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Yaaaaaay! I am so excited! I can't stand it! HAVE to share! A "how-to" I wrote on how to organize your crafty life has been published on Craftzine!

"Organize Yourself to Get More Crafty Projects Finished" offers lots of tips for getting to the picture above - lots of lovely finished projects...


from this picture - piles and stashes of hastily scribbled notes, scraps torn from magazines, and half finished projects.

I hope you will pop over and find some really useful ideas.

And if you have a personal tip that works well for you, please share in comments below!

LOVE the idea of scheduling

LOVE the idea of scheduling the projects on a calendar. I'm horrible about spending the evening of July 3rd wishing I'd made a few 4th of July decorations. The calendar might solve that annual tradition. In the mean time, do you have any tips/hints/instructions for making the adorable wall hanging files that were photographed in your article? I love, love, love those! Thanks!

Loved your article Pam! Well

Loved your article Pam! Well done you! Big congrats.
You definitely have some great ideas there, and I'm going to try to instigate some of them. (you notice I put try? ha! But I really will! I'm coming ahead in leaps and bounds...well almost...these days)
Esp love the idea of taking a few hours along with a cup of something and a plate of cookies while sorting it all out! What fabulous 'me time' that would be.
Tried to leave a comment on Craftzine, but couldn't work out what I was supposed to sign in to, to leave one! So I'm leaving it here for you. x

I just read your article on

I just read your article on Craftzine. What great tips! You are so organized -- I feel humbled by your amazing output and productivity. It was nice to see what you look like. And is that a mola cushion cover in one of the photos?

YAY!! I'm going over there


I'm going over there right now!

I love the article especially

I love the article especially little crafty hanging folders and very organized calendar. Thank you

Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your article, Pam! So exciting!!!

What a well-written and interesting article you put together! Love your suggestions on how to become more organized. My wonderful hubby teases me about how I always need a "plan" for everything, but it drives me crazy if things aren't organized and I don't know what I'm doing. Like you, I'm a serious dabbler, and I often find myself overwhelmed with the sheer number of amazing projects I want to try. After reading your article, I think I'm going to make some time next month to gather all my latest crafty ideas into one binder and separate them and prioritize them like you suggested. Thank you so much for the guidance and inspiration!

Big hugs,

I know the whole point is

I know the whole point is your excellently written, helpful, and resourceful article, but please let me first mention that gorgeous picture of you at the very bottom of your essay.
Hello there, gorgeous, what an infectuous smile!!
Now... I do have a crafty notebook, my pinterest, an overflowing bookmark folder and a desktop cluttered with the pixel version of post its. But I found that in real life, when one is actually AWAY from the timesucking devil that is the laptop, my mobile phone camera can be my best friend.
a quick snapshot of a pair of earrings in a fair trade shop (btw, how fair can it be if they get the stuff wholesale for like 5% of the final retail price??), a neatly arranged collection of flower pots, an unusual designer clock or a bird bath that tickles my fancy- CLICK and it is mine in pixels.
Being a very visual person but utterly unable to draw, this is my best option to preserve inspiration on the go.
For all my online needs, I have, as I mentioned, discovered pinterest. You can make up pinboards for as many topics as you want and virtually pin the sources to them- I am in the process of pinning all my bookmarks there to get them organized AND share them with everyone to see. The best thing since sliced bread!
Way to go Pam, your featured article is one helluva wicked reference for a lot of people out there, and I thank you from the bottom of my disorganized crafter heart for sharing it.

Just love your article, so

Just love your article, so well put together full of beautiful photos and great reading content.
I get some inspirations whilst walking my dogs. It's so frustrating because I have no free hands to note my ideas so sometimes when I think of what I reckon is a great idea I repeat it over and over until we get home. That can really do your head in. Then once I get inside I get distracted and the ideas gone, or I've only got half of it and the mantra in my head left quicker than it got there. I have to put some of your plan together Pam so as soon as i walk in the door I can grab pen and paper and write it all down. I always take my camera on my walks but heavens with two dogs who don't want to stop for anything and will run away if i let go of their leads, my photos can be ordinary. I know what you're thinking - leave the dogs at home and go wandering on your own with pen, paper and camera. Imagine what I could do if I did that.

Congratulations- great

Congratulations- great article! You had so many great tips and an amazing organization and time management that I aspire to.

I already keep an idea notebook with me at all times- don't know what I ever did without one. But I loved the idea of the wall folders too!

BTW I was happy to see the bunny pattern make a photo appearance- CAN'T WAIT to see your finished bunny.

Wonderful article! My kids

Wonderful article! My kids laugh because I come up with some of my best ideas while in the shower. It's the only time I can truly be alone with my thoughts.

Get kids' bath crayons.

Get kids' bath crayons. Seriously. First heard it recommended at a creativity class in the "idea capturing" module. :)

Woo Hoo! Congratulations on

Woo Hoo! Congratulations on being published!

Awesome advice in the article, too. I can't say I've ever tried to use a scheduling system. I usually pick one project or at most two and work on them until I finish them.

Two projects is better because if you can switch back and forth between two different projects I find the interest in each one is kept alive and you don't get bored or "burn out" from doing the same project all the time. That is especially useful if I'm doing a lace shawl with large sections of the same stitch pattern. It helps to keep me focussed if I alternate with another project that is entirely different, say a sweater with cables.

Another option is to work on two projects with different lengths of times needed to complete them, not deadlines, though. I might have a larger project like a shawl or sweater and a smaller project like a pair of socks or mittens or a hat. The smaller project will be finished first giving me a sense of accomplishment. The trick is to alternate projects so as not to lose motivation on either one.

I am jumping up and down and

I am jumping up and down and clapping. Congrats!!

Great Article! Congrats!!

Great Article!