Visiting Weavers!


I have turned into a addict! I can't stop making mini Saori weavings on my cardboard looms! Every time I finish one, another idea pops into my head!

One thing for sure, I will be making at least one to include in the 2011 Christmas Stocking giveaway!


One thing that makes sharing tutorials so rewarding for me is finding out that a friend or even a total stranger is inspired.

 After posting the tutorial for making mini Saori Weavings on a cardboard loom recently, I heard from several people who will be teaching or sharing the "how-to" at kid's summer camp! Do you have any idea how happy that makes me feel?

My friend Meg, writer of Megacrafty and insatiable dabbler, has just completed her first Saori weaving! When you pop over to visit her post, be sure to click on the image - it will enlarge and you can see all the detail!


Meg quickly moved on from the basic project and is now making a giant weaving and shares her progress here and here!

The yarn she is using is her first ever yarn she dyed herself! I love that! And she has a specific reason for making the weaving so large - but I am not telling - you must go find out!

Go visit the links above - you will love her pictures and her humor.


Can you believe these???

Jan - Jan Made It - is a new to me blogger and when she told me the Saori tutorial inspired her to try doing something a little different as a Father's Day gift I begged for a picture!

Then she posted and shared with everyone! A mug rug woven using both yarn and fabric scraps! Except - clever girl - she has made them into little coasters!

I am sure that if they are woven with washable yarn and pre-shrunk fabric they could easily be washed if needed.

While you are visiting Jan, be sure to check out this great tutorial for saving all your scorched, frayed, disgusting old pot holders! It sure is going to come in handy at my house - scorched pot holder central!

I am going to spend most of the rest of the month sharing - people who have inspired me and some I have inspired!

Learning from each other! One of my favorite things about being a part of the crafty blogiverse! So, for the rest of the month I am going to celebrate that!

Hi Pam I like that you say

Hi Pam
I like that you say you have been inspired by other people. Since following your blog and Crafty Pod plus others I have become a blogaholic and spend so much time drooling over other people's magnificent efforts that I run out of time to do my own bit of creating.

I'd love to share other people who have inspired me but as a new blogger I'm not getting the traffic - regardless, you have inspired me to continue to acknowledge the efforts of others on a regular basis. I actually did acknowledge two bloggers recently but I think I've got the link thing all mixed up because I really wanted them to see the work I'd done but it appears they are oblivious to the credits I gave them. I have to go and get crafty now, but will work on this link stuff later tonight.
Cheers Chris

Christine, whatever you do,

Christine, whatever you do, do not be discouraged.  You are most likely NOT talking only to yourself!  Many readers just aren't comfortable with the whole comment thing.

Getting out there and meeting people is the best way to meet future readers. I know it is true because Diane made me do it!  and she is right! :-)

Please don't be upset or disappointed if you linked and received no acknowledgement from the blogger.  Some bloggers just don't take the time or have the time to respond and others are so big they can not possibly keep up. But you  will find there are those that make the effort - and they are the ones i build my personal reader around.  They arte the ones you will find me linking to!

I love your plan to get to know the people taking Diane's e-book class with you and left you a message about that on your blog!

I had to try the tutorial out

I had to try the tutorial out as well, your pictures made the project look so inviting! Thank you for sharing the tutorial. I will definitely try another one in the future, but you can see my first wonky one on my blog if you'd like.

I'm tempted to combine this with the Earth Loom you posted about awhile back, and make a wooden framed wall hanging.

(If this posts twice, I apologize, I think it's time to back away from technology for the night!)

Look at you!  Beautiful

Look at you!  Beautiful Saori!

I am placing a link right here to your post showing you very first Saori.  You are amazing to have succeeded with such a small piece.

Beautiful very mini Saori here!  Read all about it!

And I love that you are thinking of combining this with an earthloom frame. My sweetie rearranged the garden this year and the special place I had for it is gone.  No place for it this year and I miss it terribly.  But YOU got me to thinking - I could make a small one and use it inside!

Thanks for linking to my

Thanks for linking to my projects Pam- AND for such a inspiring tutorial in the first place!

I am in awe of you taking on

I am in awe of you taking on this huge project!  You will notice, mine are all very small! I only suggest they can be bigger!:-) 

Thanks for the link back to

Thanks for the link back to your previous post. I'm having company next week, my 8 year old nephew - and if the weather keeps us indoors - I'm going to try this out with him. I'm a little intimidated by the other links and how nice yours look, but I think it will be fun. And to think I passed over a bunch of yarn balls I saw at the thrift store today!

Better go back and claim if

Better go back and claim if for your project!  And send me pictures!

I think that it is remarkable

I think that it is remarkable results. It cant be easy to weave that way.

Oh Margit!  It is so simple

Oh Margit!  It is so simple and easy to weave.  No tools needed just your fingers and if you want a tapestry needle.  No matter how you weave in the weft yarns, they will be beautiful. It is Saori so there are no mistakes!

I love how other bloggers get

I love how other bloggers get inspired by someone's post and then changes things up to fit their needs. It keeps crafting fun and ever changing. Plus, it's fun to play with old ideas in a new way.

I've thought about reworking old pot holders to make them new and fresh again. It wouldn't work too well in our house those. We seem to love our pot holders to death. I bought a couple yards of insulbright a couple months ago intending to make lots of pot holders but haven't gotten around to it yet. My family likes their pot holders with a layer of insulbright and a couple layers of cotton batting. Nice and sturdy so the heat doesn't come through. I like to make them because they are quick projects that don't require much fabric.