Twelfth Night - Gifts for you!


January 6th is celebrated my many as Twelfth Night, and by others as The Epiphany or visitation of the Magi.

In some cultures, people give gifts every night beginning December 25th, Christmas Day, and ending on January 6th - hence the 12 days of Christmas. In other cultures, people give gifts on Christmas Day and again on Twelfth Night. Special cakes are baked to be eaten on this day. In England, it is thought to be bad luck if your decorations remain up after January 6th. (Boy o boy am I in trouble!)

In Norway, children dress up and visit homes in their neighborhood every one of the 12 nights, singing songs and receiving gifts. Check it out! I love this idea!

In Italy, La Befana visits the children and brings them gifts on January 6th.

So...since January 6th is a day often marked with the giving of gifts, I am going to give you three gifts beginning today with...


This gorgeous snowflake photo and the two below are from, and if you missed visiting this site in November, take the time to check it out NOW. Put this site in your bookmarks and visit it often. Kenneth Libbrecht has given us all an amazing gift in sharing his life's work photographing and studying snow crystals. And check out these fairy frost photos, dancing frost photos , and these manipulated frost photos by photographer Betty Winter.


Go grab a pair of sissors, and a bit of paper (left over gift wrap, printer paper, whatever you have at hand) and cut out a few snowflakes. How long has it been since you have actually done that? Be sure to follow these directions for folding the paper so that it will have SIX points.

If you prefer the virtual world, create your own snowflakes here on I had a ball switching my view of my snowflakes to 2D and then 3D. By the way, this is the same site Diane used to custom design the flowers for her very own Spoonflower fabric. Why not design a snowflake fabric for a Christmas 2009 project?

I saved the best for last! I found a great online snowflake-making site through You just have to go there and you just have to make snowflakes!!

When you arrive, you will see snowflakes falling, big ones and tiny dots. Click on any flake or dot and it will enlarge and tell you who made it and where they are from. There are "snowflake designers" of all ages and skill levels and they are incredibly creative. I had a blast making one. Give it a try. You can delete and start over if you want. But make one!

And this is why! I want to see your snowflakes. Make one, notice the number the site assigns to it, and put that number in the comments for this post so I can go visit. Please. You can see my very first effort - #7697314. Click on "Find a Flake" at the lower left corner, and the only information field you will need to fill in is the flake number - see above? Then, an arrow will point you to the falling dot that is mine. Click on it and presto - my snowflake! I know - my very first virtual snowflake isn't perfect - actually looks like a series of Rorschach ink blots - but it was so much fun!

And... there is a section for comments provided with each snowflake, so if you like, you can even leave a comment there.

I hope you'll also visit the snowflakes made by other readers who provide their snowflake number in the comments on this post!

Happy Twelfth Night everyone. Keep an eye open - gift number two will arrive soon!!

I'm ready for another Pam

I'm ready for another Pam fix!!

Mine is #7748297. And that

Mine is #7748297. And that was way fun!

I immediately went to you

I immediately went to you snowflake, turned the screen around so my husband could see it too and said as i turned the screen "this is Diane's snowflake" In unison we both said -"of course". I really do need to work on ball control don't I! How do you get straight lines?

I have printed it out along with Mike's and Joey's. I love that any snowflake on the site can be printed out and enjoyed as wall art! And they are great for kids stuck home in winter storms = they can design a flake, print it out and either cut it out or color it. This could even be the basis for a winter quilt crafty Mom's could make for their kids using Spoonflower to create the fabric!

This is so cool! I'm going

This is so cool! I'm going over there right now. I may not have time to make one right now, but I love this idea.
I was going to make someone I know a snowflake curtain this year, so I'll be starting it for next year. snowflake curtains are so neato looking!

Check out these two flakes

Check out these two flakes made by my son 7708718 and my grandson 7720735.

Hi Pam, I have been enjoying

Hi Pam, I have been enjoying your blog this holiday season. Thanks. My first snowflake (and not a very good one) is 7733007. Happy Twelfth Night!

Thank you for the beautiful

Thank you for the beautiful snowflake!!! I left you a comment! How do you make it so delicate?? I need more practice working with a ball mouse for sure.