Had To Share: Beautiful Wild flowers and Clever Curtain Idea.


Just got back from a short visit to Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands  off the northwest coast of Washington state.

Two things I just have to share!

The beautiful wild flowers growing at the edges of a wet lands just outside my MIL's front door and my MIL's very inexpensive and clever solution for making curtains for the 15 windows in her home.


Painter's drop cloths!

She was lucky enough to find a couple packages at a thrift store, a pretty good way to create quick window covers at a very reasonable price. Even at retail, still a bargain!

She pre-washed the fabric before sewing and then simply hemmed the bottom and sides and top and used clip rings to hang them.

I was surprised at how pretty the fabric actually looked and it created complete privacy while allowing the light to filter through. And great body and drape.

So for what it is worthy - just sharing.

I love that photo of the

I love that photo of the wildflowers by the fence! Gorgeous! What an ingenious idea for curtains as well!

That picture is magnificent!

That picture is magnificent!

The curtain idea is pretty clever, too. I once had a neighbor that managed to rig up muslin blinds for her windows and they looked fabulous. I tried it, and it looked like sacks hanging from the windows. (sigh)

Everyone else has said it all

Everyone else has said it all Pam. That pic of the wildflowers is stunning! You've done so well with it. It would make beautiful wallpaper for the desktop on the puter don't you think? or would also make a fab jigsaw puzzle! :)
Loved your mil's curtain idea. i'll have to google to see if drop cloths are the same fabric over here. Though in your pic it looks a lot like perhaps a thick weave linen with the slubs....if you know what I mean?

Thanks for your lovely email too. I really appreciate you taking the time to send it. xox

Pam!  The wild flowers - have

Pam!  The wild flowers - have been on my desk top since I transfered the trip images to the computer!  I am so, so glad I took the time to photograph them.  We spent about a hour in the field - and of course as anyone knows much of that time was spent waiting for the wind to settle - and took lots and lots and lots of angles.  We both like this one the most!

So beautiful! Sounds like

So beautiful! Sounds like your MIL is as well. ;-)

Just beautiful meadow flowers

Just beautiful meadow flowers and that fence screams rustic beauty, calmness and pure enjoyment. It must have been an exhilarating moment to take that picture.

Love, love, love the

Love, love, love the wildflowers!!

Beautiful flowers. It has

Beautiful flowers. It has been so dry down here that we don't even have green grass let alone pretty wild flowers. Your MIL had a great idea for curtains. I have made tote bags and aprons from drop cloths but I don't think I would have thought about curtains.

Those wildflowers are

Those wildflowers are stunning, a treat for tired eyes. What a clever MIL you have - fabulous tip!

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LOVE these photos Pam, the

LOVE these photos Pam, the first one is like magic with all those flowers and red and pink + blue together. So yummy. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

I want to sit in that meadow.

I want to sit in that meadow. I mean, like, sit there every day from dawn till dusk, read all the books I have no time to read, take a gazillion pictures of tiny things we don't normally have the time to spot and smell flowers that are there one day, gone the next.
Your MIL is a pretty clever lady, I like her style. She seems to find beauty in unexpected places, I love me a woman like that!

Yes Steff, my MIL is indeed a

Yes Steff, my MIL is indeed a clever woman and has an amazing eye.  I love being in her spaces - always simple and beautiful.

She can do nothing more than place a pottery bowl in the middle of her table and the result is mezmerizing.  I could place the same bowl on the same table and it wouldn't be quite so mezmerizing!

While we were there, she had placed several pieces of fruit on a brass tray right in front of the window above to ripen.  But they were arranged beautifully - like a piece of art. 


I believe she has truly learned how to live life simply and with appreciation.

Hi Pam I have a friend not

Hi Pam
I have a friend not unlike your MIL (is that Mother-in-Law?). Last week I went to her house for lunch with some friends and she had this beautiful piece of driftwood resting on paper napkins as a napkin weight, it was really beautiful and just a tiny treasure she found when walking along the beach. Little touches like that give me goosebumps. This is the same friend that I gave two branches from my olive tree (laden with olives) as a thank you gift for inviting us to dinner. We both got more out of giving and receiving that simple gift than anyone could imagine. Our husbands just shook their heads. I love your blog.