Just a Few Thoughts About Blogging


I am loving my new journals! And all worries that the edges of my hand woven covers might not hold - unfounded! The covers are holding up very nicely! And a bonus - that hand woven fabric is just plain heaven to hold in my hands while journaling.

The page above is the very first entry in my new journal - well - I should say, my first journal!

I found this brilliant thought on ihanna's blog not long ago and fell in love with it. So I put it in the very front where I would be reminded of Hanna's wisdom every time I open my journal.

I just had to share it with you in case you missed it on her blog. Very good food for thought don't you think?


Another very wise friend, Tsoniki, wrote these words in a comment on a recent post and I have just added them to my journal as well.

"If you always watch what others are doing, how are you able to do your own thing?"

Tsoniki shares her thoughts and of course crafty goodness on her blog Me Being Crafty. Personally, I think she hit the nail squarely on the head with this statement about crafting and blogging. Her wise words apply to so many aspects of our lives, don't they?

Actually, many of my favorite blogs are written by people who simply do their own thing!


There are as many reasons for blogging as there are people participating in the blogisphere. While we are sort of on the subject, I wanted to share a couple of what I consider very good reasons for blogging that are near and dear to my heart.

Denise (Said the Hobbit) is writing her blog mainly for her great grand children so they will better know her, what she loves doing and how she does it. Think about it! How many of us would give anything to have the chance to know more about our great grand parents? For that matter, even our grand parents.

What an amazing opportunity blogging provides to pass on to our grandchildren our stories, our dreams, our experiences - intimate, firsthand knowledge.


Sasha lives in Sweden and is raising four beautiful children. I read her blog mainly because I see something happening in her family that I view as immensely important and that is ... that almost every single day she strives to provide her children with opportunities to build and exercise their imaginations.

Shash's main reason for writing Squashed Tomatoes is to create a "journal" - a "scrapbook" - a detailed record of all their family adventures so that her children will have this treasury of memories to enjoy as they get older and then perhaps share with their own children!

Next time you are wondering what to blog about or asking why you are blogging in the first place, perhaps one of these reasons might get you going again!

Or just take Hanna's advice and have a picnic in the ditch!

I love these journal. As you

I love these journal. As you know I will be using a lot of my sister's yarn collection for making Christmas gifts this year. You mentioned these in a recent email that you sent to me. It was just like when I found your God's eyes...I just got up, gathered some supplies and started weaving (I usually procrastinate and get caught up in "research" for the perfect idea). I have one big weaving going on a cardboard loom I made for a journal, and several smaller ones for coasters, and ideas are still flowing, I'm hooked!

Today I pulled out the big box of Erin's yarn and supplies and discovered a brand new 6 x 6 square lap loom including instructions and patterns. I was going to order one last night...I think Christmas came early for me.

I like that I will be customizing my gifts with all the great ideas I found here.


Blog motivation is a rampant

Blog motivation is a rampant issue in the interverse! A picnic in the ditch?! That's a new one...

Thanks for the mention. I

Thanks for the mention. I just jumped when I saw the image with my name in your handwriting, you made me smile and feel very connected. Thank you.

I'm so glad you are loving

I'm so glad you are loving your journals, Pam! I have filled my first one, and have worked about 10 pages into the second. My covers are holding up fine too! I have found this to be a wonderful practice, and hope to continue it. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful musings on this subject!

Sweet Pam. Thank you for your

Sweet Pam. Thank you for your mention! :) I love the fact also that Denise is writing for her great grand children - amazing! I would LOVE to be one of those great grand children! Thank you again for YOUR wonderful blog!!! xxx

Tsoniki wrote a sentence I've

Tsoniki wrote a sentence I've said to myself so many times!
Sitting on the pc and looking what others are doing was simple; I have had a lot of difficulties in starting to DO something (fear? lack of self-confidence?).
But, ehy, when you start making things (sewing, knitting, writing, photographing, painting...) is addictive. You can't stop.
The key is simply... jump the fear and start!

I totally agree with your

I totally agree with your "key", Silvia.  Thank you for sharing.

I too tend to get hung up in self doubt - especially allowing intimidation to creep in when I am unfamiliar with a craft or technique.  And it is your solution that I always have found to be the pathway to getting on with it - START!  Take only the first step even if it is as simple as ironing the fabric!

Pam, You are too kind. Thank

Pam, You are too kind. Thank you for including me in your blog. Meeting other bloggers, like you,who take a sincere interest in what someone has to say makes blogging even more rewarding.

I think it's wonderful that

I think it's wonderful that blogs will be shared with children and grandchildren. The best reason for blogging ever.

Those are the best reasons,

Those are the best reasons, creativity, focus, fun...

Thank you for sharing some

Thank you for sharing some great blogs...I enjoyed seeing them.

I get so distracted sometimes

I get so distracted sometimes about why I blog. You summed it up well! It's easy to be so a part of the blog world and neglect your original reason or purpose. I love being a part of a crafty community and being inspired by what people create! I also just love making what I feel I am in the mood to make! Like you once said, I'm also a dabbler and it's fun to keep track of what I've dabbled in. :)

those are some wonderful

those are some wonderful reasons for blogging, I agree. I find that I do it just because I enjoy saying what is on my mind and no one can tell me to shut up. Hahaha. Your journal covers are inspiration!!! lovely.