Celebrate Christmas in July with Gingerbread Mango Shortcake


There is nothing I know that says Christmas better than the heady fragrance of gingerbread baking.

When I saw this recipe for Gingerbread Cake with Lemon Sauce in the current issue of the Penzey's Spices catalogue, I decided it would be the perfect treat to celebrate Christmas in July!

However, since this is a lovely, lightly spiced gingerbread cake, and since it is summer after all, I decided to smother a big, fat, warm slice of gingerbread cake with juicy chunks of fresh Champagne Mangos and sweetened whipped cream. A gingerbread mango shortcake!

If you haven't tried the delicious Champagne Mangos that are cropping up in groceries, do so soon - before they disappear! Not only are they the yummiest mangos ever, but the seed is much smaller than usual so there is more fruit to enjoy.

However, it is also peach and nectarine and apricot season, and any of these luscious fruits would be an equally tasty choice. Nectarines and peaches can be simply sliced and spooned over as they are or slightly sweetened. Apricots - I would first cook them with a bit of sugar and cinnamon.

Anyone who has been reading me for a while knows how much I love my Penzey's herbs and spices! Well, I have just had the opportunity to find out that the Penzey's staff is incredibly accommodating!

When I decided to make the gingerbread cake for Christmas in July, I went to the recipe archive on the Penzey's web site so I could download the link to share with you. The recipe was not there!

So I sent an e-mail asking if they would please consider adding the recipe to the recipe page. I figured as busy as they are filling orders and opening new stores, if I got a response at all, it would be at least a week before I would receive it.

Imagine my surprise when the very next morning I find a lovely reply in my e-mail telling me the recipe has been posted to the site and providing the link!!!

So thanks to the good people at Penzey's Spices - here is the recipe for the perfect summertime Gingerbread Cake!

Now I am going to grab a second piece of Gingerbread Mango Shortcake and go sit in my garden and watch my tomatoes get fat.

There was a Penzey's store in

There was a Penzey's store in Philadelphia. It took about 45 minutes by train to get there, but it was worth every minute of that looooong ride! The first time we went, we literally opened every one of their "smell it" jars (and they have a jar for EVERY spice). We had a wonderful time smelling and reading about every spice. We left with a bag of spices and spice mixes. What an absolute JOY! I wish we had one in San Francisco. Sure you can order from the website, but there's nothing like walking around one of their stores. :)

Oh, and the gingerbread cake looks amazing! :)

Oh yummy! I can just taste

Oh yummy! I can just taste this! I LOVE gingerbread! ;)

Oh My Gosh!! That sure does

Oh My Gosh!! That sure does look delicious. Your pictures are always so beautiful. Someone might think you take pictures professionally lol.

Looks so good- gingerbread is

Looks so good- gingerbread is one of my favorites and I love the summer twist you put on it!

Yuuuuuum, it all looks so

Yuuuuuum, it all looks so GOOD! I love a fresh mango and have never thought of pairing it with gingerbread cake - genius!! And Penzey's Spices are so amazing!

Yummy... love the combination

Yummy... love the combination and the people of Penzey's. I used to live close to their Chicago store called Spice House and they were so nice and could tell you stories about every spice. Now I need to go to the store and look for Champaigne Mangos

um. i just licked my computer

um. i just licked my computer monitor. don't tell, k?
; )

looks sooooo yummy!