Blogging Crisis - or How I Almost Quit Blogging


This post has been a long time in coming. And there were days when I decided I would not share. And others when I felt compelled to share. But how? And why? And what?

Before I begin, let me say right up front, it is not my intention to offend anyone. And if I do, it is unintentional. I simply am sharing my own personal quest to find answers and then sharing the answers I found that work for me - not necessarily anyone else. I am not judging one blogging style over another. And I am withholding any personal opinions.


In February, after participating in a Craftypod Blog Tune-up Class, I embarked upon a journey through the crafty blogiverse with the intent to learn more about how other's are blogging - their content, frequency of posts, number of subscribers and whether or not they support shops or ads and sponsors with their blogs.

The purpose - to better understand why some blogs seem to gain rapid growth in readership and others (especially some that I personally feel are more than worthy) not so much.

At the same time I wanted to explore the blog landscape to determine if my own blog needs to be adjusted to make it more relevant and useful.


For several weeks after completing my journey, I can truthfully say that I wished I had never embarked on it in the first place! Dark, dark days, I tell you. I nearly gave up my blog all together.

This blog means so much to me and has become an outlet for personal expression of my creative nature and an opportunity to share the creativity of others. Besides the obvious delight in celebrating seasons and especially Christmas, my dabbler nature has been very useful in my quest to encourage people of all ages and skill levels to make beautiful music with their own two hands. Creativity is within the reach of everyone - it is an inherent part of being human. In fact, in my opinion, it is one of the very things that makes us human.

So - in the face of the rapidly growing "new" tendencies toward blogs almost exclusively based on what I call "sound bites" and "re-posts", I suddenly found myself feeling totally irrelevant - especially after becoming aware that many of these kinds of blogs were enjoying very large numbers of readers. 

I understand that these blog styles are prudent when the goal is making money  - but why do they generate such large numbers of readers? My own reader is populated with content heavy blogs, so I was surprised when venturing outside of it that so many blogs that enjoy so much attention are relying more on reposted content than original content.

Like I said - dark days indeed. But thank goodness I have in Diane a wise - very wise - and loving daughter who very quickly put things into a much better perspective for me. She helped me to understand a little better what is going on with many of these blogs and why the landscape is changing. Certainly social media and the tendency of so many people these days to use hand held devices instead of desk tops and lap tops changes how people read.


She helped me to understand that my blog is unique and different - it has a place and a worthwhile purpose.

And then, shortly thereafter, Carina celebrated her own blogiversary - her 5th! And during that celebration she shared these very wise words.

" If you are new to blogging, I would like to give you a wee bit of advice: Follow your heart / your passions. Don't feel like you have to blog in a certain way or about a certain topic or that your blog should look a certain way. It is YOUR blog... and if people like it they will stick around. If they don't like it, it is their problem, not yours."

Just the words I needed to hear - again! With the help of Diane and Carina and conversations with Chris and Erin and Steff and Dawt I have come to a very good place! Thank you one and all for your help in putting the pieces of this shattered picture back together.

I like my quiet little corner of the blogiverse that celebrates life and  creativity and the seasons and the celebrations they bring; and I hope you do too. Through these past two + years, I have gained a family I am thrilled to know and extremely grateful to be a part of. It is the quality of my readership that I value most.



My research has lead me to make a few decisions, however. I am going to make an effort to make some posts shorter since I know many of you are reading using hand held devices.

And since my original theme was Christmas after all, I am thinking perhaps I will try to make a post related to my roots once a month.

I will continue making tutorials because sharing creativity is a big part of who I am.

I will continue supporting Indie shops and the crafty blogisphere and hoping like everything more of you will follow suit. For me personally it has so far been a gratifying and very enjoyable adventure.

Give yourself permission once a month to buy something you don't necessarily need from a fellow blogger.  It won't hurt a bit!  In fact it is invigorating!


And finally, I would love to hear from you! Won't you chime in with any thoughts, suggestions. Anything you want more of or less of on gingerbreadsnowflakes. Anything to add?  Anything to subtract?

Are the tutorials on gingerbreadsnowflakes useful? Suggestions for improvement?

How do you feel about the short "sound bite" posts? Why do you think they have become so popular? What is their value?

With fabulous aggregate blogs like Crafty Crow, and One Pretty Thing and CRAFT already in place, how useful are "re-post" type blogs.

Why do you feel tumblir type blogs are gaining popularity so quickly?

Anything, any thoughts, observations are so welcome. I hope you will share.

Thank you for sharing this tiny bit of the blogiverse with me.  I love having you here.

Added 7/14.  O my goodness!  You have all been so wonderful and kind and full of thoughtful input.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have tried to respond to each one of you and express my appreciation.

But I need to clarify one thing apparently.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crafty Crow, One Pretty thing and CRAFT!  As I wrote to one reader, these sites are most definitely responsible for my having at least half of my online  "family".  And I have the greatest respect for Cassi, Rachel and the staff at CRAFT for the dedication to consistently providing top quality content.

I am trying so hard not to step on any toes and in so doing, I worded my question badly.   So I will ask it this way.  We already have three of the best possible aggregator sites out there - have for some time now. How useful are MORE 're-post" type sites?  Do we really need 100's more - as several readers said it - re-posting the same bunch of tutorials over and over and over?

Just came from Diane's Crafty

Just came from Diane's Crafty Pod mention of this post. I never knew she was your daughter but makes sense now. I always enjoy your posts even though our craftiness differs. You inspire me to be myself.
Thank you ~*

Pam I can't remember how I

Pam I can't remember how I came upon your blog but I have it bookmarked and check in at least once a week! Love it. Between you and your daughter I'm getting inspired to start my own blog instead of the facebook page I have for my lavender business! I love all the links too - I've forwarded yours and several to my daughter to use for her children too. Keep up the good work!!

What kind of friend am I,

What kind of friend am I, that I am just now reading this?

I'm so glad, Pam, that you are still blogging. Your blog is unique! You know what that means? Nothing else like it! It's refreshing, a good resource of crafting knowledge, and a pleasure to read.

There are so many ways to blog and to read blogs. I know that most of my friends are involved in social media, so they often only get posts from twitter or facebook, and only on their handhelds and so they won't see videos or a lot of photos or read more than a paragraph or two. I have made my posts shorter, but I've also been posting less frequently--only once a week usually. I'm so thankful that people are staying with me, although I will admit that most of the time I only get comments from people when I comment on their blogs. The sad thing is that I have less and less time for some reason. Maybe because my blog roll is longer than ever, and it's basketball season, or whatever the reason is, I feel guilty. And then I think: blogging and reading blogs should not be obligatory! If I mind when people don't comment, then what has to change is my attitude! It's just human trend or whim that draws traffic to one excellent blog over another excellent blog. A person can't count on it.

A person has to blog because she wants to. Period. And your blog is such a rich documentation of your life and your craft evolution and contribution that it doesn't even matter how many people read it, even if you knew for sure what that number was. What I love about blogs is that they stay here, and I can read back as far as I wish to. Most people don't take that kind of time, but when I have a moment to read my favorite blogs, like yours, I dive in and read every post I've missed! Most people would be in horror about having to catch up like that! I don't know why I do things my way and other people do things their way. It's the wonderful tapestry of life. But, like everything else, we have to do what we WANT to do. What makes us happy.

And you, my good and faithful friend, have told me that yourself. Follow your bliss. And I see that you are, and continue to do so, and I'm very happy about that. Otherwise, I wouldn't have so much information at my fingertips, or so much insight.

On to Christmas in July! And if I see a re-post, well... The best wines are savored more than once!

Hi Pam..........I can't

Hi Pam..........I can't imagine not having your post to go to. We are busy putting pieces back together here and have not dropped by as much as we would like to. I can't bear to mark one more thing in my bookmark that I know I won't get too. I have felt this way once or twice myself and it is my darling daughter that reminded me I do this for me.There are so few things we do for ourselves we need to hang on to them. I am reminded that with this technology my childrens children will be able to look back and see just who I was on a daily basis without a single repost. love ya

I was interested to read this

I was interested to read this post. I am new to your blog and am only just starting to look around. But I certainly like what I see! I came here via your interview at Carina craft blog. I do not blog myself but am an avid reader. I like long posts - short sound bites are disappointing. I like to get to know the writer through their writing style - it is amazing to me how personality and character really does come through. I like to read about a persons thoughts - creative and otherwise as well as their crafty or even just everyday 'doings'. I love to see pictures. I love to see how something came about. Mostly to be inspired and to see how different we all are.

I think some blogs are very popular because they network - it's a case of I'll be a follower or leave a comment on your blog if you do the same to mine. Some people are relentlessly devoted to this! A quality blog is not necessarily one that is popular. There can be many 'followers' but hardly any comments (because all they are interested in is getting the person to follow back). Conversely there can be many many comments but hardly any followers - which is obviously nonsense as they self evidently have many readers. I never subscribe of follow blogs. I don't like joining groups. But I have favourite blogs and I comment on them very regularly, some using my name and some anonymously. I comment on some blogs every post but I wouldn't come up on many of the rating figures as I am not a follower, don't have a blog, usually can't be contacted and are not going to promote them on my blog. I am fairly insignificant in many ways yet I am a loyal and devoted reader of blogs - sometimes I feel invisible and inferior. When I am an anonymous commenter you get a lot of sarcastic comments aimed your way - despite most anonymous commenters being as nice as any others and they would be missed if they weren't there. Sometimes in fact I like to say nice things without having to declare myself.I hate how people obsess about the numbers thing it is so irrelevant to what makes a good blog. Personality and talent makes a good blog. Relentless self promotion doesn't. Ego is big in the blog world but no one has to be part of it. Finding your own voice and doing what pleases you is what counts. You can tell when other people are trying to copy a style. It doesn't work. For example Attic 24 works beautifully for her but for all the 'heart Skippy' would be imitators it doesn't. She is inimitable. Luck does come in to it too. I love crochet and other people do have amazing blogs too yet it seems that they will never reach the dizzy heights of Attic 24 as it seems as she fulfils a niche role and there is no room there for any one else. Annoying for those with equally fantastic blogs forever being compared to hers but true.

I think you should write your blog to suit you in the way that suits you the best. Popular doe not equal good. Anything on the current top sellers book lists I virtually guarantee I would not want to read. The good stuff is largely unread by the masses.

Pam, I love your blog. Your

Pam, I love your blog. Your posts are thoughtful and inspiring. I check a few of the blogs you are referring to, but not for inspiration and certainliy not for content. I think they get a lot of traffic because people are looking for links to other sites. I'm not certain though. What I am certain of is that I'm really glad that you aren't leaving. I know that you would be missed terribly if you a LOT of people. So keep doing what you do, and keeping being true to yourself!

I found you by way of Crafty

I found you by way of Crafty Crow, which is why I LOVE Crafty Crow. I don't have time to read blog posts just because I like the writer, but I'm addicted to tutorials and instructive posts. Crafty Crow and Crafzine help me find new and relevant blogs that meet my break time needs and help me find blogs like yours that I might never stumble upon on my own.

Keep doing what you are doing and see the Re-post blogs as a tool to help others find your blog. =)

Oh I do see Crafty Crow, One

Oh I do see Crafty Crow, One Pretty Thing and Craft as tools to help me navigate the labrynth of crafty goodness on the blogisphere! Believe me, I do!  I hope I didn't give anyone else the impression I am anything but grateful and in awe of the dedication and time and brilliance it takes to keep these sites going day after day, week after week!

At least half of my "family" I owe to these sites (and the other half to Diane!) And i totally appreciate that time is short and sweet and unless a tutorial really appeals, no one has time to read one of my 20 image posts just for the fun of it!


I think you are good just as

I think you are good just as you are and I wouldn't change anything. I know what you mean about the short posting and even quick how to posts with like one photo.I like blogs that show me people's lives and their messes and failures along with their successes and I guess some personal information along with it. I like seeing stages of things as far as art and craft are concerned. I also like when people just say what they think instead of tippytoe-ing around something. I started recently just blogging for myself to keep myself up to date on my dreams. I think you are doing the same thing and I will continue to visit!

Well, Amy, you can bet I will

Well, Amy, you can bet I will continue visiting you too!  After all it was YOU who inspired me to make rain paintings with lazer jet prints on water color paper. And besides, compared to everyone else who reads my blog - you are practically next door!

I am glad you decided to blog.  I am enjoying your blog very much and it is always fun seeing my hometown through another's eyes.  LOVED the shots of the Academy by the way. You made it look even better than it does in real life!

Pam, Shame on you for ever


Shame on you for ever thinking of leaving blogging!! Your blog is one of my absolute favorites--even tho I have been busy lately and haven't had much time for the computer at all. I am so thankful that your wise daughter talked to you about it. (I am not up to date on all the modern hand held devices, but do understand most people have them.)

I'm just a "little" blogger myself so I don't have any advise for you other then keep doing what you are doing--you are appreciated!

P.S. I'd love to see you over on facebook too! (I left a comment on Diane's blog--hoping she will convince you to come on over!) LOL ;)

OMG Sheri!  I am in hysterics

OMG Sheri!  I am in hysterics here!  me? Facebook?  ARGH!  I can'[t keep up with my own google reader.  over 600 unread posts in there right now.  Christmas in July prep is kicking my behind!

Diane KNOWS better than to try to get me on Facebook or Twitter.  I just don't have the social media skills everyone else seems to have.  One more thing would make my brain explode!

I have 1000's of blogs on my

I have 1000's of blogs on my RSS feed and can't possibly EVER get to them all, as much as I would LOVE to! That is why Facebook is wonderful (at least to me), because you can break up your friends/pages into categories and only look at certain ones as you wish. I know you can do that on RSS too, but to me, Facebook makes it a lot nicer.

Some people make it (social media) seem really hard, but it isn't really. It isn't much different then commenting/conversing back and forth on a post. Anyway, that is just my opinion...and I understand overwhelm.

I still wish you were there because I think of you quite often and wish I could just facebook you a link that I know you would be interested in. LOL (Selfish, I know...)

And by the way, I am glad you got so many supportive comments--you ARE loved!! :)

Oh sweet Pam- you have been

Oh sweet Pam- you have been such an encouragement to me over the past year with your kind comments on The Butterfly Jungle. It broke my heart to hear of your doubts and struggles with blogging, mainly because it's the exact same thing I've been dealing with this summer. It's hard to think about giving it up but I think that it reflects a kind of metamorphosis as an artist (you being much more of an artist than I).

We all need a time to pupate, as it were, in order to grow and change as creative souls. Have you watched a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis? They struggle. It's hard work. But the struggle is what pumps blood through its body and gives it life and spreads its wings. It is for that reason that I use Chrysalis as my moniker: we are always seeking to becoming a better butterfly. I am glad to hear the deep breath of peace by the end of your post. Hmm, this gives me an idea for a post topic, what with all these annoying butterfly references. There you go again-- being an inspiration! Hey- it's your party, you can blog if you want to. But thank you. Sincerly, thank you.

You have touched my heart

You have touched my heart with all these lovely words.  And you are so right - the butterfly references are right on target!

You have a beautiful blog and the series on birthstones is absolutely amazing. I have learned so much from you and enjoyed spectacular images of gorgeous gems.  I thank YOU for all those hours of hard work.

I hope you will find the passion and will to continue Butterfly Jungle.  I would certainly miss it.

I just happened across your

I just happened across your blog for the first time today. I was visiting someone else's and they referenced your painting-by-rain feature so I naturally had to pop over and read that article - which I found very interesting and liked very much so I added your site to my Favorites...Then I clicked over to your home page to discover this entry. For the 10 minutes I've been here I can say that I would be a regular visitor and hope you decide to continue.

Joyce!  You just made my day

Joyce!  You just made my day twice!

I apreciate you visiting and am so pleased you liked gingerbreadsnowflakes enough to want to return!

And, I was curious to know where you might have seen the rain painting post as i have not seen it reposted anywhere.  I googled it and there it was - right on Crafty Crow!  For me that is huge!

I will continue!  I promise.

I doubt I've ever left a

I doubt I've ever left a comment, but you are in my reader and I enjoy every post. I too get discouraged with my blogs. On occasion I share something neat I've read on one of the blogs I follow, but almost every post I write is from me, from my life, and the things we do in my family. I read craft blogs, teaching blogs, personal blogs that inspire me, all sorts! It sometimes feels like there is pressure to put out specific kinds of posts that include a very narrow audience, but when I give in to that pressure a bit of my joy seems to get stolen. Authenticity always has to be more important than stats. We do giveaways sometimes, but I usually don't get anything from it. I don't do this for money. Most that do tend to turn so much to advertising that they lose me. Thanks for the originality and authenticity. I would choose you over a mega-big-regurgitate-everyone-else's creativity-in-a-sentence site any day.

My goodness!  I don't know

My goodness!  I don't know what to say!  Thank you!  I sen't a copy of your comment over to Diane - that last sentence is a crack up!  I love it!  And it is already in my little book of quotations.


Pam, love your blog! What's

Pam, love your blog! What's really neat about the "blog world" is that I have never met you and probably never will but through your blog I feel as though I know you like a good friend.
This is what the real purpose of blogging means to me. Just think about all the people we have "met" and learned something is good! Nancy

I feel exactly the same

I feel exactly the same Nancy!  Isn't it funny how we can make connections with people and before you know it they are friends?

I don't know if you know this, but my sweetie and I are wedding photographers and these past few years we have photographed quite a few couples who met on line.  At first i was unsure about this, but now i can see how amazing relationships can develop through the magic of the internet.

Dear Pam, I have missed the

Dear Pam,
I have missed the you that used to be here and I am so pleased that you are back in your authentic self again. I don't have a blog, so you know that I read you for yourself, not to get links back. As for all those other things, sorry, they are beyond me! I am not that technical! But I surely am looking forwards to Christmas in July!
Love and hugs, Gill.

Hello Gill, I am very happy

Hello Gill, I am very happy to hear from you!  it has been awhile.

I am not sure I understand about the me that used to be here but i am thinking that perhjaps you mean that i am blogging about Christmas again? 

I should do more of that - not only November, December and July!

I always feel like blogging

I always feel like blogging for readers/comments is a bit like a pyramid scheme, people only read your post to further their blog. Yours is different because the content gives you exact advice. Please do not stop blogging, this blog is exceptional and like with any other talent it may take a bit longer to get noticed.

Actually dear friend, my

Actually dear friend, my concerns over numbers were much more about other people's blogs than my own.  So many people in my reader are knocking my socks off and yet languishing in readership.  Blogs featuring unoriginal content seem to do so well so I am still trying to sort that out.

I won't stop blogging!  I promise.  I love it too much.  And I am glad to see you have returned to us.  And pleased you have found a more realistic blogging schedule that fits in better with all you do with your family.

Hi Pam, please keep blogging

Hi Pam, please keep blogging and writing comments on other's blogs, you make such niche comments, you make their days. My command of english is not good enough to understand what a sound bite blog is, but I like blogs who take about other artists, like thisiscolossal for example. I also tryed Pinterest, and I love it. Looking at the beautiful pictures bring me peace, as if one could patch the world and rid it of all the ugliness!
Looking forward to Christmas!!

I agree, mary!  I love

I agree, mary!  I love Pinterest too and I think it is the pictures.  It really is a beautiful retreat isn't it?  I am still working at building up muy boards and visiting and getting used to it being a part of my on line life.

How could anyone visit you and not leave nice comments?  You have a beautiful site and excellent content and you are a wonderful photographer.

First off, I love love love

First off, I love love love your blog and would be so sad if you stopped blogging! I get inspired from you all the time! As for those blogs which just repost things - I follow a couple of them - a couple of the bigger ones because I know that they will sometimes point me towards things I wouldn't have seen otherwise and in fact, they are often how I find new blogs to follow. What bothers me, though, are the many many many blogs that have now tried to follow suit. You can end up seeing the exact same project on 20 different blogs and it becomes boring and redundant. I will continue to follow CRAFT and One Pretty Thing in hopes of seeing something new but when it comes to the rest of the blogs in my reader, I want ones like yours Pam. I want ones with a unique voice and valuable content - not just a regurgitation of what's out there already!

Thank you Cyn! And never

Thank you Cyn! And never fear, I am not going anywhere.  I would be lost without my blog. 

I do hear you and appreciate you thoughts here.  I pretty much am feeling the same.

I love linking to bloggers i have met - my little way to support them, but when i do, I try to tell a little something about them and how i have benefited from their creativity and friendship.  A long list of links, especially without images - I usually ignore.

I am quite a fan of Pinterest though!

Pam, I love your Blog with

Pam, I love your Blog with all the info you so generously share with everyone. While I read it faithfully I don't always comment.
I have been blogging since 2005 and I don't worry about readers, if they come, fine, if not, fine too but I love when someone stops and says I inspire them.
I think some have a lot of readers because of a theme where people can post their link and get a lot of readers from that.

Just don't ever quit!!!!

ps, love the gourd up there.

Thank you, Teri!  How could

Thank you, Teri!  How could anyone not be inspired by you!  You make sketching and watercolor and zentangles and mandalas seem so easy and effortless!  You amaze me with your volume of output. 

When Diane sent me for the first time out into the blogiverse to search out blogs I liked, yours was one of the very first I found and I have been a faithful follower ever since.

I am so grateful to have your friendship and inspiration.

Pam I have been checking in


I have been checking in on your blog since last fall. I check in every few days to see what you are up to. Some I read, some I don't, but I still check in every few days, because I like your take on things. Your blog is a little different from the some of the others that I check in on, but I like keep doing what you are doing!

Thank you!  I will - keep

Thank you!  I will - keep doing what I do that is. I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a note here.  I am overwhelmed to hear from so many lovely readers.

Dear Pam As I told you

Dear Pam

As I told you several times it was your lovely blog, style of writing and kind words that made me start my own blog. I tried to mantain myself with the same high standards you show us and wait ansiously for your lovely posts even if the theme is not the most adaptable for my reality; but you make me feel special like if I was just beside you and we were drinking a cup of tea.

Dear Christina, if I could I

Dear Christina, if I could I would be there in reality sitting right across from you drinking tea!  AND crafting the hours away!  And insisting you pull that fabulous nativity out of storage so I could see!

I don't always take the time to comment, but i always visit and look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Please keep blogging! I

Please keep blogging! I started having a deja vu moment when I read your blog because I wrote to you about similar concerns a while ago when I was having a blogging crisis. You told me that even though my blog didn't fit into the mainstream blogosphere, to keep going. You likened my blog to a box of assorted chocolates. ;-)

I hope you keep on blogging because I love your blog! I love the gorgeous photos, the tutorials, the quirky point of view, the peek into areas of the craft world I would never see if you weren't out there blogging it. (Length is not an issue for me because I don't read with a handheld device.) Please don't feel that you have to "clear the way" for the hundreds of reposters/retweeters out there. As you said, there are enough sites doing that.

We love you!!!

And I love you too, Avital! 

And I love you too, Avital!  AND your excellent blog. You have so much knowledge and experience and enthusiasm to share and you share it so beautifully. 

Funny - you are looking to my blog to take you places in craft you might not have been and I am reading yours for the very same reason! AND the excellent photography!  And the adventures!

And there it is again!  Someone reminding me of words I have shared when they were discouraged.  Isn't it so great that we all have eachother?  I love being a part of this family so much!

I came across your blog

I came across your blog recently, via craftzine I believe, because I was interested in one of your tutorials. I knew I wouldn't get around to it right away so I subscribed to your blog and enjoyed reading it every since. I am for the umpteenth time trying to get back to blogging myself but to be honest, I just am not finding the time to work full-time, do crafty things, AND blog about them. Maybe I'll find some kind of balance in the future. In any case though, please continue what you're doing as long as you're able. I'm sure in addition to those who commented there are scores of silent readers who enjoy your contributions. I sure am.

If you have to make a choice

If you have to make a choice between crafty things and blogging, Caroline, go for the crafty things!  And then post pictures if for no other reason than to document!  I have several friends in my corner of the blogiverse that are writing their blogs as a journal for their children.  This is so fantastic.

Sadly, I have to admit to not having one single picture of anything i made in my crafty life preceeding the beginning of gingerbreadsnowflakes.   Don't go there! Post those images!

I think re-post sites like

I think re-post sites like the ones you've mentioned are awesome, especially when I don't want to follow the entire universe of blogs on my reader. They are also a good place to go when I need a jump start on creativity.

However, the blogs that I love and cherish and read religiously are like yours. Personal, heartfelt, complete. I think variety is good, so if you feel like interjecting shorter posts or whatever you want (it's YOUR blog after all), it can't be bad. Sometimes saying less leaves a message sounding more resonant. But, all in all, I think you do a great job, and I can't wait for more.

Thank you Heidianna!  I

Thank you Heidianna!  I couldn't live without my aggregator sites - they are in fact in a section all their own at the top of my google reader list!  But I just stick to the three I mentioned.  For two reasons.  First they are excellent quality and don't miss much going on out there!  And once I go beyond those, I begin to see the same things cycling through over and over.  So I stick to what I call the "big three"!

They are each different enough that I get to see a very good cross section of wat is going on out there beyond my own back yard!

And now Diane has intorduced me to Pinterest!  LOVE it!

I have been blogging for a

I have been blogging for a short time and sometimes it gets me down that I don't have many followers. But then I have to remind myself that I started the blog as a way for ME to remember the things I've done/enjoyed and if even one other person finds something of use there, it's ok.

I consider the re-post type blogs to be like a blog "index" of sorts. I can go and browse new ideas and I get hooked up to cool blogs (like yours).

Me Too, Lisa!  I love Craft

Me Too, Lisa!  I love Craft and One Pretty Thing and Crafty Crow for these exact reasons you mentioned - they are fabulous "indexes" and boy o boy have they been great for introducing me to amazingly creative people.  My bookmarks are chock full of great tutorial I have found there.

Pam - Thanks for blogging. I

Pam - Thanks for blogging. I know what a huge hassle it is (I go in fits and starts with mine, but only want to do it when it comes from a real place, so there it is). I check out CRAFT and other sound-bite blogs pretty regularly because it's a quick bit of fun entertainment, and I don't always feel like I have the time to really read and appreciate the more in-depth blogs like yours.

But here's the thing: I save up your posts, and others. I see them pop up in the reader on my Google homepage, and when I have a slow evening, or need a pick-me-up, I go back and read them. And I have much more of an emotional attachment to bloggers with a real point of view, and a real passion for what they're talking about. That's why I love your blog and Diane's - both of you have some real passions that come out beyond the tutorials (which are also fun, but are more like icing on the cake).

Whatever you decide, do it because you want to - not because of the number of readers you're getting!


Thank you Bridget!  It is

Thank you Bridget!  It is lovely to hear from you! 

Numbers of readers - not so important to me.  But since I tend to hide in my own little corner of the blogiverse, I thought it would be a good thing for me to get out and explore a bit.  Hadn't done that since I started the blog.  And boy have things changed!  So it was a shock! 

Sort of like the first time I walked into a fabric store after being away for 15 years.  OMG!  There I was - a woman with millions of stitches run under that machine needle and I was feeling like I had just landed on another planet!

But, happpily, I have completely recovered! From both!


First of all, I follow a LOT

First of all, I follow a LOT of blogs in my reader, but I only read a few. Yours is one I often read in its entirety. You have a voice and style I find comforting and interesting. Those "compendium" blogs get boring after a while. Oh, I follow them because they relate to my business and once in a while I read the whole blog entry, but not that often. And your photos are absolutely stunning. Keep doing what you ENJOY and what fills your heart. You can't go wrong.

I love your words - "keep

I love your words - "keep doing what you enjoy and what fills your heart".  Although i don't have your way with words, I have said the very same thing to so many.  Isn't it funny that I needed to be reminded of my very own advice!



Well Pam, My heart did a skip

Well Pam, My heart did a skip and a beat and stopped. Firstly, because I thought I had lost you and secondly I have been having some serious concerns with my blogs. I haven't done anything for a week. I walked away from my blog with a heavy heart, I felt like I've lost the mojo. I've only been at it a couple of months but it's like I'm in a washing machine going round and round and not getting anywhere. It's a sad day when I realised I had nothing to contribute, empty. Gosh I put out a blog about weeds, photos of weeds. How empty headed and crazy is that? But you my friend keep me sane, we have breakfast together every morning, and I'm not reliant on you blogging every day to keep me happy, I have all your other posts to catch up on. You have style and so much to offer and I'd rather a quality blog now and then over a blog just for the sake of blogging - like my weeds!!!

I think for me I have been looking at blogs as identifying my value in friendships and if you look at my blog, I don't have many. It seems to me that followers are the most important thing to bloggers and maybe it is the commercial bloggers that need the followers but "how many of them are friends", how many of them even are true followers of the blog. Its numbers and dollars.

You will get lots of encouragement to stay with your blog but you should not feel that you must continue to keep others happy. Diane is a wise daughter and in her eBooks that I have she clearly says that getting into blogging take years so I know and understand from her words what I have to do, but I guess we all get a bit complacent at times.
BTW (see I'm learning blog talk) I love the photos in this blog, I want to stick them all over my walls I'm sure they would cheer me up.
Take care
See you at brekky tomorrow.

Christine!  Oh My!  So many

Christine!  Oh My!  So many lovely, kind words.  I don't know what to say.

I know you are trying to sort out your feelings about and directions for your blog, but I for one am enjoying it very, very much. And I am delighted that we have recently become acquainted through this magical media!

I definitely made up my mind to continue with the blog - it has become such a big part of me by now.  I think that may be why this whole thing hit me so hard - the fact that I do identify with it so much.

And it has been a very effective vehicle to meet some of the nicest and most talented people in the blogiverse.

I hope you can find your own way - one you are happy with and passionate about - very soon.

I rarely comment on posts

I rarely comment on posts because I do tend to read them on my mobile devices, but I do appreciate your blog - it's a role model for me! I haven't succeeded in posting more meaningful posts on my own blog - I'm more sound-bitish, but I would like that to change. Your blog is an example of how I'd like mine to be.

I also need to start commenting more, so the bloggers I like know they are appreciated.

And I just love your photos - they make me smile. I would love to see some larger copies for desktop wallpaper, please? Please, please? :)