How I Supported the Crafty Blogisphere and DIY in June


Christmas presents! But since a couple of these are for people who sometimes read my blog I"m saying no more!

What I CAN say is that I spent a lovely morning with Lindsay at Yarnia; and with her help and her magic yarn making machine, I am now ready to do some serious Christmas knitting!

The little guy perched on top - look closely - see how sparkly it is? Spotted in a bin of cone ends, and it had to come home with me! Very Christmassy!

If you haven't been to Yarnia with me before, pop over and join Diane and me as we toured the shop and picked out yarn for Diane's socks - which are done and on her feet frequently! Yarnia has a wonderful on line store including a custom yarn creator so you don't have to live in Portland to have fun creating you very own yarn!


A sneak preview of my little Dala horse embroidery! The big reveal will happen later this month. "Christmas in July" you know!

I told you in the post last month I was going to order it! And I did! AND it is finished!

You can order yours right here in Carina's new and improved Polka and Bloom Shop!


Image by Coleen of Some Art Talk and Some Art Fabric

Coleen uses recycled aluminum cans to create beautiful Christmas Star ornaments - she even has filled a couple ginormous orders from Coke - which kept her busy into the wee hours of the night last fall!

I have wanted to add one of her peace doves to my tree since I first saw them - and what better time than now at the beginning of "Christmas in July"!

Here is a really cool ball ormanent made using recycled aluminum cans that  I have my eye on!

Coleen writes a blog - Some Art Talk- and runs an online fabric shop - Some Art Fabric. Read more about Coleen and what she is all about!


Felted Mushroom Needle Felting Kit!! From Donni at Fairy Folk! For the sweetest little red and white felted mushrooms I have ever seen!

Truth be told I never, ever thought I would be doing 3-D felting! EVER! Love doing the flat felting - 3-D is very cool when someone else does it!


Photo by Donni of The Magic Onions and Fairy Folk Shop

That has all changed! And Donni did it with her kit!. How could I resist these? Especially a felting kit that would allow me to make 15 of them? To sprinkle all over my Christmas tree!

These little shrooms above are quite similar.  I had to borrow this image because the kits (along with the kit image) are all gone at the moment!  But the good thing - this set is already made up for you! You can order it here.

Hopefully Donni will be assembling more kits soon! On the day I ordered there were five kits! Now there are none! So if you are interested in a kit, keep checking her shop and when they (or anything other items you want to order) are available, I suggest you not delay in ordering!

I have completely fallen in love with this Waldorf Water Fairy. But I have spent all my July money already (I know it is only the 6th but I couldn't resist something beautiful you will see next month!) Go check out this little fairy. OMG sooooo precious. Fair warning - you will be tempted! Donni is amazing.  Just completely amazing.

She has written some of my favorite tutorials for children's holiday crafts on her blog - The Magic Onions, and she has another on-line shop called Dovie Moon featuring her magical photography. Absolutely worth a visit.


I am so gratified to have heard from several readers who are following Diane's lead and making it a monthly intention to support crafty bloggers and DYI shops. For me - it is one of the coolest things I have done in a long time!

On that note, I leave you in my garden where my little Sculpey red and white shrooms are hanging out in the moss at the base of a small tree.

Just so you know - once baked, Sculpey is amazingly tough! Except for freezes, these guys have spent the last three years out in the garden. And just look at them. Not a scratch, a blemish, a crack!

I really need to get busy and make more!

Anyone looking for kids activities this summer - this would be a great one! And the bonus - you will end up with garden art!

Love the yarn, and I am just

Love the yarn, and I am just getting started on needle felting. But I think it's going be sooo addicting, not like I am at a loss for projects. Brian wants to know "how" many room I need for crafting. I say all of them,, what is the problem?

I saw the title of your

I saw the title of your posting and it reminded me to order a zine from a blogger/starving artist. Thanks!

OMG -- love the shrooms!

Just went over and bought one

Just went over and bought one of those peace dove ornaments - my Sweetie and I have a bird/geek themed tree (Star Wars figures, Superman, and lots of birds . . . kind of like a Nature meets Nerd thing) so obviously I needed one . . .

Oh, I love your tour of

Oh, I love your tour of Yarnia!! I remember that from when you first shared it. And I'm so glad they now have orders online. This is great news.

Those clay shrooms? I MUST DO THIS! We have more of a desert-y landscape, but these will rest sweetly beneath my Love In the Mist... if they ever get going again.

Your Dala horse is looking

Your Dala horse is looking wonderful and so nice and colorful too.

Love the Coke ornaments. The ball is amazing. It's terrific that Coke has ordered ornaments from Coleen. It's so nice to see a company like Coke recognize an artist and their work.

Your mushrooms look amazing! I always say that I will never try needle felting. I think my family would be worried if they saw me needle felting. I have a tendency to stick myself with a needle anytime I am within 5 feet of them lol.

I love the little felt

I love the little felt creatures and these mushrooms are super cute.

What lovely lovely mushrooms

What lovely lovely mushrooms - I shall have to check out this blog immediately!!! :()

I am a sucker for mushrooms

I am a sucker for mushrooms too- why, I am not sure...they have a great shape, and taste delicious, and I imagine little woodland creatures resting uder them (too much time watching Smurfs as a kid perhaps!) I am working on supporting artists, and try to buy something at every art show I attend (small, of course!) I recently picked up a set of ceramic mushrooms to go in my garden! Now I will have to try making some out of sculpey! Thanks for the great links and ideas Pam!

You are such a generous

You are such a generous blogger Pam, look at all those wonderful links you give us, not to mention the support you've given the sellers.
! I love your little Sculpey mushrooms, I bet they're a nice place for your garden fairies and sprites to take a rest :)

Dear Pam, Once again you have

Dear Pam,
Once again you have filled me with joy, and given me a full days work just following you and your favourite blogs. I have my 'pin money' at the ready and intend to spend today. First things first though, I have to consume your blog and links and making some purchases till my pin tin runs out. Unfortunately, I usually have to wait weeks for my little treasures to arrive on my door step, but well, as you can imagine, it's Christmas every time my postman comes to my door. He's used to me now. Did I tell you about the day he bought me a stray dog. Well, sorry getting carried away, that's a story for another day. So after I make my tour and purchases I will have to get on with the 11 other projects I have on the go. I have to get some finished before the rest of the family go mad, jumping over knitting needles on the carpet waiting to be sorted, wool and fabric on beds and couches. I could go on forever, but we're all too busy to listen to my ramblings so bye for now.

Never too busy to listen to

Never too busy to listen to your "ramblings"!  Always happy to hear from you! 

I know what you mean by having crafty stuff all over the house!  I too am working on way too many projects at the present time! Nice to know I am not alone! :-)