Danish Aebleskivers

The best version of pancakes ever! Legend has it that Aebleskivers were first made by Viking warriors on thier battle pitted shields.  However they came to be, don't be intimidated by the pan or the process.  Just jump in and make them a family favorite.  I promise kids of all ages love them, and it is doubtful you will ever have leftovers.

Delicious with jam.  I have always served mine with Swedish Lingonberry jam.  If you have never heard of this cranberry-like berry from Scandinavia, check it out here on wikipedia. This past summer I even made fresh strawberry and apricot freezer jams to add to my Aebleskiver feast.  Don't just save Aebleskivers for breakfast - add some bacon or sausage and fruit and make it dinner!

All you need to make your first batch is a special Aebleskiver pan available here or on Amazon.com.  If you are interested, I have the Lodge pro-logic pan and it has been very reliable.  Recipes are found here or a mix here. You can even order a complete kit  which includes a pan of your choice,  Aebleskiver mix, and jam right here. How easy is that!

The basic ingredients are mixed together just as if you were making pancake batter.

Heat the pan on the stove. ( I use an electric range at the 4 1/2 heat setting.) Place 1/2 to 1 teaspoon oil in each bowl and then fill 3/4 full with batter.

As soon as a crust forms on the bottom, turn using a metal knitting needle or wooden skewer.  I am happier using two!!  Turning skills take a little practice and patience but you will get the hang of it quickly.

The trick is to slide the tip of the turning tool down between the edge of the pan and the crust on the ableskiver and quickly roll it over.

Keep turning several times - they are done when a tooth pick or wooden skewer tester comes out clean - about 6 minutes. Drain briefly and dust with powdered sugar.  Serve immediately.  They go quickly - be sure to save some for the cook!

When I was in boaarding

When I was in boaarding school and came visiting Helen & Neils Hoegsberg on weekends, he would make these for breakfast. After they both passed away, I have never seen them for sale or at anyone else's house.You've made my mouth water and savor those goodies. Thanks for sharing. I have a quesiton for you - a friend gave me one of these skillets, however, the holes are flat, can they work for the Aebleskiver? Thanks.

oh, man, I love these when I

oh, man, I love these when I go to Solvang! And while I can't buy myself anything like an authentic pan right now! I can certainly plan for the future. I'm all about the Nordic cooking! And I just used a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale for my latest craft. So. Cal. looks nothing like Denmark!

I love Aebleskiver! My

I love Aebleskiver! My Scandinavian relatives made them for me when I was little. This makes me want to go and find a pan! I've actually seen them at thrift shops before.


Oh my! These look absolutely divine! And fun to make! I bet the kids would love watching these .... and eating them. (me, too, actually)

Love your new blog - so happy to see you in blogland now. :)