Christmas In July Giveaway


It is not too early to start gathering books to read to your children, grand children or your sweetie or even to yourself during Christmas Advent season. Here is a peak at part of my own collection.

As you know I am a huge fan of setting time aside every evening, beginning December first, to read stories and poems that are only read at this time of year. They can be Christmas stories, fairy tales, or other favorite books that might have enchanted you in your childhood.

The key - they are saved only for the most magical season of the year!

You might remember that although reading special books during the holidays has been a tradition in my own family, the idea of creating an Advent reading library belongs to Bethany at The Paper Pony. When I first saw her little basket filled with books, I decided at once to spread the word!

So, in the spirit of spreading the word and getting families started on the process of gathering special books for the winter holidays - here is a little Christmas in July Giveaway


Remember this one? All the Seasons of the Year written by Deborah Lee Rose and illustrated by Kay Chorao. You can read my review right here if you like.

Leave a comment telling me what you think of the idea of creating an Advent reading tradition to have a chance to win this beautiful book.

I realize it is written for young children, but whether or not there are young children living in your home, most of us do have a young child in our lives - a friend, a grand child, a niece, a neighbor. Why not start an advent library for them?

The giveaway is open to all including international readers and entries will be accepted until 6:00 pm Pacific Time July 23rd. The winner will be announced on Christmas in July Eve - July 24th!

Good luck everyone!


I like the idea of a reading

I like the idea of a reading advent calendar, our family loves to read but I can see were it'll help the families that are just learning too.

I love children's books! I

I love children's books! I started collecting books before I even had children. Something about the seasons speaks to the heart. We have books for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and just seasonal books. My kids get excited every time a new set of books comes out. Magical!

Hi Pam Our grandsons love

Hi Pam
Our grandsons love books and although we dont get to see them often I always take them as a gift. I think I shall start a collection of special books to take that we can share on a picnic at the park under a nice shady tree. I love the idea of sharing memories of special books with them. Thanks for the inspiration. I am off to hunt out some books.

Oh the Christmas books are

Oh the Christmas books are the best:)
We always wrapped 24 books in purple paper and read one each night when the children were smaller, but more recently we have been reading longer books, one chapter a night, each night of Advent. We light our Advent candles and read by the fire. I still search out new and beautiful picturebooks,one for each child, though!

This is a wonderful idea. In

This is a wonderful idea. In fact, we did this with our children when they were little. And I still have all the Christmas pictures books that we used to read to them during December. These books have always been stored with the other Christmas decorations and so were only read at that time. When the kids were little, I displayed them within their reach so they could go get one and either read to themselves or ask DH or I to read to them. Now I display the best loved ones on top of the fridge during the holiday season, but the sturdier ones are still display within reach of any little ones that visits our home.

Thanks for the chance to win a new book to add to our collection.

When my kids were growing up

When my kids were growing up the one thing they could always count on was when a package came from grandma and pappy there would be books in it. After my mother died we carried on the tradition and to this day (my kids are in their twenties now) my kids get books on special occasions. I think an advent reading basket is a great idea!

An advent reading tradition

An advent reading tradition sounds like a nice idea. I'd give this to my little nephew if I'm lucky enough to win!

: )

Thanks for the giveaway Pam.

My daughter has that

My daughter has that tradition, and the Christmas books are wrapped in red or green tissue waiting their turn to be chosen. Even when my own kids were little, I had a box of special holiday books that came out on December 1st and were put away when the Christmas tree was taken down. I would love to win the book!

I love this idea, and we do

I love this idea, and we do it here. I pull out all the Christmas books on December 1st, and they are SO special to the kids. I think things like this are much more exciting and special when you reserve them for the right occasion.

Ohhhh, what a cool idea! I

Ohhhh, what a cool idea! I love books and what a great way to build up the excitement to Christmas. I'm going to have to do one of these for my Grand daughter. In this day of everything going digital there is nothing like the feel and smell of a old fashioned book :)

What a great fun idea... I

What a great fun idea... I need to start something like that with my kiddos.

I have long had an Advent and

I have long had an Advent and Christmas book box for my children. Now they are grown with children of their own.I still maintain most of my original books, well worn and used. One of my daughter's favorites was Becky's Christmas by Tasha Tudor.

Armed with the Advent dishes for treats and cocoa, we read our way through those darkening days before Christ's birth.

We have a basket that sits on

We have a basket that sits on our fireplace year round. I switch out the books in it with each season and holiday. In the spring we have books about baby animals, plants, rain, and easter. In the summer we have patriotic books, and books about sunshine, gardens, and picnics. All the seasons and holidays have books to fill my basket. My Christmas library is my favorite though. My kids get so excited when they discover that I've switched out the books for the next set, and we read them over and over again together.

I love having a book advent!

I love having a book advent! I wrap up our Christmas books and the children open up one each evening during December. I try to include a mixture of Nativity stories, different versions of the Nutcracker fairy tale (which is well loved in our home), and a variety about winter and Christmas generally.

{We were sick last Christmas with H1N1 (yuck-so awful) so ended up watching alot of holiday videos between Christmas and New Years so I have also gathered all our Christmas movies and may wrap them up to enjoy during the holidays.}

I have two grand babies (3 yo

I have two grand babies (3 yo and 3 mon), so the "collection" is very small. (I didn't think to do this with my own daughter, although we had other traditions.)

Reading to the babies is one of my favorite things to do, so making memories with books at Christmastime just seems natural! And I just love the basket idea! Thanks for sharing.

Merry Christmas in July--and good luck to all! :)

Hi Pam The advent reading

Hi Pam
The advent reading library is another new idea you've introduced me to. I have kept all my kids books, boxes and boxes of them. I now have to add another project to my to do list - hunt out the Christmas books to make my advent library. Except I will be beside the pool reading my books and you I guess will be by the fireside. Shame I have no little ones around to read them or read to them, but like you I am quite content re-reading books, especially the ones covered in memories of my children as babes. I'm sure your book give away will be a welcome addition to a young family for Christmas this year.