great job 19 years ago tomorrow! Be proud of the memories you give people...they matter!)

P.S. I am thrilled you'll keep up the blogging. I definitely need to start earlier for Christmas 2009!

Fantastic news! You have way

Fantastic news! You have way too much to share to stop now - I predict more than once or twice a month.

The bird images are gorgeous, lucky birds to have you helping them through that storm.

Happy new year!

I am glad that you continue

I am glad that you continue your blog, I would mis it. and thanks for the lovely photos of birds.

So glad you'll be staying

So glad you'll be staying on!

Ha Ha! Blogging has got

Ha Ha! Blogging has got you...

I'm so happy that you'll be

I'm so happy that you'll be continuing on with your blog :)

oooohhh, I bet you can find

oooohhh, I bet you can find lots to show us, especially after seeing these beautiful nature shots!!

I vote for more than 1-2 per month!!! Photographers can always find wonderful things to share.

That is a LOT of snow you have.

So glad you are staying with

So glad you are staying with us after all Chinese new year is coming!

I LOVE the bird photos! I

I LOVE the bird photos! I love those chickadees!! And the scrub jays are annoying, it's true, but they are also admirable in a way. I feed them peanuts every other day or so, and when three of them are feeding at once, swooping down and squawking at the same time, it's so entertaining! They pop their bodies up and down, pick up each nut in turn then drop it, then pick it up and finally fly off with one. They are so systematic and thorough. They hide them everywhere, but sometimes Scout's the one to find them.

I'm glad you're going to continue! There are other fabulous celebrations coming up!

Yay! I'm so glad that you are

Yay! I'm so glad that you are sticking with Gingerbread Snowflakes!