Thanks to Feeling Stitchy - Another Stocking Done!


Yaaaaay! I made it - just under the wire!

The second stocking I am giving away in the 2011 Christmas Stocking Giveaway is done!

I actually joined in the Feeling Stitchy August Stitch Along because I thought the deadline of end of August would help me bring this project to the front burner.


The fabric design is by Nadja Petremand and is part of her lovely "Noel en Russie" fabric available on Spoonflower. I did a bit of light machine quilting following the outline of the swirls, and hand quilting using gold thread on the little birds. A few silver beads added to the top edge and at the toe. A French knot here and there.

I am very happy with how it turned out and am happily gathering goodies to stuff into it so the winner can celebrate St. Nicholas Eve, St. Lucy Day, Solstice, and anything else I can think of!

Pop over to visit Nadja!  I just found some of the sweetest 'shroom fabrics in her Spoonflower shop.  And Red Riding Hood too! Adding at least a couple to my wish list!

That stocking is just

That stocking is just gorgeous! What lovely fabric! make me feel make me feel the itch to sew even more acutely!

Your stocking out gorgeous!

Your stocking out gorgeous! You deserve all the compliments. Thanks for plugging the giveaway :) I'm hoping to get together a few things for a motivational giveaway to see how many people are interested this year.

This is so beautiful, you are

This is so beautiful, you are so talented. I have the creativity but two left hands and could never ever get beautiful thing like this done.

That is one very elegant

That is one very elegant stocking Pam and you've added more love by stitching the fabric.

Wow!  Thank you everyone!  I

Wow!  Thank you everyone!  I didn't expect to hear all these lovely comments on my stocking!  So I guess this means that you will all be entering the giveaway the end of November to have a chance at winning it - right?

Just like last year, I am having so much fun thinking of and gathering treats to stuff inside!  We just visited the Dutch Shop again, and I found the coolest surprise - one for each stocking!

Ho ho ho!

Wow that's just beautiful- I

Wow that's just beautiful- I love the choice of fabric and that pointy shape of the stocking, they go so well together.

Fantastic work! I especially

Fantastic work! I especially love the details you put into it.

This is really nice, I love

This is really nice, I love your gold stitching. Actually, I'm a sucker for sparkly things, I'm always buying fabrics that have shiny bits in them, I just rarely use them for projects.

That is the most beautiful

That is the most beautiful stocking I have ever seen!

Another amazingly beautiful

Another amazingly beautiful creation from you Pam!!!! I love it!

Adorable stocking, Pam! Love

Adorable stocking, Pam! Love the quilting, embroidery, and other fun additions! Beautiful finished product!

Such a sweet design, both the

Such a sweet design, both the fabric and the stocking pattern - love them. :) Did you attach a bell to the tip of the toe there? I'd love to make me and Ryan stockings for Christmas this year...just have to find the motivation and time!