Dala Horse Craftalong - Week 2


Two weeks into the Dala Horse Craftalong! More Dala Horses are showing up on the Fflickr Group and Carina (Carina's Craftblog), Kathryn (The Pickled Herring), Hanna (iHanna) and I have been busy sharing more Dala Horse goodness on our blogs!

Hanna posted another beautiful set of eye candy images from her trip to Nusnas, Sweden - the home of the Dala Horse. This is her third post in the series - the other two are here and here in case you missed them.

I had no idea Dala Horses came in so many colors - yellow, blue, pink and white! And my personal favorite - a Dala Horse sooooo big kids can sit on it's back! Don't miss this chance to visit the Swedish birthplace of the Dala.


Carina just completed this adorable pin cushion using the free applique pattern she created just for this Craftalong. You will find it here!

Front apron

And Kathryn's tutorial and pattern for making her sweet little tea apron just went live!

I have been waiting for this one - I ordered a yard of Carina's beautiful Dala Farbic from Spoonflower so I can make aprons for Diane and me! The fabric is ten times prettier than in the image!  It's so gorgeous!  Can't wait to make aprons!


Finally found an embroidery hoop small enough for the embroidery I completed using Carina's Dala pattern. (That is it at the top of the post!) I stitched the smaller pattern version so I could use it as an ornament for the tree.

And I finally completed my three "untraditional" Dala ornaments made using the Dala Horse ornament pattern I have provided for this Craftalong.

This little Dala, named Bits 'n Pieces, will find it's way into one of the stockings I will giveaway on the 2011 Christmas Stocking Giveaway in November.  Read more about that here.


And from the Flickr Group these beautiful Dala Horses!

Muriel just returned from Sweden and brought back this beautiful treasure.

Dala Horse Pincushion

Kenandjen14 also appliqued a pin cushion using Carina's free applique pattern. She blogged about it here!

Dala horse plush

And Merwing Little Dear used the very same applique to create this beautifully stitched Dala Horse soft toy.

Dala Horse

A teeny, tiny stitched Dala made into a piece of jewelry! Great idea from Kleinina10!

Pics2010 825

And look at this! Inverted applique! Pretty little hot pad made by Kathryn! But who would want to cover it up?


If you haven't yet started making a Dala - there is plenty of time to join in - there are two whole weeks left! As soon as your Dala is completed, please won't you add it to the Dala Horse Craftalong Flickr Group.

And if you would like a Dala Horse Craftalong button like this one - Carina has provided several sizes right here.

Catch up on last week's Dala goodness here. And I hope you will visit often to see what pops up on the Dala Horse Craftalong this coming week!

You are a genius, and it's

You are a genius, and it's completely down to your felt dala horse tutorial that I'm an addict too. The embroidery is beautiful and those aprons are brilliant, I will be making one of those very soon.

You have been very busy! Such

You have been very busy! Such a wonderful variety of projects.

Eeeeeek! That dala fabric is

Eeeeeek! That dala fabric is adorable! I put it on my wish list.

Seems like you're going Dala

Seems like you're going Dala horse crazy - I'll have to post your material very very soon! ;)

I AM Dala Horse crazy!  Every

I AM Dala Horse crazy!  Every day!  OMG I can not wait so receive the Dala Horse fabric you are sending me! 

All of a sudden i feel like Christmas is coming to my house in summer! Thank you so, so much!

These are all so beautiful I

These are all so beautiful I am not sure which one I like most... Love them all and since they all have different functions it is perfect.

Love the purple hair of your

Love the purple hair of your Bits and pieces horse Pam, so cute! I wish I had time to craft something right now, but alas, have to go back to work.

Take care!

All very cute!

All very cute!