Don't Miss This Opportunity to See the Festival of Lights in Jerusalem

"Echinodermus and Pissenlit"  (Tilt, France)

Photo by Avital Pinnick - This and That

"Popping Candy - Fantasy" (Itzik Iluz)

photo by Avital Pennick - This and That

Bwindi Light Masks (Richi Ferrero, Italy)

photo by Aviatl Pinnick - This and That

Fantastic! Beautiful! Artful! Right? All captured by my friend Avital at the Festival of Lights in Jerusalem. If you are not already familiar with Avital, through her blog This and That, now is definitely the perfect time to get to know her!

She has just finished posting the most amazing photographs taken over several nights during the Annual Festival of Light Art. Stunning light shows and performances are installed throughout the city by both Israeli and international artists. Three nights is not enough time to see it all.

Not only has Avital shared the spectacular results of three nights of dedicated work to capture the Festival of Lights, but she has also shared tips and advice, and links to all her posts this past week which include details about the light exhibits. Also included  - links to images of the Festival of Lights in 2010 and 2009! So all you need it this one link to begin your journey into the magical world of light! And you will find the complete flickr set here!

There isn't anything more to say! Except "Do not miss this show!

And to say, thank you, Avital, for allowing me to share a few of your images on Gingerbread Snowflakes.

Thank-you so much for

Thank-you so much for mentioning my work on your blog!! I am honoured. It was an amazing show and I'm glad I was able to photograph it again. Light art is a real challenge! The first night had to compete with a major lunar eclipse. It was quite a sight -- crowds of people, surrounded by flashing lights, all staring up at the moon.