Supporting Indie Makers in August!


Gorgeous spindel spun just for me - to use as a part of my hand spun yarn woven bag project!

My Mom sent me the yarns in the background last spring - the wool grown, sheared, cleaned, carded, and spun by American Indian women from Northern Arizona.

Terri Bibby has been a huge inspiration in my adventures with Saori weaving and, of course, it is one of HER woven Saori bags that inspired me to weave fabric for a bag in the first place. I felt it was only fitting that she be a  part of the bag so I asked her to spin wool for the project..

Teri does most of her Saori weaving at her Studio on Salt Spring Island off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.

She often holds workshops both on mianland Canada and USA but to me the ultimate experience would be to take advantage of her charming little cabin getaway and go on a Saori Retreat!

For now, I am going to have to be satisfied to weave a bit of Teri into my bag.


I just renewed my subscription to Bustle and Sew Magazine for a whole year! I don't want to miss a single issue.

October's issue will be completely devoted to Christmas and will be available September 29th. The picture above  is a tiny sneak preview. You can read more about this totally cool advent project on Helen's blog.

Each issue of Bustle and Sew magazine (50+ pages of beautiful fiber crafts) is only $4.50 and is delivered right to your e-mail! I am sure Helen will be sharing a little more about her Christmas issue very soon here! Order one! You will love it!


I just visited Make One in Milwaukie, OR again. I left with bags of beautiful yarns for Christmas making.

Sharing more about THAT tomorrow!

Whenever I aspire to be a

Whenever I aspire to be a stitch artist, images in your site always come to mind. You know/make some of the grooviest pieces. What I love about them is the detail. That's where the love is.

I've been so excited to start

I've been so excited to start some winter knitting projects... your yarns look delicious!!

I was just trying to think of what I've purchased from indie sellers this summer - a notecard, a hat pattern, and a kit I bought from that I have misplaced! Thank goodness for the purchase history feature at etsy, or I'd have forgotten about it completely. I will have to find it later today and put it together.

Such lovely fibers. I always

Such lovely fibers. I always start feeling the tug to spin this time of year, the hot summer weather is over and I'm happy to be surrounded by nice warm wool again.

Can't wait to see what you are up to with all that yarn for Christmas!