Almost Forgotten - How I Supported Crafty People in July!


Image taken by Diane (Craftypod) of me wearing my beautiful new sash at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland.

I got so busy with Dala Horses and the Dala Horse Craftalong that I almost completely forgot to share my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sash!

Annie MacHale is the weaver/creator and when I spied this sash on her blog, ASpinnerWeaver, I immediately popped into her store and ordered it! (You can see much better close-up pictures here on her post about it.

I had a whole list of things already prepared to select from for my blogisphere purchases this month, but I did something I don't often do - I acted on impulse! I could not help myself! I just HAD to own this sash - especially because it was made by Annie!

What caught my attention was first the unstructured weave pattern (big surprise to most of you huh!) and her description of the yarn - that it was hand spun from - in Annie's words-

"a single ply made from two colors of rather coarse wool blended together at random. They didn't bother to take out burrs and other plant matter. I pulled about a half dozen large burrs out as I wove, and have been picking little sticks out after the fact. "

Now I just have to find the perfect garment to wear with it.

Annie is a fabulous and prolific weaver, weaving mostly on an Inkle Loom so that most of the items she offers for sale in her beautiful shop are guitar straps, sashes and even bracelets and sock garters!

Her sashes can be used so many ways - worn like I am using mine, but also to carry everything from instruments to flasks to bags! Her straps are the perfect answer for bag straps. Perfect!

In fact, when she makes one in the colors of my woven bag (if it ever gets on the loom) I will snag it for the straps!

And now she is weaving with one of my favorite "yarns" - Recycled Sari Silk!  Mine has been patiently sitting in a drawer since I learned from a helpful reader that it would be too heavy for the purpose originally intended.

Now I know what to do with it!  Weave!

You've just got to get to know Annie! You will love her too!


Most of you have seen this - my Dala Apron! I actually made two of them using fabric designed by Carina and available at Spoonflower.

I ordered one yard and was able to make two matching - mother/daughter aprons using the pattern Kathryn shared on the Dala Horse Craftalong.


And I ordered two of this adorable little Rosie and Bear Christmas embroidery pattern. One for me and one for the lucky winner of the Christmas in July giveaway.

Visit Helen's Bustle and Sew Shop for more adorable patterns featuring Rosie and Bear, and you can read about Helen's adventures and upcoming projects on her blog Bustle and Sew.

And if you haven't already done so, order a copy of her monthly magazine Bustle and Sew Magazine. I love mine so much.  Every issue runs around 50 pages and is packed with brilliant projects.  It really is an excellent value.  I just renewed my subscription for a full year!

Sorry to be late with this this month. I will be on time next month cause I can't wait to share August purchases!

The whole outfit is gorgeous.

The whole outfit is gorgeous. Love the sash!

I love the apron as well. Have to check out her site now.

Love that apron! And the

Love that apron! And the shash (as well as the embroidery) are beautiful!

Very nice sash, it's

Very nice sash, it's wonderful that you support crafty people! :)

Looks beautiful, I love the

Looks beautiful, I love the sash and description

Beautiful sash, but the

Beautiful sash, but the blouse is wonderful too! I need to make myself something similar.

Sari silk is wonderful yarn, but so pricy the last time I looked at it. But I have some skirts and scarves made out of old sari fabric that I adore.

Your are right - the Sari

Your are right - the Sari yarns are usually expensive - however, I am finding it for sale at thrift shops for way less than retail.  Might keep a look-out if you are wanting more!

Thanks Pam, I've been

Thanks Pam, I've been intending to utilize thrift shops more often, I'll have to keep an eye out. Of course, I really need to use up the stash I have now first!