It's Almost Christmas in July!


Almost here! Christmas in July!

And you will definitely want to come back on July 25th for the best celebration ever!

Lucia morning

I also wanted to remind you that it is not too soon to start thinking about Christmas cookies!

I am planning to again host a cookie recipe link like I did last year.

(BTW the Cookie recipes shared last year are still available by clicking on the cookie icon on the sidebar!) I decided to leave the link in place because I don't think there is any law on the books that states that Christmas cookies are only for Christmas!

But I would like your thoughts. Should I create a brand new link and icon for 2011 or reactivate the link for 2011 entries. (If I create a new link, I will still leave the old one in place).

The Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange will begin on St Nicholas Eve, December 5th, so mark it on your calendar and please consider joining in?

When you add a recipe, the InLinkz system allows you to post an image and a direct link back to your own site where your recipe is living! And if you don't have a blog, please feel free to send me an e-mail with your recipe and I will happily add it!


I am joining in on Robin's Christmas Stocking Giveaway again this year! And I am hoping like everything you will too!

All you need to do is make (or purchase or repurpose) a stocking - doesn't have to be fancy or anything. Stick a couple goodies in it if you like but this is totally optional. In early December Robin (RSISLANDCRAFTS) will host the giveaway.

All you have to do is to post a picture of your giveaway stocking on your site and Robin will link to all sites offering a stocking for the giveaway. Keep an eye on RSISLANDCRAFT for details as the holidays draw near!

The picture above is of one of my giveaway stockings - my first colorwork so it is a collectable! lol

The other stocking will be made from this fabulous stocking fabric at Spoonflower - one of Nadja's beautiful, fanciful designs.


Photo by Coleen at Some Art Fabric

Tucked inside each stocking - one of these gorgeous brand new for 2011 snowflake ornaments from Coleen's collection of recycled ornaments ... and ...


one of Fanie's ( sweet little hand carved stamps. A Matryoshka or a cup cake with a cherry on top!

Can you tell I am all over this stocking giveaway Robin cooked up! Please consider making a stocking and joining in! I can't begin to tell you how much fun I have had participating - last year and this! Makes me feel like Santa!


My Tomte made using a tutorial on The Pickled Herring

And I have finally started getting my act together over at Pinterest! When you next visit, you will find that I have added a board titled "Favorite Christmas Projects" and a board for "Celebrations and Seasons" among others. Shortly, I will add a board just for Christmas Traditions around the world.

I have much work left to do , but hopefully by November the boards will be chock full!

Finding ornaments and decorations is easy! Finding posts about traditions in countries around the world is harder. So if you have ever posted about special holiday traditions in you community or country, won't you please send me an e-mail with a link so I can add it.

Happy Christmas in July to all!

Thanks for sharing my newest

Thanks for sharing my newest ornament!

Well if Christmas in July

Well if Christmas in July starts with those daisies, i'm in. Lol

Such cute things here I can't wait for Christmas. In July.

Well Pam, now you're going to

Well Pam, now you're going to test my cooking skills. That's going to be interesting. Love your work.


I'm excited to think about

I'm excited to think about Christmas ahead of time, and it sort of makes me break out in hives - aahh!!

I love Pinterest. I love that you are on Pinterest.

There's a Flickr group called "Christmas Around the World" that might lead you interesting places. And don't forget the "Blog" search on Google. It's under the More section. I'd search "Japanese Christmas" or "Ethiopian Christmas tradition". Hope that helps! :)

Oh, heavens to

Oh, heavens to mergatroid!
(Diane told me you don't mind if I put heavens and Mergatroid together in an exclamation)

I am SO Happy your cookie swap recipes are still up! I just didn't get on the ball last year! And I want to join up this year, too!

I don't knit, crochet, or sew. But I may zip over to see what the Christmas stocking (Diane said you don't mind if I use Christmas and stocking in the same sentence) giveaway thing is about. You may have already told us in the past, but I forget things! If you don't repost about them, I will never find them again!

I have to go make some lists.

Yay for Christmas in July! I

Yay for Christmas in July! I love baking Christmas cookies (and eating them, naturally) and your recipe exchange sounds like a blast! :)