Celebrating Christmas in July with a Dala Craftalong!


Happy Christmas in July!

I have been so excited for this day to arrive as I am sharing the celebration with three friends who love Swedish Dala Horses as much as I do.

We are each celebrating Christmas in July with Dala Horses! You will find embroidered Dalas, appliqued Dalas, a Dala apron, a 18" tall 3-D stuffed Dala, even pictures from the birth place of Dala! And a Flickr group!  And a Dala Craftalong so everyone can join in and share!!


Carina (Carina's Craftblog) has designed the sweetest little Dala embroidery pattern and the minute she added it to her shop I HAD to order it! I immediately printed out the pattern and before the ink was dry I had traced it and begun stitching!

Believe me - I was so surprised and honored when Carina asked if we could use the embroidery I completed as the "button" for our Dala Craftalong. And since the Craftalong was her idea and she has much more experience with Craftalongs than I do, I will let Carina tell all about it!

Visit Carina to learn how to participate and to see more fabulous crafty Dala projects she has come up with! Oh and don't miss Carina's brand new adorable Dala Horse fabrics available on Spoonflower!

Last Christmas, Kathryn taught me to make charming Tomte as part of her "Scandinavian Christmas Series" on The Pickled Herring. Start with Day One here! (Carina will be featuring the series again this year so be sure to watch for it! 

For our Christmas in July celebration, Kathryn is sharing the cutest, cutest, cutest Dala Horse Apron. And she has more "Dala Secrets" to unveil today at The Pickled Herring.

Hanna (ihanna blog) has just returned from summer vacation and visited the birthplace of Dala Horses. So you are in for a really special treat because Hanna is sharing pictures from Dala's home town. Is that cool or what!

Thank you so much Hanna!  Your pictures are fantastic!  FABULOUS!


And that leaves yours truly! I am celebrating Christmas in July by sharing my 3-D 18" tall embroidered wool Dala Horse!

I have always wanted a "big" Dala since the first time I laid eyes on one. But - real Dalas are expensive. If you want an idea of just how expensive - go to the shop on the site linked at the beginning of this post.

Making a Dala is my only option. And this year I decided it was time to get beyond the fact that I have no clue how to go about making one and just do it! Tomorrow, I will share the evolution - struggles and triumphs - of my much loved new Dala in the hope of giving YOU a few clues of how to go about making one.

She is still missing her eyes - yes Dala is a she! I haven't figured out what I want to do about her eyes yet. And I still have a small embroidered patch for her nose I am working on, but she is mostly done. 

I promised Dala that by the end of the Dala Craftalong (four weeks from now) she will have eyes.


I hope many of your will join in making Dalas! Carina has created a Flickr group (Dala Horse Craftalong) just so everyone can post pictures of their Dalas. I loved that she thought of this! The flickr group is right here!

You don't have to be a crafty wizard to join in. If you remember a couple of years ago, I shared a tutorial for making very simple little Dala ornaments using nothing more than scrap wool fabric.

The how-to is right here. AND tada! Drum roll and all that cause this is my first! At the very bottom of the post there is a link to a PDF for my very simple Dala. It is at the very end of the post - DalaHorsePatternPDF!


Download the pattern, transfer it to wax paper, move it around on the fabric pattern til you like how the pattern looks, pin the pattern down and cut it out! Turn the pattern over and cut a second one.

Now simply stitch them together using either an whip stitch or a blanket stitch. Alice at futuregirl craft blog provides tutorials for both - whip stitch here and blanket here.

Be sure to leave an opening in the belly for stuffing a bit of fluff inside. You won't need much - just enough to make them plump up a bit.

Stitch the opening shut and add a loop for hanging!


Pieces for an ornament Dala I am making out of a felted sweater. LOVE the fabric. I will definitely leave this one just as it is! - Well - maybe I will add reins.


And this one is cut from another felted sweater. Love the texture. I don't know how I will decorate this one but I can tell you one of the winners of my Christmas Stockings will find this little guy hiding inside!

Oh! And my embroidered Dala! I am framing it in a 4 1/2" embroidery hoop. Carina's shares a great tutorial for "Embroidery Hoop Framing".

I hope to see many of you sharing your own beautiful Dala Horses in the Dala Horse Craftalong on flickr.

ADDED AFTER POSTING!  Ok you have just GOT to see these two fabulous 3-D Dalas my friend Christine just posted on her blog Golden Lilly Crafts.

Just a few short weeks ago, she had never even heard of Dala Horses.  I sent her the link at the top of the post and just LOOK at what she has created! AND she includes a pattern and tutorial!

I should have let HER make my Dala pattern, huh?!

And again - below is my little PDF for the very simple Dala pattern. Just click and you will have the PDF!


DalaHorsePattern.pdf120.39 KB

I just found this page ! Love

I just found this page ! Love the Dalia horses ! Great idea, to craft along. where would your Quilling Dalia Horses be ? Thx

Wow, these are absolutely

Wow, these are absolutely adorable! Looks like a great indoor activity for the household.

Your big Dala is amazing, you

Your big Dala is amazing, you stuffed it so beautifully and smooth! I'm glad you gave links so I could read about the history of these, I didn't know they were Swedish or the story behind them - very interesting!

Wonderful dalar horses, and a

Wonderful dalar horses, and a very beautiful embroidery.

Lovely horse & embroidery!

Lovely horse & embroidery! If you don't have this yet, you may "need" it. ;)


Pam, your Dala horses are

Pam, your Dala horses are beautiful! I admire your desire to make your own "big" Dala; think of how much money you saved :-).

You are certainly enjoying

You are certainly enjoying your Christmas in July. I couldn't help today but tomorrow come look at your card.

Just love your Dala and the

Just love your Dala and the embroidery is amazing. It's going to be a fun day, jumping from site to site and I think I've still got some July spending money left so I might go a shopping. Thanks for including me in the link Pam. It's been a blast these last few months.

Wow that 3d dala is

Wow that 3d dala is amazing... and all that stitching is gorgeous! You know my brain is fully set to halloween right about now... but I think you've managed what my hubby would say is impossible... I've got Christmas Dalas on the brain right now. Lol. I've already got a craft along project in mind.

Not sure I get the "christmas

Not sure I get the "christmas in july" thing but I do enjoy a good celebration and you sure can make an ordinary Monday feel festive Pam! Happy Dalahorse Day to you!

Love your big horse, the beautifuly executed embroidery and your ornament horse.

And wow, the US-horses are expensive like you said!

Thank you for including me, even if I didn't get anything crafty done for this, I'm so happy to be apart of this! I took the photos thinking about the craftalong all the time there!

I love your Christmas in July

I love your Christmas in July theme! When I was in Norway last July I picked up yards and yards of dala ribbon, I was hoping to incorporate it into a project. I am two clicks away from downloading your sweet dala pattern.

Pam, please tell Carina that

Pam, please tell Carina that I cannot leave a comment on her site. I have the same problem with Diane's Craftypod site now, and I think it's a Discus thing. Maybe it's because I'm on my work computer. It's so frustrating! Anyway, tell Carina I'm going to do a Dala and that's just the way it is, comment or no comment!


p.s. Sorry for the strong language...

Oh I just L-O-V-E your Dala,

Oh I just L-O-V-E your Dala, Pam! Beautiful!

Can't wait to see how you actually made her. Yay! :-)

Okay, I am so excited right

Okay, I am so excited right now. That is the cutest darn thing I am making one. Can I make one with cotton? I don't know if I have enough felt around and I don't want to limit myself! I haven't read all the links yet, so I'm going to go read them. I dont' know what it is, but this weekend I had so many discussions with people about horses! I have horsies on the brain!

Dala looks lovely, eyes or not.

Congrats on the PDF!! Off to get it now.

Oh yeah, and the embroidery

Oh yeah, and the embroidery you did on your stuffed Dala is amazing! Nice work on that! :)

Love, love, LOVE the felted

Love, love, LOVE the felted sweater Dala ornament! I will definitely have to make a few of those for my family's stockings this year! And Carina's Dala embroidery pattern is too adorable, I need to get myself one. (or tell Ryan to get me one for a 2-month anniversary gift in a couple weeks?! ha.)

YAY for Dalas! :)

You did a great job with your

You did a great job with your big Dala horse! Sometimes a craft that seems daunting turns out not to be quite so difficult after all! I'm enjoying your Christmas in July.