Gourd Jack-o-lanterns! AND Gourd Ghost Pinatas!


Sharing a couple new ideas I came up with for playing with gourds!

This one - my totally cool jack-o-lantern face - could also be drawn onto a fresh pumpkin! Just use sharpies and set aside a little quiet time to doodle to your heart's content.

Definitely will be decorating fresh pumpkins with doodles - they will last a LOT longer than they do when cut!

Even fresh gourds in weird shapes are good candidates! Think about it!

If you missed the post about Zentangle inspired doodle art on gourds - here it is!


Making pinatas out of gourds again! Club or Banana gourds make great ghosts!

Honestly this is the easiest ever pinata making! I put this ghost together in under 30 minutes and a minimum of mess.

I left the bottom un-covered so visitors at the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Festival could see that there really is a gourd under all that paper! But I will finish him off now and even add a long streaming tail.

Here is how to make a gourd pinata of your own.


And here are a few links to really great gourd growers who offer online ordering.

Wellburn Gourd Farm

Amish Gourd Farm

Northern Dipper Gourds (Canada)

Meadowbrooke Gourds

Gourd Farmer

And don't forget about The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island if you live in the Portland/Vancouver area. You can find a great selection of both fresh and dried gourds.

Update:  I thought you might also like to see these fun "two-faced" mini punpkins!  

I rather think the little pumpkins like their faces because I am adding this update 7 - yes! SEVEN -months after making them and they are still showing no signs of decay or rot!!!

And for fun - here is another doodle face you might enjoy!

I have basket full gourds all

I have basket full gourds all sizes,grew them 1'st time 2 yrs. ago,have clean them that's about all hard work on them.Great job on these, love them..

Oh I love, love, love that

Oh I love, love, love that jack-o-lantern. I bet it would be just as graphic if the gourd was dyed orange then zentangled.

Ha!  Now why didn't i think

Ha!  Now why didn't i think of that!  I've been dying gourd surfaces with water colors. Should have thought of this.  It would be absolutely perfect!  PERFECT!  Where are you when I need you most!? :-)

I like the zentangle pumpkin

I like the zentangle pumpkin gourd. Very cute! I can't remember ever seeing a banana gourd before. It is kind of scary/freaky especially when it is turned into a ghost. I went back and saw last year's pumpkin gourd. Very cute!

Real pumpkins do not last more than one day here in Florida. I found smaller foam carveable ones at the Dollar Tree recently. I'm thinking about decoupaging them.

I am so imressed by your

I am so imressed by your abilities to decorate three dimentional forms, it must be very difficult.
the ghost is very fun with its tail.

Wow! I love the gourd

Wow! I love the gourd jack-o-lantern. What a great idea!

Fantastic decorating, I love

Fantastic decorating, I love your Sharpie drawing, it's gorgeous. I love your ghost pinata too, I especially loved the tail peeking out, please don't cover it up :)

Love your jack o lantern

Love your jack o lantern gourd! Beautiful job!

Oh, that decorated gourd is

Oh, that decorated gourd is wonderful Pam.
thanks for the growers urls also. I am hooked.