Holiday Gift Making Begins at Make One! And Other Good Stuff About Knitting!


Another delicious visit to Make One! With Melissa's help and guidance, I left her beautiful shop with a couple bags of yummy, soft, scrumptious skeins of yarn destined to become Christmas presents!

After all, September 26th is a big important day - 90 days until Christmas - and it is definitely time to get crackin' on hand made holiday gifts!


Unfortunately I can't exactly share too much about the projects I am making because some recipients actually read my blog from time to time! In fact some of my yarns are not even in the picture - for the same reason!

Yes - there is more yarn! I am a crazy woman who thinks she has ten hands!


Photo from "75 Birds, Butterflies & little beasts to knit and crochet" by Lesley Stanfield.

There is one project I can share - the white yarn is destined for a sweet little dove Diane has specifically requested that I make her for Christmas!


The dove is one of the brilliant creatures featured in Lesley Stanfields newest book "75 Birds, Butterflies & little beasts to knit and crochet".


I used to pick up my knitting needles at big box craft stores! But now that I am intentionally supporting indie shop owners and crafty blogger shops, I purchase my needles from local indie yarn shops.

Melissa introduced me to these gorgeous needles from Knit Picks. When I first saw beautiful swirling colors I panicked because usually beautiful swirling colors means expensive!

These needles are not expensive at all! Price wise they are comparable to any inexpensive needle you can find at the big box stores. But that is where any similarity ends!

Not only are the needles beautiful to look at, but knitting with them is like - well - knitting with needles made of pure silk! They are light as a feather and glide through my stitches like a hot knife through soft butter!

I LOVE my new needles! Thank you Melissa!

BTW - after casting on and knitting about an inch of the first project, I sent her an e-mail and requested she ship me more!!


Photo by Michelle at Wee Folk Art

While we are on the subject of knitting - I just have to share this brand new "Newbie Knitting" series created by Michelle at Wee Folk Art.

If you have the desire to learn to knit but don't know how to begin and one on one knitting lessons are out of the question, Michelle's brand new series is guaranteed to get you on the road to knitting!

She starts right at the beginning with the slip knot and progresses through the backwards loop cast on method and on to the knit stitch.

Her very well written text is backed up with images that are clear and understandable. I am very impressed by the great job she is doing on this series.

So now you have no excuse! Learn to knit with Michelle and then get your hands on some lovely bulky yarn and some #10 needles and knit a scarf or two for holiday gifts!

Cast on 16 to 30 stitches depending on your width preference. Use the knit stitch on every single row until your scarf is the length you like. Bind off! (I am sure Michelle will soon have a tutorial for binding off.) Add fringe if you like! Done!

Added 10/4/11: Michelle's post teaching binding off is here!

This is a great project for learning and improving your stitch making and making a project at the same time. The bulky yarn and resulting garter stitch pattern are very forgiving! And scarves wrapped around necks reveal very few mistakes! When learning to knit, my first projects - five scarves using this "Pattern".

Truth be told, the one I made my mother mysteriously ended up with a small hole in it but I just made up some story that it was put there to let any bad spirits out! I don't think she believes me, but she does love the scarf!


If you are in the Portland area, be sure to get to know Melissa at Make One in Milwaukie! You will love her shop! In fact, the whole Milwaukee downtown area surrounding her shop has reinvented itself and is now a splendid little shopping adventure!

And if you like to just hang out and knit and chat with other knitters, Wednesday evenings are Knit (K)night at Make One!

Want to learn to knit? Thursday nights are set aside for Drop-In Classes for knitting, crochet - everything from cast on to complex cables! The schedule for classes, drop in classes and open spinning and knitting - here.

Happy holiday gift knitting everyone! 

Beautiful needles, it's

Beautiful needles, it's amazing the difference a good pair of knitting needles can make in the level of enjoyment of a project. I still haven't busted my needles out quite yet...but this has inspired me to to find my next knitting project! :)

I love that 75 Birds,

I love that 75 Birds, Butterflies and Little Beasts book! I think its going on my Christmas list! But in the mean time has a few of the designs on their freebie list. I was just going to try some of the acorns for Fall! And your peppers look so good. For many years I roasted peppers and froze them for Mexican feasts throughout the winter. You are one busy lady!

Oh my god, Xmas is so

Oh my god, Xmas is so close!!!
The dove is lovely!!! I want one for me!

Your needles are gorgeous!

Your needles are gorgeous! I've been knitting for over 10 years but still found Michelle's knitting posts informative. I've always had a hard time casting on and have been looking for any easier way. I've bookmarked it so I can go back and practice it a few times to see if it will work for my style.

Hi Pam The bird looks

Hi Pam
The bird looks seriously difficult but end result looks like the effort might be worth it. Look forward to seeing your little dove. How lucky are you to have such a beautiful yard shop near you. I would have to be put in restraints if I went into a shop like that. Take care and happy knitting.

I never paid attention to

I never paid attention to that part! Difficulty level.  I just checked.  It is considered advenced! I on the other hand am not!  But i am making it anyway!  Diane is so great about forgiving my mistakes and flaws!

Oh that birds & butterflies

Oh that birds & butterflies book looks really cool! Can't wait to see how your dove (not to mention the other projects) turn out. Happy Holiday Crafting Pam!