They Grow Up So Fast!


Our beautiful, delicious, juicy, scrumptious tomatoes! At their peak and on our table at least twice a day! We expect to have tomato red cheeks any day now!

What a thrill this is for me. My first ever tomatoes grown from seed!


Remember when? Back last spring when they were tiny babies?


Seeds harvested from a New Mexico red chile couldn't wait to sprout once I put them in moist soil.


And now I have my very own New Mexican green chile crop! Small crop.

New Mexico doesn't get much rain so my chile seedlings were quite confused during the spring and early summer. But now that we are having warm dry weather, they are going crazyand making up for lost time!

Green chile cheeseburgers with fresh tomatoes on the side for dinner tonight!. Anyone want to come over?

Beautiful veggies! We didn't

Beautiful veggies! We didn't do tomatoes this year since we were afraid of blight in the community garden, but maybe next year. Yours look scrumptious! It is hard to imagine that they grow from such teeny starter plants, isn't it?

Yum! Your produce looks

Yum! Your produce looks delish! It's such a great feeling knowing you brought those babies up from seeds! I have 2 pepper plants and some rosemary and basil going strong yet...we'll see how they turn out! :)

I do!

I do!

Save me a

Save me a tomatoes went on strike after Irene blew through here. They just refused to mature. Life without tomato and cucumber sandwiches is very sad :,(

Your tomatoes are

Your tomatoes are extraordinarily gorgeous! I am sure that they taste sweet and divine.

What a bountiful crop of

What a bountiful crop of luscious tomatoes and grown from seed. I have trouble getting any to grow from seedlings, although last summer I did have some wild tommy tomatoes set up home in my veggie garden, they must have come from the compost. Enjoy your dinner, sorry I have to decline your offer to join you, but I'll still do breakfast with you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delicious!!!! This is the

Delicious!!!! This is the first year in a while that I didn't have a vegetable garden - but friends have been giving me more tomatoes than I ever had before! I've been making a lot of sauce, freezing some, and roasted a whole tray the other night with just a drizzle of olive oil and salt - so good as garnish with our dinner.

I'm wondering if those peppers are very hot... I do have one hot (cayenne?) pepper plant - it overwintered in my house last season and is now, suddenly thriving in the yard! I hope the fruits turn red before I get a frost - there are dozens on the plant already. Maybe I'll have to pot it and bring it inside again.

Isn't growing vegetables from seed so rewarding?!!

Nice bountiful garden! Love

Nice bountiful garden! Love the color of your tomatoes. There's nothing like fresh veggies from your own garden. Enjoy!!

I love the deep almost

I love the deep almost burgundy color of them, nothing better then your own all grown up, surely beats the unripen ones you buy in a store.

I grew tomatoes from seed

I grew tomatoes from seed from the first time this year too! It's so exciting isn't it? These look delicious, I'm first in line for dinner :)