Learn All About Your Favorite Bling!


Now this is my idea of "bling"! A few of my favorites from my mineral collection.


Lots and lots of beautiful natural crystals - just the way they are formed by nature!


Some almost other-worldly and mysterious!

I don't wear much jewelry - at least not "bling" jewelry. Mostly a turquoise and silver gal and semi-precious stones.

I am only sharing all of this with you to get your attention! And now that I have it - here are links to a series of "real bling" birthstone posts you absolutely must see!

Chrysalis, who writes a blog by the name of Butterfly Jungle, has been researching, writing and sharing stunningly beautiful and informative posts featuring birthstones! And I don't want any single one of my readers to miss them.

January - Garnet -  So many colors!

February - Amethyst - Did you know it is often carved?

March - Aquamarine  - You have just got to see some of these images!

April - Diamonds - Did you know diamonds really are NOT rare - but they did all form at nearly the same time. READ!

May - Emerald - If you want to own one - be sure to read this article!

June - Pearls!  Beautiful, sumptuous, fabulous pearls!  She outdid herself on this one for sure!

Put the link to Butterfly Jungle in your reader if it isn't already there so you don't miss another month!

So love your collection!

So love your collection! Those photos immediately caught my attention! I checked out Chrysalis' post on diamonds and it was brilliant. I can't wait to read more! Thanks for directing us to her, Pam!

Love your collection... did

Love your collection... did you find them yourself or bought them? I am off to Chrysalis to read about my stones ;)

Oh Pam, now you make me

Oh Pam, now you make me blush. The photos of your minerals are gorgeous and are a beautiful example of how wonderful, diverse, mysterious, and even wacky "rocks" can be. Thank you so much for the generously kind words. And I LOVE the decorated gourd at the top of your blog.

Oh my goodness! We are, once

Oh my goodness! We are, once again, on the same wavelength! Just yesterday afternoon, we took the kids in to Houston to visit the Museum of Natural Science. We stumbled into the hall of minerals and gems, and honestly ... I wasn't expecting much. Instead, I had my mind BLOWN by what I saw. I couldn't stop trying to take pictures (which was difficult, because I just had my iPhone and it was dark in the gallery). I've seen minerals before, but never like that. I had no idea how amazing they could be.

I also kept thinking that the hall of minerals and gems would be the perfect kind of place for Project Runway to send contestants to get inspiration for a fashion challenge. :) Just so much amazing NATURAL beauty. That these things are naturally occurring just, well ... blew my mind! Love seeing your collection! :)

I would love to go to the

I would love to go to the museum of natural History in Houston -Mineral Display.  I understand the museum is blessed with many very wealthy and generous doners and is able to and does purchase the best specimens to be had.  So yes, Rachel, you were in the presence of mineral greatness!  I am so thrilled you were able to visit and enjoy.

HA! I'm way ahead of your

HA! I'm way ahead of your post (for once!) and already have read all those lovely posts. Chrysalis researches well and writes beautifully, I am glad to have found her, event hough I don't remember how. Certainly a hot pick!

I love that February is the

I love that February is the amethyst. Purple has always been my favorite and I love how it shines.