Midsummer Updates


My first sweet pea blossom opened - the day AFTER official Midsummer in Sweden!


Sunrise on Rebecca's Garden - Midsummer morning!

Check out Rebecca's post on Roots and Wings to see how she inspired me to build this garden.


Recycled aluminum pop cans - last year's Midsummer project. Just wanted to share that the little "punched tin" sun mobile I made using aluminum can bottoms look as bright and beautiful as the they did the first day I hung them in the garden!

Good for using aluminum pop cans for craft material. Bad for land fills! Reuse or recycle please!

I have been making something

I have been making something similar to these for Xmas ornaments. Will send you some photos, Lis

I love this. I bet it makes

I love this. I bet it makes a sweet soft clattering sound!

Did I send you a link to Christmas ornaments made out of aluminum cans? I think I saved the link, but I probably didn't send it. I'll try to find it.

That was a very helpful paragraph, wasn't it?

The garden and the mobile

The garden and the mobile looks great.

Your tin mobile looks

Your tin mobile looks fantastic as do all the flowers.
Thanks for sharing that clever photo/painting idea, too! It's funny - how long ago we'd cringe if our photos got wet and now the paper seems to be impervious, now that we want it to run a little.