More Saori Weaving to Share!


Ok, I just had to share this! Jan is at it again - making coasters and has posted a great little tutorial for making them with fabric strips.

Jan and I both think this is just the greatest craft for kids. Easy for little fingers. And even if they miss a warp here and there it is still beautiful!


Photo by Jan - Jan Made It.

And just look how beautiful these turned out! Make a cardboard loom, grab a sack of scrap yarn, follow Jan's advice about assembling a Saori weaving basket and by summer's end you will have several sets of coasters completed for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!

Jan likes weaving two ways - with the fringe all around and with fringe on only two sides!


Photo by Jan - Jan Made It

And she uses a crochet hook to pull the yarn through the warps because she is not a fan of threading needles! :-)

Before I move on, I wanted to also use Jan's post as an example of what I think is very acceptable practice in sharing the work of another person.

Jan clearly states that my Saori tutorial inspired her in the first place and then shares her own version of the project. The tutorial she provides on Jan Made It shares how she weaves with fabric strips and multiple strand warps. It is definitely NOT a set of duplicated steps.

And... just in case you want more inspiration for weaving Saori on cardboard looms, check out Evil Widget's Saori Weaving post! The Saori featured is tiny tiny, tiny! I am pretty impressed she was able to pull this off because tying fringe with little short yarns is not fun! But I love the results.

And she even used some yarn that she dyed with Kool-aid! So pop over and check it out!

By the way - Happy Summer Solstice everyone! I am actually celebrating Midsummer - and I will share how beginning tomorrow with a special Midsummer tribute to my friend Margit!

Those blue, gold, and white

Those blue, gold, and white ones remind me of the Swedish Olympic hats. Lovely. :)

Sounds like that would be a

Sounds like that would be a fun idea for a post! I'll definitely keep you updated on the big weaving project. Right now I keep adding rows but they seem to be disappearing because I swear I'm no farther along than I was a few days ago!

Meg!  "Never give up!  Never

Meg!  "Never give up!  Never surrender!"

I always enjoy seeing the

I always enjoy seeing the infinite variations that are produced from the same basic technique!

Meee tooo! I love seeing how

Meee tooo! I love seeing how people arrive at different solutions.

I have often toyed with the idea of posting a picture and then asking people to create their own version of it in any media!

Keep me posted on your BIG weaving!