Gourd Crafting at the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Festival


This young lady would fit right in when Diane and I get together to craft! Total concentration. I love it!

If you are interested, I am simply sharing pictures from the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Festival Craft table that my sweetie and I hosted on Labor Day.

It is amazing to see what kids of all ages come up with - everything from a couple scratchy lines to some very nice artwork.


The other side of the gourd above. I would say this young lady has a future in art!


Two sisters and a brother! Guess which one the brother made! Boys do seem to go in for monsters.


This young man had a whole story to tell about his monster and who it ate and where it was going next and who was chasing it.... HE will most likely grow up to be a writer.


Love the finger nails! Don't you love the nails? I think purple might be her favorite color?


Her Dad sat and watched a while and finally could stand it no longer and grabbed his own gourd.


And her Mom worked around a sleeping infant cuddled up in it's carrier.


Lady bugs - everyone it seemed had at least one on their gourd!


OK this is cool! I was working on my Zentangle inspired art gourd Jack-o-lantern when a young family of three sat down to play. Dad, according to his wife, is artistic. He really loved the doodle idea. I sent him to Zentangle.com of course!

He immediately began drawing and doodling his own Jack-o-lantern face.


And then colored it! Isn't it beautiful? I love, love, love his doodled face.


Mom followed suit with her own version - in pink.So much personality!


And their daughter had her own ideas! Those little pupils crack me up.

Dad told me he was going to doodle designs on all their pumpkins this year and put them out on the porch. Meee tooo! They should last all month long.


Three artistic sisters...


and Dad. The girls were done and ready to move on way before Dad was! He got totally into his gourd art.


Another family - you can tell Dad is dreaming of South Sea Islands while Mom has Snowflakes on her mind.


Beautiful Dahlias and once sprayed with a little acrylic spray, the flowers will really pop.


Another artist - she spent a long time on her gourd design, blending colors and making sure the design covered all sides.


Because these were ornament size gourds, my sweetie drilled holes into every gourd top and strung them for hanging. When you realize that we went through about 150 gourds, that is a lot of holes! Awesome guy! And he is already looking forward to next year!

Me too!

What a fun day! You inspired

What a fun day! You inspired a lot of people to make something beautiful! You rock, Pam!

How fun... everyone is so

How fun... everyone is so creative... time to get my kiddos to draw some gourds, miles will be squiggles maya may come up with smth creative.

It's fun to see what everyone

It's fun to see what everyone came up with each year. I'm sure you had another busy table this year. Do you notice the same people coming back each year or is there too many people coming through to notice?

Actually Robin, it seems that

Actually Robin, it seems that we get new people every year.  Sadly people that joined in last year showed up on Sat. and Sunday thinking we would be there and were disappointed. 

I would like to offer new projects each year but people seem to enjoy the gourds and except for the time I put in to cleaning them, the gourds can be completed in a relatively short time with a minimum of guidance, mess and materials.  I find it a challenge to think of crafts that use farm grown crops in a craft that is quick and simple and requires a minimum of attention from the "teacher"!

But i am sure open to suggestions!

Ooh! You did the Festival!!

Ooh! You did the Festival!! Of course! I love it when you share these gourd photos. It's been a long time since I've been in a group creating situation, and it's so fun to see what everyone does. And how quiet things get when everyone's working away!

I love this round up & how

I love this round up & how you brought out everyone's personality! So fun! Already planning a sharpie/gourd date with my littles, now!

Amazing Pam, what a wonderful

Amazing Pam, what a wonderful day you had. I was wondering how many gourds would have been used. You and your sweetie are just way too good, sharing and encouraging your community to play together. Wish I was there.