Meet Three Brand New Untraditional Dala Horses!


Second week of the Dala Craftalong and here are a few little guys I have made using my very simple (and free) pattern for a Dala ornament!

Most of you who know me, know that I am big time into celebrating traditions, but often in untraditional ways! The three Dalas I am sharing are definitely not traditional! But I am hoping you will enjoy them and their stories.


This little guy was made from a nubbly scrap of fabric rescued from SCRAP and bits and pieces from my little stash of leftover bits and pieces! Hummmmmm....Bits 'n Pieces - a perfect name for this sweet little Dala.

Lately, I have been scavenging every '70's and '80's crewel embroidery kit I can find in thrift shops to build up a stash of wool embroidery yarns. I totally love the texture, feel and workability of wool embroidery yarns and used them exclusively to embellish Bits 'n Pieces.

This dear little Dala ornament will be hiding in one of the stockings that will be given away as part of the 2011 Christmas Stocking Giveaway.

Robin just posted the date we all go "live" with our giveaway stockings - November 28th! So, mark your calendars to participate or to enter. Hoping you will do both!


Now I would like to introduce Scrap - the easiest Dala ever to make! Using the free pattern, cut from a felted sweater, then whipstitch, stuff and add reins - DONE in half an hour!

I used my "wax paper technique" to get the pattern just right to suggest an eye and a mane.

I found what was left of this pretty Nordic Style sweater at SCRAP already felted - but most of the "good" parts cut away. There was just enough left for a Dala ornament.


Lady Lucy!

The celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12th) and Lucy Day (December 13th) occur right together. So at our house we go to bed on the 12th with a tummy full of pesole and sopillas and wake up the morning of the 13th to a breakfast of Lucy buns and gingerbread!

I am neither Swedish nor Mexican, but growing up in Santa Fe, I often baby sat in homes in which elements from both cultures were successfully blended. And, as you know, I tend to gravitate to ward both cultural traditions in my holiday celebrations and decor.

So, Lady Lucy is my attempt to create a Swedish Dala that reflects the beautiful painted designs on Mexican lacquered wood trays. A truly international Dala!


Be sure to check out the cool Dalas being added to the Dala Craftalong Flickr group! I hope some of you are working on Dala's to add!


Next up - a review of what is new this week in the Dala Craftalong!