How I Supported the Crafty Blogisphere in May


This is my beautiful new spindle and wool - part of the Learn to Spin Kit I treated myself to for my birthday last month.

I still haven't actually tried spinning yet - really feeling so intimidated for some silly reason.  I will keep you posted. When I spin my first yarn, you will be the first to hear about it!

The Learn to Spin Kit was ordered from Amelia at the Bellwether and included a very well written book, Productive Spindling written by Amelia which I am reading carefully. In addition to running a shop in Port Angeles WA, she teaches classes, spins yarn, and has an on-line shop. I have already shared how much I appreciate all that she shares on her blog about spinning, weaving, knitting.

You might remember that in April I ordered several of her handspun "practice" yarns for my Saori Woven Bag.


My other big birthday present to myself last month was to order Carina's two e-books Stitching Borders and Beyond and her brand newly revised version of Small Stitches.

Carina had done such a brilliant job on the first edition of Small Stitches, I couldn't imagine how it could be improved. But she has added very comprehensive information about tools and threads, very useful information about how to transfer patterns (which I desperately needed), how to use a hoop correctly and how to start stitching.....

While I was in Carina's shop Polka and Bloom I also dropped into the embroidery section and ordered the Love Birds, August Bloom, and Pink Snowflake ! Carina and Kathryn and iHanna and I are working on a secret project and I needed some of Carina's beautiful embroidery patterns! That's all I am saying. For now!


And right after I placed my order - Carina posted this! OMG. Don't you love it? It is definitely not too early to start work on your own Christmas Dala!

The brand spanking new pattern includes several pattern sizes, instructions for pattern transfer, and description of stitches and colors. You can order it right here.

The minute Carina returns from her trip home to Denmark, I am ordering my Dala pattern! I can not resist!

So - I did go a little over budget in May, but it was for a good cause - my birthday!

Making it a goal to support some of my on line family each month is one of the most fun things I have done in a long time. Thank you for your inspiration, Diane!

I love your purchases, I too

I love your purchases, I too am learning to spin! what fun. I think your birthday is a wonderful reason to go over budget. Hope you had a great birthday and can't wait to see your yarn.

Why was it your birthday and

Why was it your birthday and I wasn't informed?? Now, that's not right, young lady, and I think that you should have announced it so we could have all sent you our heartfelt best wishes. Tsk... TSK!
Please don't be intimidated by the spindle, Pam. If the spindle intimidates you, how am I supposed to ever tackle anything more challenging than a needle felted mushroom? You will have to try it and then show the rest of us how to get started, that's how these things work :)
That Dala pattern is stunningly beautiful in its simplicity, with the bright colours and precious decorations. Why limit it to Christmas? Tell you what, if I had the skill to make it, I's stick it in a frame and display it all year 'round to put a smile on my face whenever I see it.

Looks like you are trying to

Looks like you are trying to learn every type of craft available lol. I've heard that spinning your own yarn is very addictive. I've always been interested in those old fashioned spinning wheels. I also really like those old weaving looms. My Father always told me I was born at the wrong time. He used to tell me I should have been born during Little House on the Prairie times. lol

That Dala is really cute. I

That Dala is really cute. I just picked up a little wooden blue one at an estate sale for 10 cents (along with, um, other crafty stuff!) Happy Belated Birthday!

I can't wait for you to try

I can't wait for you to try that spindle!